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Pick Up Woman @ Casino's And Bingo Halls

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I have found many women are single and attending Casino Gambling venues... Even that I am a married man I find women tend to sit next to you when you have money on the machine and want to have conversations about how luck you are to have the money. This can open up a positive situation for men to ask her out for a date or to get her phone number and the focus is talking about how lucky you are on playing this game. One of the tools is you can put a hundred dollar bill in to start the women who will sit next to you... remember also if she is not single or looking for a dating situation wait until the next women with greed in her eyes comes over to discuss you money on the machine. One of the down sides is also women who are at the casino's who go around picking up men who have money on the machine, their goal is to tempt you to part with your money for an exchange of a screw or sex for money this has to be your call as you are the one with money not them. It does not hurt to exchange phone numbers or set up dates upon gambling... this is apart of being good at your skill and finding deals... if you get a rejection that is apart of the gamble process... Called Win / Lose.
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Jerry Krause (4 года назад)
Your best bet: There is a book on Ebay (and www.vlmtodayslotmachine.com) title "VLM: Today's Slot Machine" that begins by stating that you cannot beat the machine but you can protect against losses and, of course fewer losses mean more chances of winning. A very good book with a lot of answers, many of which casinos do not want you to know. If you don't believe me, just ask me (Smiling).  Seriously, if indeed you are at all into the casino scene this book is something you want to look at.  Good Luck with everything!
MensHelpTv (8 лет назад)
@itchyundies No Problem even in discussion with my wife we both agree that many single women or men exist in the casino type situation. MensHelpTv

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