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Pearl River Resort MS, Offers Cut Back At Casino ... I Ask Casino Marketing Why!!!

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I spoke to Marketing Mail Outs from Pearl River Resorts MS about the cut backs at the Casino on our cards. I question the investment in to the Casino, if they only base your free offers on one days play VS monthly play. Many members are upset that they have been cut back on the marketing offers and some are looking for other avenues to invest in spending at another Casino, who reward loyal customers than punish then for not spending enough daily. I ask the Casino Marketing Department Why, Members are cut back? I love to visit the Casino and get all my clothing smelling like smoke, to have a good time and enjoy the offers of being a loyal member... Many people are questioning the Casino's loyalty to the smaller people who are not millionaires. It looks like the more you spend in the Casino, the less you might be getting in offers and promotions. The issue also would be with less people going the staff will have less hours and less jobs that would be supporting their families. My Concern would be to the loyal workers who offer great customer service, Will be cut back more.
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MensHelpTv (5 лет назад)
MensHelpTv, is about getting the answers, because people do need to know who and what they are dealing with when money is the prime factor.
MensHelpTv (5 лет назад)
What upset me is the Casino did block me from posting and removed this truth off their website on facebook. about my conversation with their direct marketing department. We tried to contact them and they would not answer if it was a computer glitch or a change. On my second phone call I got a real person and not an Answering machine, I wanted to share this just in case others did not get the correct information and got the blame game, we love the casino but 2nd & 3rd party info does not cut it.

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