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Camfil Food & Beverage Industry Air Filters Ph: 888.599.6620 http://www.camfil.us/Industries/Food--Beverage/ Don't become a statistic. Protect your people. Protect your processes. Protect your products. Lower your risk. The challenges and regulations facing food processors continue to intensify. With recalls of food contamination on the rise, all manufacturers are at risk. The time has come when you can no longer ignore the effect air quality has within your plants, and on your product. Air and the contaminated particles carried with it can come in contact with your product, yet it's often not properly considered or evaluated. Left unfiltered, dirty air basically becomes an ingredient in your product. Removing unwanted particles from the air to maintain the safety of your product is but one of the many responsibilities you have to the public. Camfil air filters reduce contamination risks and lower overall filtration cost. Here's how. Camfil designs filters with three key attributes in mind: efficiency, low resistance to airflow, and high dirt holding capacity. A filter in a food or beverage plant must capture the very small particles which are too small to be seen by the human eye. Low-priced filters use course fibers, often produced with an electrostatic charge. This artificial charge quickly dissipates, causing a loss in particle efficiency and letting dangerous airborne contaminants bypass. This is not an acceptable situation for a food processing facility. Camfil filters feature fine fibers with no artificial charge added. These fibers maintain their efficiency for the life of the filter, continuously capturing small particles. Our higher efficiency air filters reduce the potential for contamination by reducing a number of pathogens, mold spores, or other unwanted particles in a given volume of air. A filter's other job is to help maintain consistent airflow throughout a building. Using proven airflow techniques borrowed from the aerospace industry, Camfil air filters are engineered to maintain airflow requirements two to three times longer than competitive filters. The result, your HVAC system faces less resistance and doesn't work as hard to move air through the system, resulting in dramatic energy savings. Imagine new energy savings with no capital expense. One more good news, greater airflow will help pressurize your building and minimize biological contaminants from entering due to negative air pressure. Camfil filters can maintain this high level of performance for at least twice as long as your current filter, perhaps even longer. Increasing the amount of dirt a filter can hold while maintaining rated efficiency and air flow extends the working life of the filter and means fewer change outs. Changing filters less often lower labor expense, reduces or eliminates the need for outside vendors, lessens the risk of industrial accidents, and lowers disposal fees. Fewer filters used annually also means less waste shipped to landfills and demonstrates your company's commitment toward sustainability. At Camfil, we understand the specific challenges facing the food and beverage industry. Camfil air filters guarantee benefits not available from any other manufacturer or supplier. We are able to demonstrate actual savings by evaluating your current HVAC system using our life cycle cost software. It's a program that leverages over 20 years of experience and data analysis. You'll see for yourself how Camfil filters are a critical and intelligent part of your plant's energy plan, total cost savings strategy, and commitment to public health and safety. So, don't become a statistic. Protect your people. Protect your processes. Protect your products. Call your Camfil representative today.
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