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Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative Party talks collapse for now - 2003

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Ten short years ago Alliance leader Stephen Harper approached a media scrum with the news that the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative parties had been unable to reach a deal to unite. CTV's Craig Oliver reports
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MichaelBrookham (1 год назад)
Can somebody answer me this question, please: In 1993, the Conservative party faced a crushing defeat in the October election.  The Conservatives were down to 2 seats.  10 years later, they amalgamated with the Canadian Alliance Party, lead by Stephen Harper.  What I want to know is why they kept the name "Conservative Party" and kept the same political colour of blue?  Surely Canadians would almost be scared of the name "Conservative Party" and want to change it to something else.  My thoughts is that it was a party and a name that people could trust, but if the Conservatives lost in a defeat, then why would they feel they could trust the Conservatives.  They should have kept it with Alliance Party or given it some name that is synonymous with amalgamation.

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