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Living in an "Open Marriage" Part 2

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My Open Marriage story of My Wife and Best Friend, an Experience for some. It's all about a better Sex Life and having better SEX. No drama. As long as "Excess emotions" don't get involved then all things will be great. The pro's: Better Sex Healthy Mind Motivation Excitement Thrilling Sex The Con's: Jealousy Emotions
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Brutal Honesty (2 года назад)
LOL. When will the idiots that are so obsessed with sex learn that polyamorous relationship is not going to last unless it is a closed relationship. No open relationship will last because the relationship is centered on sex and when you get old or before you get old you relationship will be over. Since people will lose some of the sexual desire when they get old. So as you get older the rush of sex is gone and what left is your personal relationship with each other. Only when the lust is gone you will realize if you are in love with the person or not. Or if you can live with your current partner for the rest of your miserable life. Relationship are more than just sex. Which is why most relationship that start off as best friend with good sex last longer.
Kenna P (2 года назад)
I should be so lucky to have the openness you and your wife have in your marriage.  I wish everyday my husband would open his mind to opening our marriage.   He thinks after 20 years of marriage you can try a new position, go on vacation etc. and that will fix everything.  Well the truth is that can only do so much.  Personally I think allowing a little variety can increase overall marital happiness!
Hardwoods91 (2 года назад)
Having shared my wife and then trying to explain others the mixed emotions all combined in to one very erotic and fulfilling moment is like trying to explain colors to a blind person. Excellent video BTW.
THEPALM2006 (3 года назад)
Looking forward to additional postings.

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