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Popeyes Chicken Won't Take My Order At Window

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Popeyes chicken would not take my order at the car drive through window because they thought I had driven off, so she would not take my order unless I drove back around the store and made my order again through the outside menu loud speaker. She was arguing with me that she was talking with me all the time at the loud speaker out side, and I had to drive back around and place the order of 9 chicken again. In the end I just drove off because they would not even take my order at the window, and went to captin d's and had a fish meal. It was obvious that popeyes chicken had a communication issue but that should not be my problem, that they could have fixed right away at the drive through window.
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ruizhernandeztrust (5 лет назад)
Don't know but maybe you encountered some lesbians or feminazi employees that night, don't worry, it happens all the time. Not your fault, those women really hates men. Nelson

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