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Aamir Khan - Black is an Insensitive film

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Aamir khan's reaction on Amitabh Bachhans Black film.
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kirtan Soni (10 месяцев назад)
He's right baccho par hath utane se pahle koi soch ta hi nahi😬😈
VINEET KUMAR (11 месяцев назад)
BLACK Is my favourite movie. It is immortal and inspirational. But here Aamir's statement is also not wrong. He is saying truth that this is not a right way to teach a student which is shown in BLACK... But the main topic of the film was not THE METHOD OF TEACHING FOR A STUDENT. It was inspired by the Life of Helen Keller and shows the struggle of a blind, deaf student. The moral of film was that Everything is possible in life and the Movie is 100% successful to present it's moral. So it does not take a big matter how the method of teaching is shown in the movie. And due to only this reason we cannot say that BLACK is bad movie. It is fantastic movie. So please Aamir Sir. Don't say like that. TEACHING VICHING ko chhodo yaar, SUBJECT PAR DHYAN DO

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