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Ranger Bill, Old Time Radio Show, The New Rangers

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Ranger Bill is a Christian radio program from the 1950s, produced by Moody Radio. With over 200 episodes produced, Ranger Bill stars Miron Canaday as the title character and Stumpy Jenkins and Ed Ronne, Sr as Grey Wolf. The main character, Ranger Bill, is a forest ranger located in the town of Knotty Pine along the Rocky Mountains. The show describes the various tales of the adventures of Ranger Bill and his friends. Main Characters: Bill Jefferson is the chief forest ranger. He lives with his mother in the small town of Knotty Pine. He's described as a well-built leader capable of accomplishing nearly anything. Stumpy Jenkins, another forest ranger, is often referred to as "The Old Timer". Known for his superb marksmanship, he likes to tell jokes and travel around with his rifle. A good description of his rifle is given in the episode "The Prehistoric Monster". Henry Scott is the teenage ward of Ranger Bill, who helps out in many park ranger tasks. Gray Wolf is a Native American of the Dakota tribe, and also a forest ranger. Although he talks in broken English, he is knowledgeable in both modern forest management and the traditional ways of his people. Drawing on both, he makes a valuable contribution to the rangers. This gem is part of our old time radio classics library. Get this one, and thousands of more on MP3 DVD delivered straight to your door on our website, or listen here for free! Our MP3 DVD's will allow you to take this old time radio show and place it on your IPOD or another MP3 player and carry it around with you on the go! Visit http://www.theclassicarchives.com for titles like these published on DVD.
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Rebekah Buzulak (1 год назад)
Thanks for doing this. I discovered this radio show 3 years ago, and I enjoyed it very much. Sadly it came out only at 6:00 Wednesday evening, and only in certain places.

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