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10 Most Shocking Natural Phenomena That Occurred On Earth | LIST KING

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Текстовые комментарии (135)
Ana (1 год назад)
2:08 basalt columns... lava escorre e toma forma hexagonal? jura?
Vitor Ramos nambawã (2 года назад)
A 6 minutes video from List 10 worths more than 1 hour of Discovery Channel. CONGRATULATIONS.
Emmalyn B (2 года назад)
This was posted on my birthday
gorblimeyguv (2 года назад)
Wow. That was shocking. I'll be having bad dreams all night about those terrifying basalt columns. And those spheres - OMG!!!
WZRD702 (2 года назад)
Lenticular clouds my ass!! Instead of making shit up just learn to camouflage better... Half-ass aliens.
Kouga (2 года назад)
Not really shocking, also sometimes I doubt the legitimacy. But pretty cool.
Demon Skull999 (2 года назад)
top 10 strangest planets
Harry90 (2 года назад)
Am I the only one who found those rocks with organs absolutly disgusting?
Frizzurd (1 год назад)
Imagine if you were to fall down on them and their insides came out. ; )
stig verstraete (2 года назад)
What is a marine animal?
Christian Riddler (2 года назад)
+Zippy J.R. Nowhere does it say that it is only the sea. The sea is merely an example.
Zippy J.R. (2 года назад)
According to Merriam Webster Full Definition of marine 1 a :  of or relating to the sea <marine life> <marine biology>b :  of or relating to the navigation of the sea :  nautical <a marine chart>c :  of or relating to the commerce of the sea :  maritime <marine law>d :  depicting the sea, seashore, or ships <a marine painter> 2 :  of or relating to marines <marine barracks>
Christian Riddler (2 года назад)
Its just water not specifically salt water.
Zippy J.R. (2 года назад)
Marine is reference to salt water. So things that live in salt water would be a marine animal.
Luke Chick (2 года назад)
the click bait got me.
LineoLemon (2 года назад)
5:26 what you guys came here for.
Reno-914 (2 года назад)
Ill pay for 1 person to go with me to swim in that lake
Jaycob Whaley (2 года назад)
I'll take you up on that!
Yellow Waffle (2 года назад)
So..you're telling me that..pink nice lake is actually full of mumified corpses huh
a. banks. (2 года назад)
Liked! Great info, give me more! Being mummified in a lake... wild/very scary! Wow! Nice voice too. Not robot/mechanical. vid/Not too long.
Gamen4o ivanov4o (2 года назад)
This lake is very cool
Trung Le (2 года назад)
They forgot to mention the Kumite.
Im Lava Golem (2 года назад)
colored mountains like in minecraft
List King (2 года назад)
What do you guys want to see next?
1stfloorguy (1 год назад)
there is no way to see the largest stars in the universe.
Mew Two (2 года назад)
top 10 mystery on earth.
beefsteak75 (2 года назад)
an accurate title
Axel Evangelista (2 года назад)
top 10 cursed video games
Yolo Lollipops (2 года назад)
10 cataclysmic events that would be/are triggered by humans
OriginalSparkstar (2 года назад)
the last one the lake sounds like an SCP
Luke McCalister (2 года назад)
Peleocene is only a few millions years ago. 500 million years ago is PreCambrian Era.
Sardine run=Zerg Rush
chateaumojo (2 года назад)
Basalt crystals, also called columnar joining, are formed when lava or magma cools SLOWLY. The crystals take time to build. Quick cooling leads to regular type rock.
Mike Zalez (2 года назад)
your english is sub par.
Eric Taylor (2 года назад)
Clouds aren't colored. The coloring comes from the sunset/sunrise.
Trim Tab (2 года назад)
+Eric Taylor You know I flew through that stuff in a light aircraft onetime (didn't want to)was restricted to elevation ; it smelled like burned hair. Bad bad
Eric Taylor (2 года назад)
+Trim Tab Those aren't water clouds.
Cain Albertson (2 года назад)
Also things like nitric and sulfuric acid as well as other pollutants.
Trim Tab (2 года назад)
Does he really believe what he said. The clouds in Los Angeles are brown.
Ben Sz (2 года назад)
140° F = 60° C
mails 118218 (2 года назад)
thank you
Techwise Jor (2 года назад)
Thanks :)
cody hedges (2 года назад)
The Egyptians used natron to help mummify their dead that.
David Smith (2 года назад)
it sounds like he doesn't always understand what he's reading, like he's reading straight from wikipedia
TheLeastPoliticallyCorrect (2 года назад)
And scary....
Amy Fong (2 года назад)
The living rocks are really gross in appearance....
Kri Bu (2 года назад)
The moeraki boulders are starting to disappear...
Jiyu (2 года назад)
trump's wall will
Techwise Jor (2 года назад)
I'd say that that is kinda fair enough. They've lasted for more than 500 million years. No man made structure will ever last that long on Earth
thewr0ngchild (2 года назад)
The 'living rock' is awesome but those pics were sad. Humans, find a fascinating creature in the sea, now let's chop it up so we can see what's inside. Pathetic.
Sadlad (2 года назад)
Well, scientists dissect new creatures to find out how they work, and it's actually a local delicacy
Fizz Jizz (2 года назад)
why Do you only say fahrenheit, 80% of your viewers use the metric System. that really pisses me off -.-
List King (2 года назад)
Will take that into account in future videos! Thanks!
S. (2 года назад)
Why am I not shocked? :(
Arcanedoom (2 года назад)
i think the name was meant for everyday people who dont know odd things and just focus on the norm
cody hedges (2 года назад)
Right? it's because they lied to us, and only wanted to up their view count. Honestly, I think this should've been called slightly interesting from around the globe. I'd have still probably clicked on it, and would've been much less disappointed.
Arcanedoom (2 года назад)
because the world is full of strange things
K3K (2 года назад)
those moeraki boulders are dragon balls
List King (2 года назад)
Makes Sense!
Marz Barz (2 года назад)
They are for sure Dragon balls! To bad some one used them already..
Alonna Clark-skinner (2 года назад)
+Ioan Stan he always dies
DR Drama (2 года назад)
krilin died again
ikxso (2 года назад)
666 likes https://gyazo.com/1e79e20f95c5a7923b82319e34fca3f6
Lex (2 года назад)
I just liked..667..
Frog with a Fez (2 года назад)
I've see a living rock. it's weird
Vise Diesel (2 года назад)
lake and lave columns are cool
Dave S (2 года назад)
fahrenheit? how about celsius for the other 96% of us who dont live in Burma, Liberia or the US
ILoveMyOrchids (2 года назад)
Dave Smith, instead of complaining that people aren't catering to your petty whims, you could do a QUICK search for a conversion chart. You DO realise you're on the internet, right?
Ormstoo Dotcom (2 года назад)
+Ormstoo Dotcom all this over Fahrenheit and celsius.... -_-" i mean come on .. who cares, it isnt the end of the world...
cooldude (2 года назад)
+Dave Smith lol I'm sorry you have such difficulty with simple equations. If you're such a nut for numbers either quit complaining or put on your reading glasses and educate yourself
Dave S (2 года назад)
and in breaking news there's more than one equation required to convert all the various imperial to metric measurements, and saying "it will never happen" is ignorant of the fact 96% of the world already did.
cooldude (2 года назад)
+Dave Smith Except that will never happen, so it would be of much more value to you if you just took a half hour to learn the equation
Roger 5446 (2 года назад)
When are these people going to learn to employ the correct adjective to describe their presentations? Nothing here is 'Shocking' is it? Except for the Venezuelan lighting, if it hit you.
hackedpineapple (2 года назад)
+Roger 5446 really nice pun i am gonna use it from now on
Roger 5446 (2 года назад)
hackedpineapple (2 года назад)
pun intended?
GusPiyer (2 года назад)
I once saw lenticilar clouds
Crystalyte (2 года назад)
OH MY GOD, You said "May-Or-E" But it's pronounced, "Mow-Ri."
alyssa horne (2 года назад)
im wondering why my girlfriends hot pussy isn't listed ......
Phindile Phindile (2 года назад)
@ 1:33 that ass "the internet ruined me"
Corley Whamster (2 года назад)
Sheep Eve (2 года назад)
Hej igen på er.
Dext mccool (2 года назад)
Hej då
Mr Nulla (2 года назад)
In Yellowstone u get to see yogi bear
Twitch Chronicle (2 года назад)
that's awesome dude!
Nick MaGrick (2 года назад)
only the first couple were really shocking at all. and the last one
Josh Graves (2 года назад)
i saw the minecraft mountains
BLOODSHOT (2 года назад)
Mesa Bione
Corn (2 года назад)
how also thougt that he made up the names
Emma Alvino (2 года назад)
Spectre (2 года назад)
ku-MAH-ra?! Kumara is pronounced KU-mah-rrah and it's freaking delicious when done in a Hangi...mmm, Hangi...
Dinklenoot Gaming (2 года назад)
salandra avanti (2 года назад)
is living rock really an animal?
GaryTheGod ‘ (2 года назад)
+Patrick Hempe so?
GaryTheGod ‘ (2 года назад)
+Patrick Hempe so?
Patrick Hempe (2 года назад)
+Garrett Mcdonald yeah but that one doesn t look like a steak when cut in half
GaryTheGod ‘ (2 года назад)
yes, there is also a plant that looks like a rock, same idea
Mr Murloc (2 года назад)
numer 2 isant that rare where i live they arent rare at all hre i se them like almost evry day in norway but maybe it cud be hte wrong cloud i talk about but i dont think so looked like the one s in pictures
Guinny (2 года назад)
+cupcakes o.o please Learn to spell before you comment
Guinny (2 года назад)
the* *don't *ones
Guinny (2 года назад)
*number *isn't *aren't *here *see *every *could
Juana Vega Valle (2 года назад)
That Was cool the more you know
Dave's Nature Productions (2 года назад)
Those Danxia landforms look pretty cool.
Emma Alvino (2 года назад)
Ya I agree
Mikey Rossy (2 года назад)
Where is the 76ers winning a game
Shawn Hawkins (2 года назад)
sports are completely unimportant
Luis Cortes (2 года назад)
dev0nee (2 года назад)
Great video Guys😊😊 hope y'all make it big 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
List King (2 года назад)
m hdo (2 года назад)
ey earth is pronounced urf just saying
Patrick Hempe (2 года назад)
Urf? hmmm!......urf..?.......URF!!!...gnarl...urf!
Largemouth Bass (2 года назад)
how do pronounce osearth too? ;]
Iksha Limbu (2 года назад)
Lol, what?
Ragingbear gaming (2 года назад)
or best shotting games ever pleeassse
Ba Zinga (2 года назад)
How about no?
Ragingbear gaming (2 года назад)
do one about top 10 futuristic weapons
Anomalocaris Gaming (2 года назад)
+Crystalyte go die of have am cansur 🍢👯
derpybanana (2 года назад)
+Crystalyte don't worry it's a autistic cod player also #RiPCoD
Crystalyte (2 года назад)
Fuck you.

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