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W5 Manitoba Reserve 1968

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In January 1968 a child died of starvation on a reserve near Port Arthur ON. That same year W5 filed this report which takes a look at life on a reserve just north of Winnipeg MB.
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dogsitter68 (1 год назад)
has w5 revisited ???
Robert L. Peters (1 год назад)
Very little has changed... in almost 50 years. Alma, the cute little girl in the white dress, is currently on a hunger strike on her family's ancestral property in Fort Alexander (Sagkeeng). Ironic?! https://www.facebook.com/groups/womanonahungerstrike/
DetroitLives313 (2 года назад)
Canada can do better than this. They need to invest to make and keep their Northern communities strong! It's the people that are important! Build some decent housing Canada!!!!
Jillian Wheeler (2 года назад)
and sadly, not much has changed. Canada's shame.
Rosemary Breschuk-Chiu (2 года назад)
ever sobering...
Erato IsYourMuse (3 года назад)
Wow. Almost 50 years later and nothings really changed. Pretty shameful in one of the worlds wealthiest nations.
ScoutSniper127 (4 года назад)
There is still starvation on reservations... No matter how the times change everyone barely gets by.
sylvieme (6 лет назад)
@Tiggeroo87 thank-you for your wisdom :)
Tervarious (6 лет назад)
What a AWESOME job CHEIF DAVID COUCHENE was doing, but despite his hard work F'N NOTHING WAS DONE!!! I' am UTTERLY EMBARRASSED to have "white skin" when I personally see what the "white man" was doing or should we say NOT DOING for our aboriginal people! SIMPLY EVIL and EMBARRASSING to say the least! PATHETIC PEICES OF CRAP!!!
sylvieme (6 лет назад)
some things never change...i feel ashame to be living on the "soil" of Kanata, me the white person that i am :(
CHARLENE M (6 месяцев назад)
Don't be ashamed you personally have done nothing wrong, but we respect your understanding as to how the governments treats Indigenous people of this country. David Couchene was right, governments have not held up to their treaty agreements with obligations to share monies from the resources they take from our lands. Indigenous peoples agreed to share the land with settlers and this is how they repaid them with welfare. Welfare should be a stepping stone of temporary assistance, not a way of life. Indigenous people need that rent they are owed so that they can sustain themselves and live the way of life they want to live and not be dictated and assimilated as this has proved disastrous. People you are right nothing has changed to this day and the governments still continue to undermine Indigenous peoples with their true undermining intent when negotiating with Indigenous peoples. They want everything and to extinguish us from existence, they never wanted to share, they want it all, they stole it and they don't want to pay us our cut as promised in the treaty agreements. A lot of people do not know or understand the history of Canada and the governments relationships with Indigenous peoples, once they understand that then they will see and understand for themselves how controlled Indigenous people were. Thank you for educating yourself and your understanding.

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