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NIGHT SKINCARE ROUTINE Anti Aging & Acne Treatment

Еще от: vintageortacky
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Get your first Quip refill free! → http://getquip.com/CoraAlvillar This video is Sponsored by Quip Goodnight bellas! I want to walk you through my typical night routine including how I wrap my hair to keep my curls going, to how I break up my skincare routine so it's not a long slog. I have dry, acne prone skin, so I'll also be sharing my favorite Acne Treatments and moisturizers. I'm also sharing Quip again; since doing the initial unboxing I've paid for the refills myself and both me an my husband really love the system. Thank you to Quip for sponsoring this video, sign up with the link below! Makeup Removal: Coconut Oil http://bit.ly/2Ku704e Cleanser: Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip http://bit.ly/2KvU6Ti Exfoliating: Pixi Glow toner http://bit.ly/2tFVoF0 Botanical/Oil Mist: May Lindstrom Skin Jasmine Garden http://bit.ly/2N7LbsS Retinol Anti wrinkle/Acne treatment: Sunday Riley Luna Oil http://bit.ly/2Kxqd5c Moisturizer: It Cosmetics Secret Sauce http://bit.ly/2N9WVex Lip Balm: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask http://bit.ly/2tFXtRr Hand Cream: Aveda Hand Relief http://bit.ly/2N8ZRIx My original QUIP unboxing https://youtu.be/w5uCTjOYQQY Morning Skincare Routine https://youtu.be/9l_5weBT234 Heatless Waves https://youtu.be/1Q4Dgs5En4I
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