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Ebola Prank Call

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Текстовые комментарии (372)
turttle123451 (4 года назад)
Joke about anything but cancer
Kayla Reed (4 года назад)
Did the computer just move on its own??????
bonto (4 года назад)
How much more does he value his life now though? I bet a lot.
Glennisha Briggs (4 года назад)
I started to cry when mystic was crying like I didn't know that it was a prank lmao
AUNTvsNEICE (4 года назад)
that girl looked high as hell
Swanphy (4 года назад)
She sounds like my teacher XD
TVKouHee (4 года назад)
"bro how is that even a joke" he took the words right out of my mouth.
Kayla Tier (4 года назад)
lol the mom looks high af
DvnTube (4 года назад)
I know I'm going to get a lot of tags but Ebola is serious and its not cool to joke about someone being killed over ebola
blackspencer1234 (4 года назад)
He walks in with kfc.
Ricki Mendez (4 года назад)
It's a government man made virus
Kyle Beers (4 года назад)
People stop saying Ebola isn't a joke.......I find it so funny! HAHAHA XD
Guadalupe Rosales (4 года назад)
Seeing you on the floor cry made me cry 😢 But glad its a joke
psychedelica (4 года назад)
john mariano (4 года назад)
She sounds like she's drunk
MegaKillkam (4 года назад)
john king (4 года назад)
you know you're getting pranked when someone says come in we have a cure for ebola...lol
yorsh p (4 года назад)
it either he's tall or everyone at that house is small including the the room
Jonathan Vandagriff (4 года назад)
He should have either waited to tell him and tell him itll be okay and then say its a prank or do what he did but instead say "ha I knew you would fall for the freezer joke!" Like some other prank and not the ebola prank . So he would have though omg that wasnt the joke.... lol still funny
cecilia lemay (4 года назад)
The guy said a bit more down his friend grabbed it....but legit watch that part 6:37 like a couple times....nothing grabs the lab top legit it jus floats..........creepy
Bryan Brewer (4 года назад)
Is it just me or was the mom higher than a bag of groceries, i thought she was gonna nod out a few times
mustange550 (4 года назад)
It was sad at first, you know even though you know it is a prank call you can't help but get that first reaction of sadness.  But then 5:39 I started cracking up....I loved how you came in and told him it was a prank...
Joey Cortijo (4 года назад)
That dude really wants to be black
The MineScaper (4 года назад)
This is NOT Cool Karma a coming
Austin Daley (4 года назад)
Fucking idiot
Diviniti Oshun (4 года назад)
Anyone notice the two orbs that flew upward when Mystic walked in?
Richie Whoa (4 года назад)
That's one cute puppy dog
taylor fehr (4 года назад)
I get that this video was suppose to be a joke but Ebola is a life threatening sickness that should never be disrespected.
Black Cloud (4 года назад)
Bro who took the damn laptop at 6:37??
Jorda Hernadez (4 года назад)
mmm what is his real name
D-RAG (4 года назад)
I know its kind of funny but when i watch it it reminds me of te people that got ebola and die its kind of sad...RIP 👼😇 they are the real 👑s
Termy OG (4 года назад)
fucking anoying voice-.-
bre martin (4 года назад)
That was so wrong on so many levels
LoomyTunes (4 года назад)
Awwww when he cried doe
fer Rachid (4 года назад)
Seriously who moved the laptop? 😏
Iamcolorfulraquell (4 года назад)
Awwww he was crying awwwwwwwww this wasn't even funny
toxx m (4 года назад)
Good one...ya gotta get em back though.
RileyBeauty2000 (4 года назад)
Guys, I'm just going to say, do not worry about Ebola :) social media is making us more worried than we should be. 7 people in the us in 2014 have caught Ebola. 150k people died of the flu in 2013 and no one was scared of the flu? It's okay guys :)
Nancy Lopez (4 года назад)
That would be so scary If someone told me that even if there were pranking and I didn't know man I see how you felt I would've been worse
Grock Coloma (4 года назад)
This is so fucked up
nghia flood (4 года назад)
I got a lil sad wen he started crying 😥
ATerribleSongSinger (4 года назад)
dude that was mean as hell *face palm*
Allakush productions (4 года назад)
A seen a ghost sign
Alex Z. (4 года назад)
Is the stepmother stoned or something she seems so distant
Lucid Princess (4 года назад)
When mystic was crying I wanted to hug him the screen. Good thing it was a prank cause if it was real I was gonna cry.We love you bro
rodentlover100 (4 года назад)
Ebola Every Body Oughta Live Amazingly Before it gets you.
Meshatutorials (4 года назад)
Omg this is too funny lol he thought he got ebolaaa😂😂😂
Jesus IsGod (4 года назад)
Ebola is nothing to joke about. Death isnt a game. Death is when you meet your maker to give an account for your life. Heaven and hell is up to you.
Isabela Galvan (4 года назад)
Ebola was named afer a river in Africa.
Isabela Galvan (4 года назад)
Ivan Porter (4 года назад)
Epic prank bruv, he actually believed it ahahahahha
Ivan Porter (4 года назад)
AHAHAHAAHAHA DAMN, you got him good lmfao he was CRYING HAHAHAHAHA
William (4 года назад)
around 6:23 does anyone esle see the orb shot by his step moms face?
Amanda Walters (4 года назад)
Caribou0115 (4 года назад)
Not cool at all. 'Haha, he thinks he's going to die'  Yeah real fucking funny.  If someone does that shit to me, I'll break some fucking limbs. How is this funny?
Lindsey Arnold (4 года назад)
that is so mean
Alberto Armijos (4 года назад)
Funny but wats up with the laptop
Peza Mana (4 года назад)
I would have reacted differently... The second she said Ebola I'd be like fuck the car I'm running to the hospital. Leave my phone, shoes, camera. Everything.
#teamfunnyfamily entertainment (4 года назад)
so how dose it feel getting prank like that??
maguette sow (4 года назад)
when i saw him cry, i almost cried!!
Melena Caldwell (4 года назад)
Aww 😔😥😥 Poor Mystic… Yall really scared him 😕
Wizdomination Parks (4 года назад)
it was funny until he started crying. y'all can't be playing with peoples emotions like that!
Trinity Kennings (4 года назад)
awww hes cring
Claire Te Hira (4 года назад)
I cried when he was onthe. Ground cause he was so upset
415rye (4 года назад)
wow that shit aint funny...when he started crying I was like aww hell no poor baby.. :( 
Rachel Jackson (4 года назад)
LMAO OMGOSH that was HILARIOUS! Y'all got his ass! HAHAHAHA! I could never do that to someone (couldn't keep a straight face), but it was great!
Kadeem Liburd (4 года назад)
Considering the pranks he's done. I think he'll live from this one. This was hilarious people are saying its not funny but it is though you're more likely to get the common cold, herpes, the flu and then the common cold again all in the same month than contract ebola
Rylan Meier (4 года назад)
This was messed up.
DreezyXL (4 года назад)
Bruhh at the end when they both look in the camera in the background the laptop moves wtf y'all got ghost
fluffy cats (4 года назад)
That is so sad but funny
Jayden Kelly (4 года назад)
Fierce Beatz (4 года назад)
Ebola is non "Spreading" in America 
zippity dandy (4 года назад)
about a week to go
blasian shorty (4 года назад)
Yes Ebola is serious but this was still funny!
Stxrbucks (4 года назад)
This is way to mean! I feel so bad for him!
Nondas8552 (4 года назад)
Of course.Ebola.
Mayauhh Trick (4 года назад)
Lmao mystic you so gullable, & your friend shouldve just walked in and asked whats wrong first. . . . Smh. THIS BOY WAS ON HIS WAY TO HIS DEATH BED CTFU! Almost had about a week to live, week to live.
Meghan AnnMarie (4 года назад)
She sounds drunk
Anna Patty (4 года назад)
I honestly cried with you I hate to see people cry. This was sad but funny at the same time I'm glad this was a prank.
Mariama Lukata (4 года назад)
I don't like this prank I don't like to see men cry I think he went a little too fae
Nightcore Angel (4 года назад)
How did that guy pick that laptop up with his foot at 6:36? o.O
Peza Mana (4 года назад)
It was the dog. It has the power.
ThatDevilKid (4 года назад)
WTF the laptop floated at 6:36
DeathMuzik11 (4 года назад)
when i saw 'about a week ago'
hockeycub19 (4 года назад)
Either mystic is tall or that Asian dude is small as hell
Naomi Daiinty (4 года назад)
If someone did this "prank" to me. I might punch somebody out and might not talk to the person or people that was involved in the prank. Mystic's friend went too far. You don't play like that.
Jazmyne Colbert (4 года назад)
Bruh that shit just straight pissed me off. That is not funny man. Do my man mystic like that. Shit just hurt my feelings.
Freddy Coria (4 года назад)
Dsvdv - (4 года назад)
Trym Østmo (4 года назад)
who the fuck just lift the compoutre? he must be standing there for a while man
rejoice chibagidi (4 года назад)
Cancer prank call..... Everyone goes ham, ebola prank call.... Hilarious! What's wrong with some people
OAM LOL (4 года назад)
best prank ever
Brandon Lee (4 года назад)
she sounds like a drunk
? Living my best life (4 года назад)
Did that laptop move by itself or nah?
Teagan Clay (4 года назад)
That's so mean hahahaha
LoveWhatYouDo lovely (4 года назад)
so sad
ohh sally! (4 года назад)
Dude :'( that made me go on tears
lenka henrich (4 года назад)
Why are you so scared of Ebola? The cure was invented 70 years ago by Mikhail Kalshnikov :) and other cure will be avaible in 1 year :)
Kyle Chamberlain (4 года назад)
ChelseaRene J (4 года назад)
omg people die from everything these days. Get over it! This was hilarious!!
Compton Jaayjaay (4 года назад)
yo man on minute 6:37 your lap top floats away!!
Xochitl Martinez (4 года назад)
Aww poor guy lol

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