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Day 191 Brownfield, Texas

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Brownfield felt a bit abandoned. People said everyone was moving to Lubbock, of a 100 high school students only 15 stayed after graduation. City fathers (the Baptist Church) didn't seem to have a plan for changing that. Heavy farm area, heavy use of herbicides, pesticides.
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Richard Valdez (7 лет назад)
ever since we got alcohol legal here its been hustling
La Diamantiitaah (7 лет назад)
Min 5:03 thats my trailor house haha
Jesse Bains (7 лет назад)
This town used to be fun back in the 90s.. it's REALLY taken a nosedive since then... it's totally true about 85 out of 100 high school grads leaving immediately .. no one stays here.. even the losers leave, but they eventually come back...
ern1406 (7 лет назад)
here is a print shop in this town...you can also make copies at the grocery store...and yes there is WIFI...and the kids usually hang out at Sonic Drive In...just thought you should know I used to work at the grocery store too :)

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