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Australia State Tasmania To Ban Smoking after the year 2000

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Upper House moves to ban the sale of cigarettes Tasmania's Upper House has passed a motion supporting a ban on the sale of cigarettes. The Independent Member for Windermere Ivan Dean has proposed making it illegal for people born after the year 2000 to buy tobacco once they turn 18. The move comes after the tobacco industry lost a high Court challenge to stop the Commonwealth's introduction of plain packaging. Mr Dean says something has to be done. "This would mean that we would have a generation of people not exposed to tobacco products," he said. "It would be easier for retailers to enforce because when they ask for ID all they would need to see if the person was born after the year 2000." The Legislative Council's motion will be forwarded to the Health Minister Michelle O'Byrne to decide whether to take action. ABCUpdated August 21, 2012, 11:34 pm
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