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Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Update

Еще от: bbmize
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Hey Everyone... Just wanted to share my success on my Bariatric surgery. I'm down a total of 81 lbs and it's only been two months. Thank you all for your support. Thanks for Watching. LIKE. COMMENT. SUBSCRIBE.
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Текстовые комментарии (19)
PAINFOOL13🖤 (3 года назад)
Awesome,be well
Blue 823 (3 года назад)
Damn... congratulations. . Glad to hear you kicked diabetes and high blood pressure. . That is great. Stick with it man .. you got this
MrPreacherman75 (3 года назад)
congrats! that's awesome... keep up the hard work!
Mr. Tolly (AKA: fatmantolly) (3 года назад)
You look great buddy, I'm glad all is going well. Congratulations on achieving the goals. I have a physical coming up and will be discussing this with my doctor as an option, I'll never get off my blood pressure meds but I'd like to avoid the diabetic issues. Congrats again Bruce. God Bless, Scott 
thatspapsknife63 (3 года назад)
Keep up the good work.Take Care.
Joe Elinburg (3 года назад)
Glad your back in doing good my friend hope you have a great week! :)
live4wild (3 года назад)
Awesome my friend. Keep up the good work. 
rls303 (3 года назад)
Very impressive! Big time congrats 
hancock brewer (3 года назад)
Congrats. Keep up the fine work. Hope to see less of Ya soon! Lol
SupaFlyFatGuy859 (3 года назад)
WOW! That's SO GREAT! Congratulations for your HARD work my friend!
eltenda fabrizio (3 года назад)
great working process bro'...thanks again 4 the care package..:)
houseoffire72 (3 года назад)
Brother BB I'm super proud of you your doing very well..! if you ever need to talk you have my number...I've always said a biblical diet cures all lol now days its called something more "progressive" but we both know where it originated from..:) Off to watch a knife vid now haha...:)
BrotherBeard75 (3 года назад)
Hey , that's great! Go for it , hang on...
KnifeTex (3 года назад)
Wow man! Great progress. Congrats on beating the 'betes and the hypertension. Glad you're well my friend.
TRprepper (3 года назад)
Glad to hear everything is working out well for you. Take care man!
Prepper Potpourri (3 года назад)
Wonderful news!
michael hopp (3 года назад)
Danm brother your lookin good. glad your feelin better man you deserve to live better, your one hell of a great guy my friend. Keep up the good job and really proud of you my friend. Glad to call you my friend, means alot to have someone like you for insperation, you my man have inspired me to lose some wieght aswell i have lost 43lbs and feel alot better, and my friend i really owe it to you, when i first seen you i thought this is one hell of a man to share his lifes stories and it trumphts. thx for bein you my friend glad you feel better keep it up and i will hang with you and see how much i can lose and keep you updated. God Bless you brother Michael
smilemoney (3 года назад)
Good for you... I hope the increased energy adds so much to your enjoyment of life.
MrBulletpoints (3 года назад)
That is awesome! Congrats & keep it up!...

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