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WPAHS News: Sago Mine Survivor Reaches 5 Year Anniversary

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The medical team at Allegheny General Hospital who helped save the life of the lone Sago Mine Accident survivor -- Randal McCloy -- recall the heroic efforts it took and the miraculous recovery he made in this KDKA-TV report.
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Daniel Hesse (1 год назад)
CO2? I Assume you mean CO, or Carbon Monoxide.
Sylvia King (4 года назад)
The focus of the incident is the use of 15 grams of purified omega - 3 fatty acids per day.  The dose of EPA and DHA is assumed by doctors to make the patient bleed to death.
Daniel Hesse (1 год назад)
indyfan22k (7 лет назад)
I hope he changed his career. We really NEED to give up coal to power our power plants.
Daniel Hesse (1 год назад)
That has to be the single most ignorant comment I've ever seen.

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