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Strattera vs Vyvanse

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Liz Camsters (3 дня назад)
nice video and interesting opinion. Personally for me Strattera is 100% perfect and I have my ADHD under control and that for only 1.3 usd per tablet and I buy it online here https://www.pharmacy-xl.com/strattera-pills-generic-adhd-meds-strattera-10-18-25-40-mg-tablets-atomoxetine-hyperactivity-disorder-drugs-eli-lilly-online-pharmacy-xl.html with free shipping for 5 years.
Isabel Colunga (3 месяца назад)
I just started Vyvanse from concerta and it still not making me as productive as I would like to be "why" is 60 mg to much 30 mg doesn't work as well.
marrige101 (4 месяца назад)
Great video and explanation bro! I'm an addict so can't do stimulants, hoping Dr will prescribe straterra
Chicko 13 70 (8 месяцев назад)
Vyvanse might sounds like a better choice, but don't forget that every good thing has an end. What goes up must come down..
Julius Eskola (1 месяц назад)
Yeah, well the Vyvanse come down isn't too horrible IMO. It's designed to be less addictive and "stable" compared to straight (dex)amphetamine. Or do you have some personal experiences?
David Isaak (10 месяцев назад)
Strattera sounds like the least medicine I'd be willing to take. On the other hand it's prescribed against ADHD and anxiety in combination? "Fight or flight" is basically the definition of anxiety - so how does that fit together?
Julius Eskola (1 месяц назад)
No, it isn't. It's usually prescribed when the other medications cause side effects (could be anxiety), because it's effects are thought to be milder overall compared to stimulants. It definately shouldn't be prescribed to person who's already anxious with no medications. Vyvanse also triggers the norepinephrine flow, but comparing it's effect to dopamine, this is a minor effect.
pokermel (1 год назад)
As somebody who spent many years on Adderall and then switched to Strattera, I have to say this is probably the best description I have seen so far. Yeah, the first few hours of Adderall are great. But do you know what is not great?.. the coming down part. Oh, the depression! Strattera supposedly works better for men versus women. But I am a woman and today I finished some chores that needed to be done years ago thanks to Strattera. I was very reluctant when my doctor suggested it. But now I am glad I gave it a chance.
Liz Camsters (3 дня назад)
Totally agree with you! For me strattera is also the best medication ever! If you want to save money on your strattera then order it online here https://www.pharmacy-xl.com/strattera-pills-generic-adhd-meds-strattera-10-18-25-40-mg-tablets-atomoxetine-hyperactivity-disorder-drugs-eli-lilly-online-pharmacy-xl.html
youtubefw (1 месяц назад)
How long were you on it (and what strength) before you got to that level of productivity? I've read that it doesn't really help make people get the drive to complete tasks
vfddcv (1 год назад)
Cam you do a video aboit acetylcholine?
vfddcv (1 год назад)
So that means that even though strattera is a non stimulant it still raises heart rate and blood presure right?
Daniel Dalton (1 год назад)
Strattera sounds like a horrible shitty drug
Hank Mauro (1 год назад)
Awesome video. Not excited to try Strattera now..
Merlin (1 год назад)
Thanks. Really well explained. Could not find out how Strattera worked. I have both Strattera and Amfexa. I understood how my Amfexa worked but not my Strattera!
Ito Cañas (1 год назад)
Adderrall and Wellbutrin have saved my life! Thanks to Wellbutrin my Adderall tolerance has diminished allowing me to take half my dose. Was at 30 mg XR twice a day now I take 20 mg ir in the morning and 10 mg ir in the afternoon along with Wellbutrin 150 mg xl in the morning as well!
EmpireSun (1 год назад)
Strattera + Wellbutrin , would that combo be similar to vyvanse ?
Julius Eskola (1 месяц назад)
Um what i know Wellbutrin is pretty crappy. Even if something affects the same neurotransmitters, it doesn't mean the effect is 100% the same. Amphetamines are much stronger than Wellbutrin and actually affect both norepinephrine and dopamine, though the effect on norepinephrine is weaker than on dopamine. Both do the same on paper, Wellbutrin is just much milder. Combining two drugs with bad reputations regarding side effects doesn't sound like a good idea...
Stian Berg (1 год назад)
strattera sounds horrible
Ink Spots (1 год назад)
Strattera can cause very fast heart rate.
Shawn Myers (1 год назад)
i have pure-o OCD which means my flight or fight is always active, worrying all the time... my stupid doctor is against vyvanse and prescribes me strattera.. sounds like the worst drug to be on for OCD
Julius Eskola (1 месяц назад)
Willian Cowan Probably depends on the person. I've heard Strattera is pretty crap from many people. The NRI effect must be stronger. I haven't tried Strattera, but have many other meds and Vyvanse is the calmest of all IMO. So i really don't think amphetamines could be the worst.
Yesenia Rivera (3 месяца назад)
Find another Doctor
William Cowan (11 месяцев назад)
Amphetamines activates your fight or flight even more.. brings more anxiety associated with ocd
TheChillyCucumber (1 год назад)
Shawn Myers I have OCD, ADHD, GAD, and chronic depression. It works differently for everyone, but strattera only made my anxiety/OCD symptoms far worse WITHOUT decreasing my ADHD symptoms whatsoever. After about 6 months I switched to vyvanse and I can honestly say it changed my life. Yes, it did make my anxiety/OCD worse at first, but after toying with my SSRI (antidepressants) dosages, I am finally able to focus like a normal person without anxiety/OCD symptoms :) finding the right medication/combination of meds for you can take a while as a lot of it is trial and error, but don't give up!
Tigers32 (1 год назад)
i cliked on this because ive been prescribed to both and straterra burns my chest, and makes me feel bland. vyvanse last for a little while but I feel good while it does but when its fading off I feel like crap.
Rachel Massie (1 год назад)
Straterra can give lots of people heartburn so thats probably what you're feeling. If i don't take it in the middle of a meal I get heartburn from it pretty badly.
Veggie Bee (1 год назад)
Tigers32 Yeah the Vyvanse crash is tough. It doesn't last the whole 12 hrs for me whatsoever
gamermen (1 год назад)
you need more subs my man
Zak Khan (1 год назад)
Hi, firstly I'd like to thank you for the video. I seem to learn a lot from your videos so please keep up the good work! Secondly, I have a question or two I was hoping to get an opinion on. I was diagnosed with ADD very late. I endured difficulties all my life in all its spheres and even developed anxiety and depression issues due to ADD difficulties. 6 months ago I was finally diagnosed after doctors tried anti depressants which helped with depression and anxiety but largely left the attention (and other symptoms) issues unhelped. I have been taking straterra which has helped immensely but still face days when the symptoms are unfettered albeit not to the same extent of pre-medication. My main issue is with working memory. Thus, I was thinking about trying ritalin but was concerned after research about the array of problems it could lead to in particular with the heart. I don't have any heart issues but would certainly not like to develop any. Is there really a substantial risk or are people just exaggerating things? Also, since working memory has always been an issue for me, would you opine that ritalin may be better placed to help than straterra in that regard? Please let me know. Thanks!
A A (1 год назад)
wait a second.. it increases tears... is that why Vyvanse and straterra causes me to tear up (even if I'm not depressed) so I can see better?!? whaaaaaattt
Dee Jolly (2 года назад)
Strattera was a nightmare. The night terrors kept me from using ADHD meds for years.
Tomoter Plantater (3 месяца назад)
you need to make sure to eat food while taking strattera or you will have a bad time
Daniel Starr (1 год назад)
Dee Jolly I'm on adderoll right now but I'm thinking of switching to strattera. Besides night terrors, what other symptoms did you notice?
Boom (2 года назад)
great explanation. I wish you would consult on the skype as well. this is my experience on aderall for example. imagine you are driving and there are a lot of women or scenic views on the road. you might want to keep slow down or stop because of this distraction and its really hard to know if you make it to destination ontime. what aderall does is that it pushes the gas pedal so hard, that car goes so fast and you simply can not even look around to get attached to those distraction. you know they are there, but you are going too fast on this road you are on. if you can set that road to be your high priority work then you feel good about the medicine otherwise, you will end up with more anxiety and stress and tiredness of working extra hours without knowing your elbow is in the wrong angel. personally I got a terrible heartbeat (above 100 average) from aderall and now changed to strattera. lets see how it goes, although I saw your comment on how it changes gene expression and it made me worried. i dont know why my dr. did not write me vyvanse before going for strattera...
Mary Elizabeth (2 года назад)
So on Strattera, you are always feeling danger?
SeAmable (2 года назад)
good job
justin hodge (2 года назад)
Yes, that would be great if you could look into it. I'm curious as it was a prescription drug developed by an italian pharmaceutical company in 1988 known as ICF. It was originally developed to ameliorate issues pertsining to both dementia and Alzheimers as well as cognitive disorders. I've read clinical trials regarding the drug and its precautions and contraindications pertaining to its efficacy evince it to be safe. I'd like to take it but again, I'm very apprehensive. I actually took my third and final dose of Straterra today (25MG) for after approximately 15 minutes after ingestion, I developed severe tachycardia. My normal resting HR is 48 and after consuming Straterra, it climbed to 121 BPM Are there any other drugs on the market that can combat ADD/ADHD without corresponding to cardiovascular abnormalities? Thanks so much again for your help and assistance! I greatly appreciate it!
Julius Eskola (1 месяц назад)
I had the same problem on Methylphenidate (Concerta 36mg). If you're so sensitive to Strattera, you are probably quite sensitive to other drugs as well. But you should try some of the other ones because this is a very personal thing tbh. You might not get side effects from a drug that has worse reputation than another one.
justin hodge (2 года назад)
Very informative video! I have a question in regards to the subject of nootropics and cognitive enhancing drugs in general. As of yesterday, I was prescribed 25MG of Strattera for issues pertaining to concentration. After reading various reviews of the medication, I have found that is seems to in essence, cause more harm than good; notably, on liver enzymes (AST/ALT) I have non alcoholic Darryl liver disease so this side effect is unnerving. Additionally, I have tried a non FDA approved drug before derived from the Racitam family know as Oxiracetam. I only tried this drug once from Peak Nootrooics I have to say... It was phenominal in reference to overall memory and recall. I was skeptical about it's effects but I assure you, it worked. To this day, I can still recall every event that occured from the time I ingested the medication. Unfortunately, I had to stop after one dose as I experienced a weird and unsettling side effect. Approximately 6hrs after taking the medication, it became difficult to remember and speak certain words. I knew what I wanted to say, I just couldn't pronounce the words. Do you have any information and knowledge pertaining to the efficacy of Oxirscetam and in turn, is it safe to ingest it as I possibly received a bad sample. I took Oxirscetam in tandem with Alpha GPC. If applicable, I would honestly prefer to use the Oxiracetam as it worked wonders in recall snd executive functions but in turn, I am apprehensive about the side effect reoccurring. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Sons of Apollo (2 года назад)
+justin hodge I know most about FDA approved medications, which is what I what reviewed day in day out when I worked for an insurance company. I can look into it, however most drugs that have positive medical effects are quickly patented and brought to market for billions. The fact that hasn't happened is a bit of a red flag for me. Normally it either means that it doesn't work, the side effects are to great for the standard on the market, or its too inconsistent or doesn't produce a statistically significant effect. Nobody is going to let billions of dollars go like that, which since the ADHD and cognitive enhancement market, which may include dementia and other conditions like it, are some the biggest markets that exist, that is essentially what it amounts to. There are a wide variety of conditions, all they have to do is prove that I works for one of those. Since that hasn't happened, I would be very skeptical. I could look into it and see what is out there, however the studies will likely be of very poor quality and standards, compared to the government controlled clinical trials that I normally like to look at, especially since the drug now seems to have become a part of the supplement industry, which is basically allowed to say whatever it wants, even if its known to be false, without serious consequence.
Easye אדם (2 года назад)
Very informative with decent quality. Best video to learn more about strattera on YouTube.

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