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My First "Vanilla" Hackintosh (Hackintoshing my Main PC)

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In this video, I show my Main PC running OS X El Capitan, and explain how it is the "cleanest" version to be running. I read every comment, and appreciate any type of feedback you leave on my videos. Google+: http://google.com/+benjaminvazquez97 Twitter: http://twitter.com/flowmotion97 SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/flowmotion97 Business Inquires: benvazquezbusiness@gmail.com
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bughu (6 месяцев назад)
Ronald Hale (1 год назад)
Great video Benjamin Vazquez :) if you need any help installing the paid version of Fl studio for free i can help with that. Also if you want to install mac OS Sierra on your unsupported mac i know how to install i have the same model and year but different size.
Rihan (1 год назад)
Audio is the key 😛
Flowmotion (1 год назад)
Rihan yes.
Tigo Bakker (1 год назад)
great video :) I've been running Sierra on my main PC for a bit and I really liked the experience. Besides the fact that I'm rocking an 2011-ish build (GTX 570, i7 2600), it worked pretty well and the only problems I had could be fixed using some clover adjustments and driver's. Today I got myself some free spare computerparts so I'll try to build another one
Flowmotion (1 год назад)
Parsley that's great to hear! No issue with using hardware that's a bit older, I happen to hackintosh computers that are 5 to 10 years old, lol. Although those hacks weren't perfect, my main PC definitely falls under a "golden" category. You should upload a video of your experience! The community would love to see it.
The Cautious Gamer (1 год назад)
also I had no idea hackintoshing was illegal to Mac, and it's funny, because on a Windows it's like a gigantic playground
The Cautious Gamer (1 год назад)
*1:45* Hey Ben, FL Studio is actually the main and best choice for any music genre. Like all music producers like Aero Chord or Metro Booming(Futute's DJ) use FL, but with expensive plug ins obviously
KARTHIKEYAN SUNDARRAJ (11 месяцев назад)
Bitch Pls, Fl studio can't even stand before Logic and Ableton live 9.
Flowmotion (1 год назад)
The Cautious Gamer I'm planning on switching to FL. I wouldn't say its the best for any genre, there are many others. Two other very popular DAW choices are Ableton (cross platform for Mac and PC) and Logic (Mac only) that many other producers get by on. Deadmau5 taught his Masterclass using Ableton on a PC.

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