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Sunshine Health educates member to take control of his health

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Merle, a Sunshine Health member had a history of various health concerns. It had been quite some time since he visited his primary care physician (PCP), and as a result, prescriptions for most of his medications had expired. Merle’s case manager visited him at home and realized he desperately needed to see a PCP to ensure that his health conditions were treated before they became out of control. Now, Merle is managing his health and feels significantly better. With Sunshine Health’s education on diabetic meal planning and tobacco cessation services, Merle has taken important steps to improve his overall health by making dietary changes and quitting smoking.
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Tish Smiddy (1 год назад)
Its 2017
Tish Smiddy (3 месяца назад)
Its 2018 , i have a New primary Doctor in September 2017 but still nothing yet ! The numbing and swelling still persists !!! If it was not for MRI’ that where made in 2016 , I believe they push me back because they see the damages to my lower extremities...!!! lol 😂
Tish Smiddy (1 год назад)
Hi,I alluded for SSI witch gave me medicaid ,sense April 2016 ,I have bolts pin a rods in right anode,my ACL is torn ,my goes num I have bayous cures all over my tell bone ...I go humans fall I. The fall a stay there, I've wet myself and number and I lay there until time goes by and to pull my self in tub to clean myself ,I've been sent to 2 ortho suggests and they ask what to do... My MRI a in 2016 ,there bone fragments in right ankle is fused more than a few fraction in my right foot I've been site to a pediatrist she said I need more help than she can give,the ortho said I need a Neralagist or did the pediatrist.. But my EBT medicine said he would help so the next time I when ,he said go where this all started in 1996 will I called the said they don't take medicaid ,I fall after because of numnis ,I blast year I have children. My life to do day to work for under age children suck .I can't sit for long and stand for long...the sent out someone the evaluation and after agreement he said his laptop didn't work ...the doctor said to go to my pan management Doctor and sunshine refused to pay,I need help and I have records a d I've had 3 case workers that doing help ,I'm despised and don't no what do ...I whet to the Emergency room they called the next day and said I could not go to the Doctor the emergency too. Revered me to...so I need help and there no giving.or I fell a few mouth ago they know but Signor it.
Tish Smiddy (1 год назад)
How can meds be different prices around the world.?????
BRIAN THOMPSON (1 год назад)
how can you be diabetic then not it's not a weight issue
Tish Smiddy (3 месяца назад)
BRIAN THOMPSON ... no it a food intake issue !!!
Paul Semmelhaack (2 года назад)
Sunshine health ? American health system must be seen as a cruel joke, it's what care should never be, a business! Medical care is a human right and be separated from profit! They cancel each other out!
Jamie Dobrodoli (3 года назад)
l am glad he is doing better

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