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OnePlus 2 Review: After 4 Months!

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In this video, I revisit the OnePlus 2, after using it as my main phone for nearly 4 months. There are both positive and negative aspects to this device, and I go over the aspect of aging as I don't see a lot of tech YouTubers doing that. But this a description, and you should be watching the video to get what I am saying. I read every comment, and appreciate any type of feedback you leave on my videos. Google Plus: https://google.com/+benjaminvazquez97 Twitter: https://twitter.com/flowmotion97 Business Inquires: beattthebiggame@gmail.com
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Xtechi (2 года назад)
good job
Flowmotion (2 года назад)
+X-Techi Thanks!
Olivier Meijer (2 года назад)
Very nice video! Only one thing is holding me back from buying this phone, and that is the Fingerprint scanner. On other reviews of this phone, I have seen alot of people say that the fingerprint scanner quickly dies off and after a while, doesn't work anymore. Is this the case for you? If it still works perfectly fine after 4 months, I am completely convinced that it is an awesome phone and I'll probably buy it :)
Flowmotion (2 года назад)
No problem.
Olivier Meijer (2 года назад)
+Benjamin Vazquez I think I will, thank you :)
Flowmotion (2 года назад)
+Olivier Meijer At this point, I would suggest just waiting for the OnePlus 3. I am almost certain that the fingerprint scanner will be fixed, and it will be better supported.
Olivier Meijer (2 года назад)
+Benjamin Vazquez Okey thank you :) I may buy it, but I am actually thinking if waiting untill July and buying the Oneplus 3
Flowmotion (2 года назад)
+Olivier Meijer I actually did forget to mention the fingerprint scanner. Yes, it died on my too. For a while, it simply didn't work, and then it did, and then it didn't. It basically chooses when it wants to work, and that isn't often. I hope that this isn't a dealbreaker for you, as it is definitely an excellent phone.
Abhay Jaitly (2 года назад)
Nice video, surprisingly professional and smooth flow, i was looking for a review that was a couple months old. i wanted to know if the phone holds up to the day to day use as i plan to buy it soon. i got exactly what i wanted. keep up the good work it is well appreciated.
Flowmotion (2 года назад)
+Abhay Jaitly Thanks. i strive to make every video as professional as possible.
sakis gri (2 года назад)
Great video Ben ur videos just keep getting better and better every time, keep up the good work.
Flowmotion (2 года назад)
+sakis gri Thank you very much! I'm glad you continue to enjoy my videos.

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