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Abbott & Costello, Old Time Radio 400320 Lion Hunting

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The Abbott and Costello Show is a comedy program from the era of old-time radio in the United States. It was broadcast first on NBC and later on ABC, beginning July 3, 1940, and ending June 9, 1949. Film stars Bud Abbott and Lou Costello adapted their talents to radio for this 30-minute weekly comedy program. Vincent Terrace, in his book, Radio Programs, 1924-1984: A Catalog of More Than 1800 Shows, wrote, "Many of the skits revolved around Bud and Lou's efforts to succeed in some sort of business venture." The skits were often ones that they had used in their vaudeville act. Popular culture scholar J. Fred MacDonald, in his book, Don't Touch That Dial!: Radio Programming in American Life, 1920-1960, wrote that the pair formed "one of the leading radio comedy acts throughout the 1940s." He noted that Abbott was the straight man, with Costello "the comedic force of the act."[ Our channel is dedicated to preserving Old Time Radio classic shows, such as this. Enjoy this classic from The Classic Archives! Make sure you check out our online store that contains over 50,000 classic titles on DVD or CD. Our MP3 DVD's will allow you to take this title and place it on your IPOD or another MP3 player and carry it around with you on the go! Visit http://www.theclassicarchives.com for titles like these published on DVD.
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William Pyle (3 месяца назад)
I love these old radio shows

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