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Civil Engineering: High rise construction and Form work

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This video show how to efficiently manage the form works during the construction of buildings or structures. WTF aluminum formwork is a rapid paced construction system for forming cast in place concrete structures. WTF provides aluminum formwork for reinforced concrete construction of single and multi-story buildings and enables the walls and slab to be placed monolithically in the same operation. This increases efficiency, and also produces an extraordinarily strong structure with excellent concrete finish. Video Source: Wall-Ties & Forms, Inc Visit their official website: http://www.wallties.com
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Текстовые комментарии (79)
ASHISH KUMAR SONI (2 года назад)
how is this possible without beam and columns???
Tuananh Nguyen (2 года назад)
What soflware do you use to creat that ?
Akil Alam (2 года назад)
Nice civil engineering works
sathish kumar (2 года назад)
how electricity pipe line running in roof slab and power points
Alden Yap (2 года назад)
this method...maybe hard to do on actual situation...
Miguel Arredondo (2 года назад)
This construction method would be great if it's applied to a non seismic country. Also, there might be some air pockets inside that can cause problem thorough the years.
Poovendhan MKS (2 года назад)
Sagar Thapa (2 года назад)
you didn't showed us about the foundations ?? how is that building possible without foundations ??
Doantran Duyvu (2 года назад)
What software did u use?
Utpal Ray (2 года назад)
Falguni Dubla (2 года назад)
nice video but ....here too much concrete use ..too costly ..use brick masonary in wall ..
Sekhar (2 года назад)
Good idea...
Arul Murugan G (2 года назад)
very nice
Lavina Anitha A (3 года назад)
Very good idea....but is this possible?
venkat reddy (2 года назад)
Yep... It has been adapted in many countries even in some places of India
Oky hardi pamungkas (3 года назад)
i think the concrete bellow the window opening cant be compacted, except it used SCC. but SCC product is so expensive. how bout your opininon?
venkat reddy (2 года назад)
This formwork doesn't work unless you prefer SCC.For Vertical members SSC is most preferable
Ailneni Srinivasrao (2 года назад)
no its not compacted.it doesn't have any prblm to4 construct window
sam111880 (3 года назад)
And if one messes up all one needs to do is knock down the concrete with a recking ball and pour again so pretty easy removal / reinstallation of things in some cases Though curious on when the civil engineers choose concrete with steel griders as opposed to just concrete and reinforcement/rebar mesh with out the steel griders. I imagine it is mostly for taller buildings or buildings that need more strength support they add the steel girders. Though curious if one uses steel girders and concrete could one make the procedure safer by pouring the concrete the  adding steel on top so one never has to walk on bare steel girders that are open to high elevations near non-edges of the structure... if one could then the saftey issue would be less of an issue when installing steel griders for these buildings
sam111880 (3 года назад)
looks to me as well that completely concrete high rise buildings are less dangerous then standing on steel griders. heck if i was offered to help out in building a high rise structure i would defintely do one if it is concrete based floor over floor ... not so scare in this cases mostly always high but never walking on beams to do things. Though i would take a lot of precaution around the edges. Seems the bulk of the work is setting up meshes,staging/forms and letting the concrete machine do its work as well as manually maybe aggited and shape the concrete at each floor
sam111880 (3 года назад)
if they where made light enough then a whole high rise building could be done with limited heavy duty equipment with enough people setting up rebar mesh ,staging and a few concrete machine operators. Depending on how many man hours it takes to pour a floor and have it harden enough to pour on top/build on top it could be possible to build a high rise concrete building structure in not to long with limited equipment. Obviously only building the structure not the actual plumbing,hvac,electrical or functional inner workings of the building.... but the structure is i would say 65/70% of the completed high rise building to a project manager/construction high rise contractor
sam111880 (3 года назад)
great video showing how to pour a concrete high rise building one thing i cann't quite see is how they secured the wire rebar mesh but the metal staging seems to be simple  slide  in bolts that one can easilly install /remove for easy take down of the staging onces the concrete has hardend and one is ready to move up to the next floor level for the next floor. Curious if the metal staging/forms are made light enough for manually lifting or do they need a crane for installation/removal of these molding foms
leonardo cio (3 года назад)
waw!! it's amizing
Ailneni Srinivasrao (2 года назад)
thanq you for ur comment
Saleh Aldada (3 года назад)
Wow that's Amazing
sfbluestar (3 года назад)
It looks like every floor's concrete is NOT connected to the next floor's concrete, but just held together by the metal bars.  Is this strong enough?  In an earth quake, would floors separate like a stack of bricks?
Jitrndra Jasani (3 года назад)
Nice I like this
govind raj (3 года назад)
Mona Townships Pvt. Ltd. (3 года назад)
nice building technology........................
TessaBrat (3 года назад)
How dare you cut out the music at 2 minutes in!
VIKASH SINGH (3 года назад)
MT Zirakpur Flats and Apartments (3 года назад)
nice construction technique....... i love this video.....good work!!!!!!!
Chris Rokos (3 года назад)
jiale lim (3 года назад)
it look like  a game :D,but still good of showing how concrete building be builder step by step
qazar yusop (4 года назад)
what type of software them used?
chansokun yim (4 года назад)
I like this profile as am civil engineer. Want to have more method of latest constrction works.brr/sokun
tadele dinku (4 года назад)
Mama yene fikir Mamaye I love U
Koki Panda Espinoza (4 года назад)
what sofware?
S. Kacioui (4 года назад)
Nice , what is the name of this simulation software ?
Marvel infra (4 года назад)
marvel infra ventures is a leading construction company in hyderabad
Diego Alcántara (4 года назад)
And the bricks? Is not necesary??
Jaya Chandra Nani (4 года назад)
really exellent making.....,& 1st im shocked by seeing dis video.. never before else....,really nice...keep it up..
J1Jaiiiwon (4 года назад)
The concrete used must be sooo runny to fill every gap in that formwork.
Anna Matejczuk (4 года назад)
is this 3ds max? if not- what program are you using for it?
ScanConcrete (4 года назад)
Interesting concept!! I enjoyed this video thoroughly. Very creative design used on that constructive animation, great engineering work indeed!! Thanks for the video.
Chaitaniya Chaddha (4 года назад)
what software have you used to make the video?
yousef alzamil (5 лет назад)
send me the 3d file i will print it for u for low price
Adelgaza20 con Ingrid Macher (5 лет назад)
this is very informative! great video!
raja sekar (5 лет назад)
prem kumar (5 лет назад)
Haridi 20 (5 лет назад)
I am the civil engineer responsible for ZR Tower,,,it took me a short time to design
Deekshi Homes (5 лет назад)
nice work
aaqib lone (5 лет назад)
mrackshin alindog (5 лет назад)
amazzing ...............someday i want to be CIVIL ENGINEERING
fishing big hits (5 лет назад)
It's a nice demo, but they forgot the expansion of the concrete on drying process withy hold the forms in pressure, holding them from all Angeles .
Gunnar Burke (5 лет назад)
WTF is formwork
Ashutosh Sharma (5 лет назад)
Its to be good.....for Civil Engineers
M a khan (5 лет назад)
i like this.
M a khan (5 лет назад)
i like it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
M a khan (5 лет назад)
i like it
M a khan (5 лет назад)
i like it
Vinod Dahiya (5 лет назад)
I like this system vinod dahiya civil Engg.
vctjkhme (5 лет назад)
Out of curiosity, why do windows need have so many bolts relative to the number of bolts used to hold up the larger wall structure?
Muhammad Yogi (5 лет назад)
hey, there are no columns in structure. I don't sure the structure cover the strength aspect
Bahjat B (5 лет назад)
how in the world they coasted the slab and reinforced wall in the same time , in real life walls
MsLovely Minmin (5 лет назад)
In taking up Engineering, Is it necessarily to have the ability in Mathematics? I'm a HS student only and Im planning to take up Civil Engng but Im a bit terrified beacause I'm not good in Mathematics. How is that?
W K (5 лет назад)
How about W/C of concrete?
Israel Eusebio (5 лет назад)
what software did you used?tnx
santosh nikam (5 лет назад)
Sujith B (6 лет назад)
No Beams and No columns. No space wastage and good appearance.
czejny (6 лет назад)
walls and ceiling all poured in one go?
A Very Sexy Spoon (6 лет назад)
I designed a new type of roundabout that goes on highways, where do I go to find a civil engineer to submit it and make it in a real-life figure? Or how would I make a model of it?
Halim Kerim BAS (6 лет назад)
single mesh reinforcement? why?
Concrete Forms (6 лет назад)
This video is from Wall-Ties & Forms, Inc.

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