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How To Do The Bowel Cancer Test

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All men and women in Scotland aged 50--74 are invited for bowel screening. Bowel screening involves taking a simple test at home every two years. Find out more at http://bowelscreeningtest.org
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Ron Clayden (1 год назад)
#Screenat50 I need your help in bringing a matter to the attention of parliament. I am turning to your community as a start to this campaign. You have the power to help make this happen and I hope the administrators of the group agree.... Bowel Cancer is the UK's Second Biggest Cancer Killer, Scotland has already introduced screening from the age of 50. However here in England we have to wait until we are 60 before we are screened. Early diagnosis is vital (Stage 1) offers a 97% survival rate. Without screening, the majority of patients between 50 & 59 may not be diagnosed until a later stage through their GP / A&E. Cancer is more difficult to treat if diagnosed at a late stage (Stage 4) their survival odds could be as little as 7 % Reducing the screening age save lives it could also deliver substantial savings to the public purse. Treatment costs for a bowel cancer patient diagnosed at Stage 1 on average £3,373 as opposed to £12,519 for a patient diagnosed at Stage 4.   I am calling for the screening age for bowel cancer to be reduced from 60 to 50 in England. Please sign and share. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/181670 THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR SUPPORT.
zunkwind (2 года назад)
someone has shitting issues. Only goes ever 4 or 5 days? You should definitely being going to the doctor lol
Button Nose (5 лет назад)
I have a couple of questions: 1) Won't the stool decompose due to the 10-20 day waiting period + mail period, affecting the result of the test? 2) Isn't stool a bio-hazard material, so why is your postal system letting it sit and circulate with other ordinary mail?
Sheree Hardin (1 год назад)
even rotten blood in stool can be caught in labs. One of the main things they test is for blood in stool. Um they should have it in a container then in a box lmao.
Jade Ryan (5 лет назад)
Do not open the label marked "Do not open." YOU DON'T SAY
godsonofabiscuit456 (5 лет назад)
Why am I watching this?
dozzaz (5 лет назад)
You didn't have to tell me about the Step 4 - i could have figured it out myself. Well, maybe there would be some confused people left staning with poo in their hand.... Good job anyway.... P.s. Now i know why my letters arrive with a strange smell

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