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Hair Dye Shampoo Prank

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CHINO'S CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/user/chinoalphawolf/ SECOND CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMysticVlog/
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Текстовые комментарии (355)
Drawn2B (3 года назад)
WTF comments getting 100 likes?
Eduardete Enrique (3 года назад)
I bet something mystic wont reply
kaitester1111 (3 года назад)
*picks up hair dye box with asian woman on it* "Look its your family anyway!" im done.
Arya Panchal (3 года назад)
What's the song
rvb1999x (3 года назад)
If he screamed he would have been like somebody from dragonballs
ruth Dina (3 года назад)
I love Chino❤️😭
Sofia (3 года назад)
"fuck kylie jenner"  yep ik many would
Pomegranate Pro (3 года назад)
Well at least you were nice enough to get the black hair dye to fix it. Most people wouldn't have
Bertina Arellano (3 года назад)
XD Chino Was Pissed xD lmao #TeamMystic  Beotch XD
CrazyTop (3 года назад)
Kristinna Ulep (3 года назад)
LMAO 😂😂😂
Chelle-ona Taylor (3 года назад)
does anyone else think he reminds u of will Smith??
Samuel Carlsson (3 года назад)
Jamica Craft (3 года назад)
LMAO..... I love chino.... he was like "what paintball gun"....
Bmlxo (3 года назад)
That's so messed up lol
Caglar Samsa (3 года назад)
Nigga said Headballs.
Tiana Silulu (3 года назад)
" Its your family " ,lol
ashley paige (3 года назад)
i was so surprised when you said you was pranking Chino & not that Asian bitch with the weird shaped head
Ayaeee (3 года назад)
You were thoughtful enough to get him a fix, nice
TZuqI Keul (3 года назад)
WaitYaBum (3 года назад)
Mystic spitting barssss
Aliza Garcia (3 года назад)
Can u put links for the music PLZ biaaaaaaaaaaach
Drua Gaming (3 года назад)
Wolfie (3 года назад)
I woulda SNAPPPED! That shit stains your hands for like 3 days hahaha. Good shit though I died watching this :D
Kuribohchaos8 (3 года назад)
Its like i dipped my hand in the ocean LMAO!!!
dexicution (3 года назад)
N.G.T GAMING (3 года назад)
Ur a savage my dude
Julianna (3 года назад)
Yo!!!! I live in AZ!!!!!
Omar Young (3 года назад)
Can everyone shut up about this 1st thing like u want a medal bitch
P - (3 года назад)
i wonder if the color came off of his hands? lol he seemed to be mad pisssed
Deja Knight (3 года назад)
He started to play my song at the beginning yass👏🏾🙌🏾
Kristyn Doan (3 года назад)
Chino is so short
Roberta Choate (3 года назад)
Ur logo is badass
Maria Salazar (3 года назад)
LMAO "It's your family anyway loooook.." hahaha
Trae m (3 года назад)
"Fuck Kylie Jenner" lmao
Young ZipperHead (3 года назад)
he was hacking off a smurf haha
Malachi benz1 (3 года назад)
Rat (3 года назад)
Sham-poo-poo Hair do-do
Erick Arzate (3 года назад)
He said that its like he dipped his hand in the ocean ... *Face Palm*
Jamaginique Cox (3 года назад)
Answer my request on snapchat but that was funny
Alberto Barajas (3 года назад)
Bout to go into the sham-poo-poo 😂👌
Chelsea Agonoy (3 года назад)
"You bout to have headballs" 😂😂😂 what even.
slayer nick (3 года назад)
Lol it's your family anyway xD
Carlum Caldwell (3 года назад)
He said it looked like the ink from a tag 😂
slayer nick (3 года назад)
Damn unoriginal peeps saying first, clearly you're not. Btw (That freestyle tho)
Rolonda G (3 года назад)
gotta catch his fade
Moustafa Sadek (3 года назад)
Andy Chen (3 года назад)
Tbh, he looks good with blue hair
Politically Incorrect (3 года назад)
It's yo family anyway! Lmao
Enrika Co (3 года назад)
LOL the hair is his family XD
Tom Murray-sharpe (3 года назад)
What's the song at the end?
Maria R (3 года назад)
You mad or what ? Lmao
6ixGodVlogs (3 года назад)
How Did You Put Drake Song In Vid Ain't That CopyRight ????
Naja'Lai Jenkins (3 года назад)
Them tatts tho 😍
samantha mackey (3 года назад)
if you use baby whips it takes hair dye out pretty easy :P
Hannah Paul (3 года назад)
Use hairspray to get the dye off your hands.
Rachel Roy (3 года назад)
Help me get more subs and soooooo funny. But never try it on a lady
Fuck Lauryn Jackson (3 года назад)
What song???
Kathlyn Bautista (3 года назад)
Ayee My Song👌🏻 Haha.
Ivan Zacarias (3 года назад)
What's the name of the song
Muhammad Ghouri (3 года назад)
"Looks like I just dipped my hand in the ocean" had me weak😂😂😂
Faysal Junior (3 года назад)
I love when goes like:"hahahah...whowww" at minute 0:05, and also when he says "in the shampoo-poo" at minute 0:38 LOOL
Emmanuel Martinez (3 года назад)
Shoaib N (3 года назад)
"Chill broo Chilll, I got black LOOK it's your family anyways" lmao 😂😂😂😂
Rex Video Games (3 года назад)
Nice one bro
Game Guide (3 года назад)
"Fuck Kylie Jenner"   LMAO
Crystal John (3 года назад)
Woah almost at 1milli
Duh Carla (3 года назад)
Christopher Stockman (3 года назад)
Legend is the song
FGFY HaZe (3 года назад)
GLONE (3 года назад)
Fuck Kylie Jenner - chino 2k15
Noah Bell (3 года назад)
Bruh its funny every single time you act like you see Chinos "family" lol
Ralph Royal (3 года назад)
lmao kylie jenner pulled it off ahahaha
Jaden Wink (3 года назад)
Ha ha
FieberJustinBieber (3 года назад)
Cant u get hair dye strip from the store?? And he watched his hair long enough with real shampoo most will come out
Hmmm Okay (3 года назад)
We can see Chino's ass at 4:17
Its Benji (3 года назад)
you look like kid ink
Nathan Ourn (3 года назад)
Almost at 1,000,000 subscribers!!!
Syed Imam (3 года назад)
Emily Brown (3 года назад)
His hand looks like he fingered a mermaid 😂
Noah Nijs (3 года назад)
Tr3wayTv (3 года назад)
That haircut is fresh does anyone know what it's called?
king CJ (3 года назад)
with all those tats if chino gets sum muscles he would be looking like a prison thug
spiderboy51 (3 года назад)
Chino was fucking a Smurf
Sonja Filipovic (3 года назад)
When he said it's your family ahhahahahahahaha i died tho
Fazo Memes (3 года назад)
That Asian guy has the characteristics of so many cultures that its scaring me of how many bitches he pulls fam.
A1 K1ll3r (3 года назад)
but i still like it
A1 K1ll3r (3 года назад)
it should of been red so he would think its blood
Alonzo Lucero (3 года назад)
Lupe Hernandez (3 года назад)
Rob Gilmour (3 года назад)
Looks like he finger banged a smurf.
Lola Paris (3 года назад)
Don't be mad bro biiiaaaaattccchhhh
Saraya Davis (3 года назад)
He said: is yo family anyway when he gave him the black dye
Cindy’s Life (3 года назад)
Does anybody know the name of the song in the beginning!?
Tanvir Dhillon (3 года назад)
Albert Bennet (3 года назад)
Ga ha😀
Alex (3 года назад)
poor chino
eve grenon (3 года назад)
Chino is so cute
Andrew Liao (3 года назад)
0:50 lmao
TheSk8nsean (3 года назад)
What r the intro and ending songs?

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