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Why Is There No Windows 9?

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In this video, I explain why there was no Windows 9. And also rant on why I thinkchanging the OS version along with the version number isn't a good idea. This video was recorded and edited on an iPhone 6 using Cute Cut Pro. I read every single comment, and appreciate any type of feedback Google Plus: http://google.com/+benjaminvazquez97 Twitter: http://twitter.com/flowmotion97
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Kàrthîk ßàlàkrìshña (1 год назад)
Smash-ter (2 года назад)
You were right about the naming reasons. The once named Top10Memes pointed that out in his video that the computer might confuse it for either Win95 or Win98
Flowmotion (2 года назад)
+The Smash-ter I did pull that from Lemmino. He's a great YouTuber.
The Cautious Gamer (2 года назад)
Personally Windows 10 was ass. Especially the upgrade NOT WORTH IT. I tried the upgrade, but instead it using up even MORE RAM, cortana is useless to me since I don't use voice commands as much, and part of the OS CRASHED. Every time I used the start menu is glitches out and closes. I had Windows 10 for for than a month before IT happened. I posted several posts on the Microsoft community for fixes but NONE of them worked. Even CMD and Power-shell commands! Eventually I un-installed the OS and Best Buy got me the Windows 8.1 recover drive for free because from frequent issues. FYI I LUV WINDOWS 8.1 :3
Flowmotion (2 года назад)
Cue "The More You Know"
The Cautious Gamer (2 года назад)
+Benjamin Vazquez Humph, never knew that! (about the UNIX)
Flowmotion (2 года назад)
Linux is open-source OS that was modeled on UNIX. It is best that you know how to program to use it, and there is a big push for Ubuntu as it too is built on top of Linux.
The Cautious Gamer (2 года назад)
+Benjamin Vazquez isn't Linux like A coding computer than a personal computer?
Flowmotion (2 года назад)
I guess it comes down to personal preference. OS X is all about simplicity. So is Chrome OS, but I tend to avoid it since it is based around the chrome browser, and virtually useless if you aren't connected to the Internet. Funnily enough, it is built on top of a Linux kernel.
Shut.Up.Brian (2 года назад)
You really have a hate for win10. It's kind of funny. I can see hating win8. That was an abomination. but win10 to me isn't all that bad. You're right about why they didn't name it windows 9. One of the coders did an interview basically saying the system would get confused and lock up.
MichaelsMinecraftRealm Official (2 года назад)
BTW the answer is 7 8 9 so yeah.... Or Microsoft cant count :D
Shut.Up.Brian (2 года назад)
+Benjamin Vazquez I like win7 the  best. But at some point we have not to much choice but to move on. Hopefully you have a better experience with it in the future.
Flowmotion (2 года назад)
Between you and me, I will admit that I exaggerate my hatred for Windows 10 a bit. After all, it was my main OS for 4 months. But after it left me with problems, including a corrupted hard drive, I have grown to hate it. But I have a feeling that I am going to return to Windows 10 sometime in the next couple weeks when my new PC arrives in the mail. I don't know what OS it has though...

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