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When A Poop Fart Comes Out In Public Places ( Instruction ) What Happens?

Еще от: MensHelpTv
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A poop fart is a bit of poop that comes out of your Anus due to air pressure and deposits some shit in your underpants... this can happen to you or others in a life time, but some poop farts can be a back up of Diarrhea. A poo fart is not recommended when you have the case of Diarrhea in a swimming pool or on a bike ride with the family or at a BBQ when no toilets are available or in running distance. The Cause of poo farts are still being learned by new people daily .. and their is no education tool other than experience of how to deal with it. Diarrhea is one of the top causes people have sick days from work.
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InnocentFormalities (1 год назад)
Thank you for this informative video. Next time I'm in line at Starbucks I'll know what to do: thanks to you my shit posting Aussie brother
Casey Lafreniere (3 года назад)
Um tmi. ...Hythe herbivore you talking about this man get a life
Brainsick Muzik (4 года назад)
Daniel Nascimento (4 года назад)
Oh dude.

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