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BEST Magic Show in the world - Genius Rubik's Cube Magician America's Got Talent

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Len Ken (1 год назад)
Steven Brundage Magic Page: https://www.facebook.com/BrundageMagic
Clive Bindley (1 день назад)
It's also funny when people can't smell simple words, like..PIGEON.
ElectroClau (3 дня назад)
Juan tono o Y casco modos Lanuda La Musas Las Musas
Master Assassin (3 дня назад)
Len Ken rēp
Chandu kumar Bodala (3 дня назад)
Saman Abdolghaderi (53 минуты назад)
5 year old kid's in Japan can do that
Richvin Panca (1 час назад)
now eat that feliks
KD Daily (1 час назад)
Really smart men
Cubonica (2 часа назад)
So basic.
Varun Kumar (2 часа назад)
my guess is that it may be an electronic rubik's cube where you press a button(which might be one of the color pieces) that changes the color back to normal
Kalyan Gupta (3 часа назад)
Suparerk Vitit (3 часа назад)
At 12.27 and the end, no yellow yellow orange anymore 555
Aggron Gaming (4 часа назад)
Also another thing America’s got talent the judges can already have someone win or go to finals before the they even starts like when nick picked brad pit he made a twitch in his left hand
Aggron Gaming (4 часа назад)
6:56 Oof he mess his own trick up with the camera angle
Aggron Gaming (4 часа назад)
5:15 lol that’s so easy he could have put any pice of the cards in Amy pice make a scratch or some thing in the pice it has that type of edge of a card
Aggron Gaming (4 часа назад)
3:17 he just solves the corners he shows if you watch closely you can see all the wight and green and red at not on the ones he scrambles
Mark Wang (5 часов назад)
Farhannawas Nawas (5 часов назад)
How are you doing these magical
Carson Sheetz (6 часов назад)
Lol y’all are so annoying can’t u just enjoy something for once sheeeesh
RockIngersoll (7 часов назад)
4:10 paused. All of the "choices" are cut out in the deck visibly.
Ky Humby (7 часов назад)
on the second one at about 3:10, I slowed it down heaps and you can see that he only shows the front three faces after her flips it and then as he starts to mix it, you can tell that the faces on the back were mixed up, so he solved the front ones, and made the back ones not visible and then started to jumble the cube straight away
Thornton Gaming (7 часов назад)
When he flipped the Rubric cube he already had 3 sides finished and the other three not Thus, creating the illusion that he solved it. He continues mixing it so you would not see the scrambled side again (3:20) Watch how many times it spins
Rogue Scholar (10 часов назад)
Simon is like what the bloody hell?!
Kailash Yadav (10 часов назад)
1:02 Check it out. 2:18
Rogue Scholar (10 часов назад)
Somebody give this guy a show in Vegas!
Pershing M26 (10 часов назад)
Your a wizard harry
SERRA22 (10 часов назад)
3.20 te cube is solved behind in front there are only 3 colours back part is solved already he only turn it
fide soleil (10 часов назад)
simons face lol shock
shh shh (11 часов назад)
3:22 only the three walls has been solved exept for the other three. Just watch it when is flips the rubiks cube
shaman ass (11 часов назад)
pussy lover
its me (11 часов назад)
I've seen better
Frozen Toast (11 часов назад)
The cube that he used to trick heidy was fake. The blue side was not the opposite of the green, the white side was not the opposite of the yellow. And the red side was not opposite of the orange
John Oh (12 часов назад)
Oh it is real magic
m7md for games (12 часов назад)
That is easy 1:10 he didn't scramble it randomly he know the scramble he's doing And when Simon mix it up the magician memorized the moves Simon did And he bring another cube with the same scramble the magician did before and he did the same moves Simon did then it's looks the same And I know to solve 2x2-4x4 rubiks cubes and I know that
Death Ray farms (14 часов назад)
Does anyone notice at 1:03 Simon gives the finger
Kiisseli Kissa (16 часов назад)
It's a little bit smaller rubik's cube than usual, which means that it is for one handed solves
G G (16 часов назад)
Couldn't he pre place the ripped card and have the card made to rip a certain way??
Fernando Garcia (17 часов назад)
13:10 Who also saw a dick😂💪🏽
Caspwads (18 часов назад)
At 3:20 you can see the 3 colours shown to the camera aren’t on any of the faves shown after meaning he had moved the things into a position where 3 sides are done and the other 3 are jumbled you can also see how he muddled the rubix cube immediately afterwards further solidifying that only 3 faves were done so from 3 colours being jumbled ( orange blue and yellow) to the other 3 colours being solved ( red white and green) I consider that exposed???
smoshfan123 (19 часов назад)
After he solves the cube at 6:52 a few seconds later u can see that the cube is unsolved when he keeps it at the table
mohsen bugemskii (19 часов назад)
It's so obvious how he does this he's simply a wizard
Alexis Lacanaria (19 часов назад)
Digital rubicks
Llamaste dude (20 часов назад)
If anyone else noticed there was two nick cards AND in the first act he actually showed Simon and nodded his head one way, then Simon moved one of the sides to match his Rubik cube, the rest AMAZING
Brock Ary (20 часов назад)
W O W ! ! !
Wow . !!! Fron Bangladesh.
Abdul Ghafoor (20 часов назад)
at 5:36 magic i think each card's little part is there so u only have to remember that in which colour or side that card would be
Taha Hammami (21 час назад)
Wakalaka Cereal (21 час назад)
So easy
beedA (22 часа назад)
The cubes are fucking made to change colors
Dharam Dev Mukhiya (22 часа назад)
Easy to understand
U Mad Bro? yt (22 часа назад)
I’m quite sure the cube is a MoYu WeiLong GTS2 (Cubers would understand me)
Kenny Lay (22 часа назад)
Do they all wear a Rolex Sub?
Chris Reid (23 часа назад)
Hes just really good with a rubiks cube. Memorized simons turns since he only did a few. at 3:19 he had the whole side set up and just flipped too it, did not show the whole cube since the rest was scrambled.
anoukhman (1 день назад)
Ok i think that when he drop his cube 3 face are done and the 3 other one are not done. You can see that at 6:50, the cube look like done but when he put it on the table we can se that the back is not done ^^
mithilesh kumar (1 день назад)
Adam Cinik (1 день назад)
Demons and Jins are a powerful thing
FG Lupin (1 день назад)
5:20 wait what if he just has one card piece in every piece of the rubiks cube? I mean ik it cant cover up 52 but if, for example, he let them choose 3 and then he has 2 if them in one block. . Ya know what i mean?
Mansur Maxmudov (1 день назад)
Mansur Maxmudov (1 день назад)
Anonymous User (1 день назад)
Mag cubes are about $16
Bruno Mitch (1 день назад)
Is Mel B trolling she even mouthed the word blue to Heidi to confirm ffs. 10:53
Pieter De Genieter (1 день назад)
3:22 he solved half of it when he mixed it up
zexsyz (1 день назад)
Мама дорогая, что творит этот бес!
R.A.G.E (1 день назад)
At 12:33 you can see the rubic cubes change colour behind his back, as if the tunic cubes and be set to change colour whenever he wants That’s how he managed to throw the cube and it be all completed
Chad C (1 день назад)
12:27 look at the rubik that howie handed back to him. Strange how that combo was nowhere to be seen..
David Satriani (1 день назад)
Lovely mind tricks. Juggling pretty much as Penn & Teller would call it. The Rubik's cube can be solved in different ways, if you solved one cube and you scramble it but you memorized how you can go back. Different ways, you can let someone else unsolve it and guide yourself just by the one that are together this shortens the amount of moves you need. About the image, look always covers the cube, most of people wont be able to see it, but every time he moves his hand he's making a move on the back side of the cube to arrange not in a perfect way but in a the perfect colour he needed, the rest is just forced choice, it was never the dude free choice the artist, that's psychology. He's still a beast at solving the cube, a lot of practice indeed. It involves many things, I understand it and could reproduce it but for sure no at that god speed. Btw, he uses paper bags cuz the sound of the bag will allow him to move the cube without people knowing he's solving it. Awesome dude.
Jared Smith (1 день назад)
Pretty sure this is the same guy from Penn and Teller's show. He does it in a way so that one side of rubiks cube remains solved and then relies on you not noticing that the colors change.
retsel dezmu (1 день назад)
this should be golden buzzer
Heri Nainggolan (1 день назад)
breaking all that must have a few pieces of torn card, since he ripped the card very slowly to make the same splash, hehehe
Richard Johnson (1 день назад)
Cassidy S (1 день назад)
The trick at 1:35, there are 3 Rubik's cubes in the bag
Chr1sRotmg (1 день назад)
The one at 3:20 is easy because he solved the side that isnt shown and flips it but then after he unsolves it to hide the fact
Rashid Belkheiri (1 день назад)
For the last trick I noticed when he takes the cube back from howie he clicks the cubes together you can even hear the noise if u listen closely. This click is likely the cubes both resetting to the position he wants them in.
John Contreras (1 день назад)
3:20. Man! I saw what he did. Don’t read this if you don’t want me to ruin your day. It’s matched in one side and completely mixed on the other. You can see in slow motion that a straight green line passes and then he just flips it. He doesn’t show the whole cube so we don’t see the other side. That’s a real bummer for me man.
I am (1 день назад)
heidi is part of the trick, there is no other way this is possible
Electrofied817 27 (1 день назад)
Can someone tell me where he got the huge 3x3???? Please?!
Werex Zenok (1 день назад)
The middle color of the cube never changes it`s place. Look at the howie cube at 12:28. The orange face has 4 white pieces. at 12:43, the orange face of the cube doesn't have 4 white pieces anymore. He changed howie's cube.
Electrofied817 27 (1 день назад)
I swear this guys hates howie 😂
Clarke Corvo (1 день назад)
3:12 that just aint right...
Luis Betancourth (1 день назад)
I can solve this rubiks cube less than 1 minute l have 13 different types of shapes rubiks cube s
Luis Betancourth (1 день назад)
Luis Betancourth (1 день назад)
Rubiks cube
Luis Betancourth (1 день назад)
Luis Betancourth (1 день назад)
TheDeathwalker86 (1 день назад)
The cube can change to any color he wants
lm Chach (1 день назад)
I can’t even solve fucking one
SRGshadow (1 день назад)
this is the trick with the insta done kube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHUBjy_LFpw
Marc Rura (1 день назад)
4:10 you cans see the back of the cards he shows Heidi to pick from. They are all pre-torn. you can see the perimeter white line is missing form the middle cards she's picking from. She's picking from cards that already have been torn and placed in different locations on the cube. Once she picks, he knows where to go find it. There is no tearing the card...he just pretends as it's already in some corner of the cube.
SRGshadow (1 день назад)
the one with the 6 card is so easy to do
Acid The Fox (1 день назад)
Simon.exe has stopped working
oOAble DangerOo (1 день назад)
Did he win
Jereozone (1 день назад)
When he throws the cube into the air, he shoes only 3 sides and they are almost solved.
PACMAN AKA PACCY Bond (1 день назад)
Jacob Gallez (1 день назад)
i dont want to be "that guy" but erm you can sold a rubix cube with only the few sides which is hwat he did because he only did a half flip where half was solved
Tommy Tillman (1 день назад)
Did you not notice that the cubes did not show shadowing on the sides?   They are digital cubes that show the colors he wants ( controlled by himself by a control switch on his body, or by a second person off camera ).   So, not matter how much you mix the cubes, they will be instantly changed to the starting pattern, or any other pattern you want ( for instance, when Simon mixes the cube, he is to cover the cube so  now one can see.   Tthe magician just mixes HIS cube to a predetermined pattern which he knows how to reach in  his sleep, by practicing.... and Simon's cube is changed to match this pattern electronically.   Since it is covered, no one notices the change.   Easy when you know how.....
LukeDude759 (1 день назад)
At 3:20, he had actually solved three sides before flipping the cube. Notice how you don't see any white, green, or red squares before the flip, and those are the only colors he shows after the flip.
A Fake Legend (1 день назад)
Hella Fake
D C (1 день назад)
The card part of the Brad part is very obvious but people don’t notice lmao
Kinesis101 (1 день назад)
the magic is so fake
Linda Turturici (1 день назад)
I’m a survivor!!!🙂#awesome 😎
Luke Hargrove (1 день назад)
#Len Ken
Mak Or (1 день назад)
simon looks exactly the same as my dog when i make his treat disappear
Black Gem (1 день назад)
Simon doesn’t have a clue........ omg......... hahahahahahahaha.......... im laughing so hard..........
D Hoffman (1 день назад)
Let’s see if the 6 of diamond ripped piece makes an exact fit to the card. I kind of doubt it. It is a good trick however. Uri Geller...eat your heart out!!!!

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