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Why Tylenol Became Popular in the U.S.

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Please subscribe! https://goo.gl/XV4H04 New Videos Every Other Week! The story of how Tylenol convinced the world it was more than just acetaminophen and better than aspirin. For more information on the subject of Acetaminophen and the history of Tylenol I recommended: Nancy West Communications: http://goo.gl/AY9xDx & Pro Publica's Report: https://goo.gl/KWKccL Follow Me: www.twitter.com/BostWiki Snapchat: thelatimes ------------------------------------------------------------------ The history of acetaminophen dates back to the latter part of the 19th century. The substance was first described in chemical literature in 1878. In 1886, Drs. Arnold Cahn and Paul Hepp of France were treating a patient suffering from intestinal parasites. They had been investigating naphthalene for its beneficial effect in the treatment of this problem. When their drug supply ran out, they ordered more from a local pharmacy. An inexperienced pharmacist mistakenly filled the prescription with acetanilide. The physicians found that acetanilide produced marked fever reduction in one of their patients who, along with intestinal parasites, had a febrile disease. As Drs. Cahn and Hepp continued to prescribe acetanilide, they also noticed its analgesic properties. It wasn't until 1899, however, that the relationship between acetaminophen and acetanilide was discovered by Karl Morner of Germany. He learned that acetanilide is metabolized in the body to become acetaminophen. Ten years later, another German physician, Joseph Freiher von Mering, first synthesized acetaminophen. Although his research confirmed that the drug was effective against pain and fever, von Mering recommended extensive investigation into all analgesics and antipyretics. Acetaminophen was not prescribed nor studied any further until 1949 when research on chemically related drugs revived interest in the compound. Modern research techniques and clinical use in England confirmed the effectiveness and safety of acetaminophen as a fever and pain reliever. In the late 1940s, McNeil Laboratories, as the company was then known, had defined as a new product objective an analgesic which would be different, available for marketing and prescription only. At about the same time, James Roth, M.D., a University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Medicine gastroenterologist, was lecturing throughout the United States about the dangers of aspirin. Subsequently, he began advocating for APAP. Dr. Roth became a pr In the spring of 1955, McNeil introduced TYLENOL Elixir for Children, the company's first single ingredient acetaminophen product. The outstanding success of TYLENOL was attributed to a unique marketing strategy:
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KrazyVideoChick (2 месяца назад)
I haven't bought a name brand OTC med in over a decade. Generics for me please....
BostWiki (2 месяца назад)
Thanks for watching :)
Alien Machine (2 года назад)
Great video. Subscribed.
BostWiki (2 года назад)
+alienkishorekumar Thank you :]
claptonscream (2 года назад)
I really dug this video
CalabusDabus (2 года назад)
Guess what... Advil is just ibuprofen...
BostWiki (2 года назад)
+CalabusDabus Yes correct! McNeil Labs had such success with Tylenol/Acetaminophen they decide to do the same thing with ibuprofen; This time marketing it as 'Motrin'. (That's the Johnson &a Johnson--ergo McNeil labs, brand of ibuprofen.)
linkcell (2 года назад)
in my country pharmaceutics must have, along side the more commercial products, what it is called "generics". it's the "white brand" version of a drug that basically has the same active substance. making doctors prescribe generics is also something that is politically considered.
BostWiki (2 года назад)
Yes! The problem has gone down in recent years... but a sizable amount of doctors in the U.S. used to receive  'kick backs' from pharmaceutical companies for prescribing their brand of medication. Also thanks for watching!
otakop67 (2 года назад)
+BostWiki Perhaps I am lucky and have had great doctors, but every time they give me a prescription, they ask if I would like the generic (if available).
BostWiki (2 года назад)
+linkcell That's interesting your country is thinking about legislating the requirement to prescribe generics. In the United states any one pharmaceutical lobby arm is too strong to make something like that even feasible.
linkcell (2 года назад)
hey man, this video is great. I really like your visual approach and the old photos and videos. the sound is getting better too. I like the girl's voice (lacy?) and I think a more conversation like format would be enjoyable - especially since your voices are so complementary different in tone and articulation. I would suggest you would try doing a clip more based on this format just try it. but whatever you do, don't stop doing your videos in the format you are used to - they are getting better and better!
BostWiki (2 года назад)
+linkcell Hey thanks man, I'm glad you liked the video, and the unusual formats!
Harvy666 (2 года назад)
obligatory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dKxOqUhxkA
R. Rod. (2 года назад)
really good videos.
BostWiki (2 года назад)
+Claus Valca Row thank you :]
Sam (2 года назад)
Another smashing video! Not missed any but I've just been lurking for a while. Congrats on FanDuel blowing up, you deserve some bigger numbers hitting your videos :)
BostWiki (2 года назад)
+Sam Thanks man! I appreciate the positivity :]
theWild-man1307 (2 года назад)
You didn't even mention the huge number of overdoses due to acetaminophen that result in the deaths of many, many healthy people? Or the connection with prescription painkillers and how it is a contributing factor in the deaths of opiate addicts? How Tylenol has been on the losing end of multiple court cases and how the FDA would recommend regulation so that it would not be an over the counter medication? How about the poisoning case where there quality assurance was so lax that someone randomly dosed a bunch of people with poison or the fact that Tylenol tried to cover it up and that when it happened again by accident they discovered that there was a bad batch and told no one? Generics are the least of ones worries in this case.
BostWiki (2 года назад)
+theWild-man1307 Thanks for watching! While I agree with you, this movie wasn't about the dangers of acetaminophen--Pro Publica already has an excellent piece on the health problems of acetaminophen; I link to it in the video description. Additionally I have a different video where I talk about the problems of combing acetaminophen with opioid painkillers, you can watch it here: https://goo.gl/vDPf1e
Uppity Mantis (2 года назад)
Another great video.
BostWiki (2 года назад)
+Uppity Mantis Thanks!
SlobFitness (2 года назад)
I use ibuprophen
Makaman Productions (2 года назад)
Awesome movie bost
BostWiki (2 года назад)
+Makaman Productions Thanks man!
t iu (2 года назад)
wow i love this style of video! it must take forever but the end result is beautiful. it really kept me engaged with the content!
BostWiki (2 года назад)
+t iu Thank you for watching! It does, but I'm glad you enjoyed it :]
Felix A. (2 года назад)
What a great video! Big thumbs up ;)
BostWiki (2 года назад)
+TheHDFlex Thank you man :]
Elsherdoo (2 года назад)
i never buy brand name.
BostWiki (2 года назад)
+elsherdoo Probably wise, Thanks for watching

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