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Booty Holes Prank

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Текстовые комментарии (680)
juna wood (3 года назад)
Shandia Lynch (3 года назад)
Yall just being real negative like wtf he can't have friends that are girls ?  some yall bitches call them sidechicks when you a sidehoe in real life
Licia Ryce (3 года назад)
Was she wearing underwear
Brooks Reimer (3 года назад)
How many bitches this guy have
Anthony Stephens (3 года назад)
Best prank!
Captain-Chewbacca (3 года назад)
Chicken Why?
BroadcastBrothers (3 года назад)
Bitch (3 года назад)
thats a nice ass car what kind of car is it cuz!?
LiveFreeVlogs (3 года назад)
Where is he getting all these girls?!?! Hook me up mystic!! Hahahaha
LivingLifeWithMabel (3 года назад)
I honestly found this funny😂🙌👏
Man Utd 2016 (3 года назад)
Damn she can take a joke unlike some people.
Helium Task (3 года назад)
U gotta put some Nutella on them booty holes 😋👌
Pandy (3 года назад)
Navi logo? 2:45
Kennedy Showell (3 года назад)
That pop corn look good as a bitch 😂
Joshua Callwood (3 года назад)
mystic hangs out with the finest chicks
jake arteaga (3 года назад)
So funny
Wolfie (3 года назад)
he's got enough girls to give to each and everyone one of us in the comments
TheCaLishaShow (3 года назад)
Whats the video that she pranked him called?
Colton Turner (3 года назад)
Laughing the whole vid
Emily Jimenez (3 года назад)
Of course a white bitch has to ruin it 😂
Luis Carvalho (3 года назад)
hahahahahaha we need people like them in brazil
Jason Mcneely (3 года назад)
This guy has a new girl every day
TC350Z (3 года назад)
@ 3:30 You will see Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner
Eliseo Adorno (3 года назад)
She's the same girl from touch my body challenge dumb fucks
Jeremy Rodfurd (3 года назад)
I've never gotten more than 6 likes on a comment
King Crossover (3 года назад)
Best prank you've ever done
Culture Croissant (3 года назад)
Why all these comments about comments having so many likes, who gives a shiet man
Brody Atamu (3 года назад)
Dat ass though like if you think its funny
Tozfu (3 года назад)
Apparently I've got to eat the booty like groceries .
C Lopez (3 года назад)
Damn that easy access
latina7292 (3 года назад)
THIS WAS HYSTERICAL!!!! Your best prank by far!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Darion Neale (3 года назад)
Lukz Boe (3 года назад)
"Is that really your butt hanging out?" Quote of the year- Unkown old lady
Kxng Jackson (3 года назад)
2:40  he starein helllla hard :)
wolf04creationz (3 года назад)
Lmao smart prank
amy white (3 года назад)
She has such a good personality :) this was a good one lol
Trenyce Winfield (3 года назад)
She don't got underwear on like dirty
Juan Trujillo (3 года назад)
Hella funny 😂
Juan Trujillo (3 года назад)
L Wood (3 года назад)
nizhoni is beautiful without makeup
A Piece Of Fried Chicken (3 года назад)
shoulda slapped that old bitch like when i fucking saw her i wanted to fucking snap her neck like damn bitch dont be saying shit like that
John Blackshear (3 года назад)
grandpa couldn't stop looking
Demarcoym (3 года назад)
"Is that really your butt hanging out" HAHAHA
Jamel Gooding (3 года назад)
She got the little dude @ 2:51 hype! lol
Shania Mitchell (3 года назад)
Bango61 (3 года назад)
Damn, she's one hell of a good sport. That old lady on the other hand... No sense of humor at all.
Sadie Anderson (3 года назад)
She is like me because both of us are hungry all the time
jduzzy4444 (3 года назад)
bruh im dead 😂
MN Framebangers (3 года назад)
3:33 dat old granny had damn yoga pants on!!! She wanted them pants! hahahaha
Deeksha Rathore (3 года назад)
+Perry Katrak
Charles Rolda (3 года назад)
Deez nuts
Kevin Ochoa (3 года назад)
Lmfao she was clueless bro
Suneed Ahmed (3 года назад)
She was so chill with it lol
Shauntavia (3 года назад)
I know she felt a breeze 😒
Andy Santillan (3 года назад)
alonso rosales (3 года назад)
Cool car
Bree Baby (3 года назад)
Rodrick McWilliams (3 года назад)
Mystic you need to pick a girl...but aye they all bad
Tianna Brown (3 года назад)
jazzy on fleek (3 года назад)
His car is tough!!
Ieyonna Lollis (3 года назад)
She is so goofy
Bon Quisha (3 года назад)
why do these comments get so many likes?? I wonder
Kachi Edward (3 года назад)
Where's Phi? I haven't seen her about in a while tho!
Bitch (3 года назад)
Woah! I think the like button is broken
Sally Armour (3 года назад)
Thats hilari-ass 👍
King K (3 года назад)
Lol the faces in the background tho
Umbra (3 года назад)
Great prank lmao
I_like_Checken (3 года назад)
Old people are afraid to say anything to anyone
jenna kaladeen (3 года назад)
That old lady look mad asf😂😂😂
Tifowman (3 года назад)
They way she enjoyed showing off that "BOOTY" that's right eat it like groceries
kyramioso29 (3 года назад)
That was pretty funny man, she was a good sport!
Tifowman (3 года назад)
U could obvs tell she liked it, they way she didn't even get embarrassed at the store "dis bitch ain't loyal"
Nani Sang (3 года назад)
"Is that really your butt hanging out?"lol
Fitness Fernando (3 года назад)
Why is everyone saying new chick ? She's been on his channel for more than 6 months
Imani12Keith (3 года назад)
Dope car
cenation champ (3 года назад)
Fuck a kid named danny he's a bitch
The3Shogun (3 года назад)
If anybody was eating in my car like that they would be taking the Metro home reallllll quick. Lol
Nina Rodriguez (3 года назад)
Pshh MysticGotJokes more like MysticGotSideChicks No ok........
Jacob Madrigal (3 года назад)
That kids like what are thooooose
Lucas Boyden (3 года назад)
Secret Service (3 года назад)
Why do these comments have slot of likes?
YhungLu (3 года назад)
amanda h (3 года назад)
lol his pull game is stronger than chuck Norris
Hadi khiami (3 года назад)
How do people live with you😂
Esha Babbieee (3 года назад)
Omg I love u so much that was so funny MYSTICGOTJOKESB@$!#
lamar woodard (3 года назад)
Brush I'll fu k tha he'll out dat girl
Kim John Ho (3 года назад)
she should chew first then talk
Dolxrss Chau (3 года назад)
I like her she was like chill not like the rest
Anthony C (3 года назад)
Dang I see him with like 5 chicks wow good job lol
meme taylor (3 года назад)
is fe or this girl your bae⁉️
Brian Los (3 года назад)
That booty had that old man like I wish I was 21 again
king izzyblue (3 года назад)
damm hahah!!! that was the best and awesome prank I've ever seen #teammystic
Junera 2 (3 года назад)
I love the fact that she can take a joke! 😂😂😂
MELINEDA LOVE U (3 года назад)
OMG 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Asahya Hernandez (3 года назад)
Good one mistic damn yuh got her good
Jasmine Jaimes (3 года назад)
Jasmine Jaimes (3 года назад)
Omg ahhah that shot was problaby one of ur best prabks omg 😂😂😂 im dying 😂😂
Drippy Lexxyyy (3 года назад)
Nice prank That kid that saw that I know him he name is Andrew And your girl laughs. A lot #nice enthusiasm
Yell Yell (3 года назад)
The car tho 😍😍😍
Camryn Bridges (3 года назад)
I was crying of laughter at this video, mystic that was the best one yet

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