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He Doesn’t Value You? The ONLY Way He’ll Ever Change (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

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Amisha Singla (1 час назад)
I need help.. its my male best friend who treats me badly and he knows i cant leave him.. when i ask him something he did wrong he blocks me and after a month he comes back and expects me to be normal but as usual i cry for a month and do whatever he wants.. what should i do
Catalina Diaz (4 часа назад)
im bawling
Michelle White (14 часов назад)
I just need him to do his job as a man and give me babies. I don’t need to take care and comfort a grown manchild. I want cute babies! I have a successful job, bought a house and car and am fine. My dad came from a different generation and he will be an excellent granddad. Enough of this stupid f*ckboy generation. It’s not one or two, it’s not the ones in the bars or clubs, it’s the gender.
Lily G (1 день назад)
omg you jus got my heart for everything u said is wat i was experiencing
areeba bashir (1 день назад)
my husband is not giving me proper time.i need privacy from his sis n mother they always iritates me.
jameljones418 (2 дня назад)
I just caught my girl ( bitch ) in the car with another man at 12 something PM I’ve been with her for 7 years she did it more than once she showed signs of herself slowly pulls away but made me feel delusional about my choices she manipulated me because she had an advantage of my thirst of her love We can’t trust each other but we love each other I can’t believe her about nothing so I feel like I should leave this person we still text but it’s been 2 days now of me being single 7 years tho that’s a lot of time people .... In the stage of learning my self worth as a man
momozen29 (2 дня назад)
Matthew are you secretly watching me...you just described my situation and my thoughts, thanks for this video
Marie Gotera (2 дня назад)
This made me cry. I feel like i should always understand him for everything he do even it will hurt me. He said he doesnt know how to react if im sad or depressed. So all the time i just carry myself. I love him but i need to love myself more. Its just hard cuz i know i would feel responsible if he comes back crying. I really dont know.
Shai Shai (3 дня назад)
I told her lol she needs to see this i miss me home girl but this was me as well.
Is Mikolo (3 дня назад)
I've seen many of his videos and I really like him, I think he really explains a lot about women and men. Also, since I watch this, I started wondering, do guys watch this type of videos only vice versa, like how to get the girl,what do women want....😊. Maybe Matthew will even answer this. Sometimes it seems only women are willing to work on these things. Men, sadly are not 😯
Sohini Chowdhury (3 дня назад)
God this hurts so bad. Im trying to get out of this relationship ive been in for 3yrs. And everything I heard here is so so true. But it pains so bad I don't know what to do.! Can you please help me?! Can anybody please help me?!.
Destiny Phan (4 дня назад)
Now I feel completely numb. Outside of the people I love. I see people as distrustful, selfish. I’m better on my own. Quick to eject anyone from my life if I feel my love for them is a weakness. For Myself.
Destiny Phan (4 дня назад)
I had my heart ripped out of my chest. Still, I loved him, I reached the pain threshold and I left. It hurt more than any pain I have ever physically felt. My heart hurt. The depression was very REAL, the sadness
Anashi Basu (4 дня назад)
Wow ! this is so true, I need to work on myself first before getting into a relationship the person who I wanted to be with doesn’t value me at all nothing has change between us. I’m not going to stand by my man if he not going to treat me the ways that I want Why do I keep going back and forth is because I really wanted to fall in love with him I thought he needed me someone who would love him for the person he is not the illusion the deepest part of his soul from the light to the dark everyone need the one person who u can show your true self to without fear or rejection
Chanrith Pham (5 дней назад)
Hello @MatthewHussey How to forget someone who doesn't care about us? I have tried everything, deleted my facebook account, IG, else just to not seeing him so I wouldn't miss him but everything contrasted my expectation I even have missed him more than I actually thought of. I don't want to go back to the broken point, I don't to cry again, I don't to feel the hell I used to feel. Please help me.
Bila Boulboul (5 дней назад)
I had a Realtionship with this guy for 2 months and we fought a lot.in the last fight He got angry and asked for a break But he called me after 4 hours he texted me but i didn't answer him because i was angry.than i found my self blocked on Facebook with a msg about him blaming me for ignoring him. I send him sort of a break up text he didn't acknowledge it just kept talking about how He felt when i ignored him. The last msg from him was" all i can say for now that it's ok"🤔 what does this mean?
Banisha Lyngdoh (6 дней назад)
It's everything whats happening in my life ..help please I'm so lost I can't even think of leaving him although I know he wouldn't change
SC Harvey (7 дней назад)
Then there's the narcissist BF...who will use these videos to twist videos like this and tell you how you are THE PROBLEM....it hurts but when you figure out that the BF is a narc...freedom.
deepaks bro (7 дней назад)
@matthew I agree with few point but improving for someone will b better n moving out of relation(not in all circumstances) I don't think is the right way while solving issue is better way...please make a video on improving for someone we love
razna samad (7 дней назад)
What allows me is that I have two children I stay with him because of them otherwise I would of just up and left but I have to deal with this for the rest of my life
Julie B (7 дней назад)
I don't even know why I'm watching this, I'm in a very happy long term relationship, but when he said the part about "how would your dream guy treat you vs. how does your current guy treat you" it really resonated with me, because I cannot imagine anyone being more loving or cherishing me more than my current boyfriend, he lets me know how much I mean to him with his words and actions, every single day, and I couldn't be any luckier to have him in my life.
Jeanette Kniebusch (8 дней назад)
When your a housewife for 30 years w kids and you both avtually meant the vows and dont believe in divorce you threaten to leave is a much bigger thing in a marriage and when you don't have a career.
Jeanette Kniebusch (8 дней назад)
What do you do in a marriage
Wairimu Joanne (9 дней назад)
Yeah Pushing the BOUNDARIES✔
Abbi Britton (10 дней назад)
😭😭😭😭 I need actual help.. this has hit me insanely hard
sayaka espiritu (10 дней назад)
Ashton Marie (11 дней назад)
Good advice, buuuut I think the best way to break this cycle is to go to therapy and address your low self worth, and work through that with the help of a counselor. NOT overpaying for a retreat with this guy who will give you tools that you’ll eventually stop using because your low self esteem gets the best of you
Ina Dahir (11 дней назад)
Leaving is too Scary that is true
anushree satak (11 дней назад)
Thanks you made me realise that I am not loving myself. That is the reason that guy is not valuing me. He is treating me like a trash. I will take corrective actions from now and first action is to discard this guy from my precious life.
jerrica quimson (12 дней назад)
Thank you
H9 Marley (12 дней назад)
lesson learned -dont make excuses for men.
Munmun Das (12 дней назад)
Great advice :)
Nisea mulls (14 дней назад)
Matthew is dead on point.Self worth/love/esteem is Everything! Without these we become door mats and make no mistake people will sense it and take advantage of that!
Bianca Alexe (14 дней назад)
I need help. I feel I can’t take it anymore
christina davies (14 дней назад)
Wow & omg..All what he said has hit home.. Thank you Matt for waking me up..
Lisa Alaina G. (16 дней назад)
Greatttt Wisdom★★★★
Aki Jaboni (16 дней назад)
im crying while watching this video. 😢😣
Anduena Uka (17 дней назад)
why is it that British people are amazing at communicating human emotions with the world..ex russel bank, jay shetty, and now you..the message is communicated so kindly and in a loving way
Minnie Bear (17 дней назад)
I needed this, perfect timing
Lydia Nurse (17 дней назад)
Thank you♡
Rope Horses (17 дней назад)
Thank you Mathew for your intelligence and time helping us Ladies. Just the fact that I feel like you are addressing my particular situation and thoughts is so helpful, and you definitely know what your talking about. Thanks for being you, doing what you do, and for sharing it with us;)
Tahnya Dorsey (18 дней назад)
Screw men... Another child to deal with...
Tahnya Dorsey (18 дней назад)
I've got my fingers and I can develop a split personality to keep myself company. I'd rather be in a straight jacket with a padded room than be chained to a narcissistic asshole watching mgtow to support his belief that women are Satan and men are victims of women's selfishness
Tippawan P. (18 дней назад)
I really want to hear about Abusive relationship.What it really looks like cause I am confused.
Danni Fever (20 дней назад)
I've gotten to the point of being unhealthy and I believe I'm ugly, nasty and lazy . He always makes me feel like I'm never good enough... I'm scared to leave because of our son, but they always say our happiness matters...
Shonette Clarke (20 дней назад)
Im in tears at the moment bc the guy that started this relationship wit me, my first serious relationship our first child here, after 3 years, he went away to work nd suddenly we became strangers, i miss his soo much still love him too. Having a meld down nd i hve our 9 month baby here that looks just like him. I cant do this anymore.
Dw R (20 дней назад)
Can you do a video for people who have been mainly only abused ignored by so many people where you just list what traits of a healthy person is? Bc I want a healthy relationship and friendships and am starting from scratch left family almost everyone I know in my past and don't want to make same mistakes and be abused again. But abuse is normal. Can you show normal healthy things like what does respect actually tangibly look like? Please
Blessed Christabel (20 дней назад)
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Ifat Weisberger (20 дней назад)
OMG this is the most eye opening video I ever saw I'm sook!!! LOVE THIS VIDEO
Dannie Bug (22 дня назад)
Hannah Chawang (22 дня назад)
Wow. I wish I could keep you in my pocket. To keep encouraging me all day all the time.
W Ghost (22 дня назад)
Exactly a woman who won't accept being constantly REJECTED by a man has no value and no dignity at all :D
World Citizen (23 дня назад)
Same advice for men!? Disrespectful, rude, and demeaning partner continues to perpetuate the same behavior again and again’ The will give birth in 48 days. The only reason I’m staying around... But it’s tooo much and has been even before the pregnancy’. I’ve been very verbal about needing to be respected, but it just keeps happening’. I guess I just have to stay away much longer...
Edytka Nawrocka (23 дня назад)
so true
Hurya Bella (23 дня назад)
My conclusion after last experienced ,never tolerate bad attitudes or low attitude who not match your standart no matter how curiosity you have , keep self priority first , Its ok to loose someone who have potential damaging cos it will getting worse not opposite.(sorry my english not good i am Indonesian).
Hurya Bella (23 дня назад)
This so match with my condition right now.I agree ...Character is character if he behave like that since beginning than there's nothing to do to change him unless he really in love. I've learn about this by experience. I never tolerate bad attitude with anyone since beginning but with last guy i accept cos curiosity ( we meet in very unussual way maybe 1 in million coincidence) , but in time it useless as i said nothing change n it damaging our self , now i decide to let go and go back to my trully self who not accept low attitudes.
YY Voice (23 дня назад)
I need an advice! When i like spmebpdy but he's not even looking at me, he's talks to other girls but don't look at me! So what should i do to start a conversation? Please tell please make a videp on it i seriously need this. Thankyouuu❤.
vanilla essence (24 дня назад)
1:56 or we might say i cant leave coz they have the money
kimberly (24 дня назад)
This made me cry. Everything you described is my current situation. You're so right about acting out on your gut feeling. What a wake up call.
Anthony Steen (24 дня назад)
I beg of you ladies, do not listen to a guy on how to have a healthy relationship with a man. I know it feels right. He must know the secret, he's a guy after all. Find a few females who are happy with their relationship with men and find out how the dynamic works. Take what you like, try it, and keep what works for you. Asking a dog how to catch a dog isn't the way, you ask the successful dog catcher. I think you'll be surprised what girls have in common in happy relationships.
Isabella seijs (24 дня назад)
Brittaine Lyles (24 дня назад)
I know this video if old but this is on point.
Sandra Pierce (24 дня назад)
"particular mental gymnastics " haha .
Jo Ly (24 дня назад)
Sadmoon cuba (25 дней назад)
I feel so bad,I cry so much because this is very similar of what iam going through. 😢😢😢😢😢😢
Francine Anyah (25 дней назад)
first eleven seconds of the video and i was alread like “gosh ure right”
Alys Wines (25 дней назад)
This video was right on time for me, a guy I’ve been talking too, wanting to change everything about me, wanted me to loose more weight, wanted me to pierce my tongue, wanted me to get a tattoo of his name
Trinna Fabricante (26 дней назад)
This is very relatable for me. Why haven't I listened to this years ago? This could be a very huge help. But the past is in the past. I'm glad it's still not too late for me to hear your words. Thank you so much!
Jacquelina Ponce (27 дней назад)
Thank you
Sharon Girl (27 дней назад)
He didn't value me and I've told him so many times.  We were in a relationship for 8 years.  I've reached my pain threshold and I asked him to leave.  I feel so much better.  I've opened the door to allow the man that I deserve to come into my life.
Osloco (27 дней назад)
Great video, Matthew! However, I also think that the abusive guys should take responsebility for their actions. But they never do, so they/we blame everything on the victim. I hope that all abusive men end up alone, now that women are becoming more empowered 😄
Rachel Karr (27 дней назад)
Yes yes yes! But unfortunately most people won't truly hear this when they don't want to believe it. And then they'll listen after alot more time and heartache thinking I should've listened then. Listen up now save yourself some time you can't ever get back and love yourself more than you are right now. That's why there's videos and so many commenting Yes, right on. Because it's the truth.
Benita asha Gopaul (28 дней назад)
I've been with my fiancé for almost 3 years. All was so good ,I got pregnant and after 3 months pregnancy he left me for another woman at work. Now that he moved on ,I wanted to move on me too but it was too difficult for me . The heart ache is till there. But when I watched your videos it helps me a lot.... I hope that one day I'll stop feeling that heart ache.
Sharma Neha (22 дня назад)
Benita asha Gopaul I’m sorry to hear that! Are you keeping the baby? He has to support you Financially by law right?!
Benita asha Gopaul (26 дней назад)
+Sharma Neha we planned to get married this year. I was working on ship. He asks me to break my contract onboard reason he cannot stay anymore. When I get here in my country unexpectedly I got pregnant. He says that great he was happy to be father, then after 3 months I started to see his behaviour changing... he started to see another woman at work. When I caught him. He was so ashamed that he left home pretending to be back so as to clear up his mind. Dear it was so shocking for me about him it was not the person I used to know. He was really in love with that girl that he left me and my bump.
Sharma Neha (26 дней назад)
Benita asha Gopaul this is an eye opener for me! I was hoping to “accidentally” get pregnant by this guy which I was seeing for 3 years thinking that we would get married before that happened luckily I got a wake up call else your same situation would have happened. Men don’t care if you’re pregnant or not and will do what they want. How did he react when you told him you’re pregnant??
Bryan Jordan (28 дней назад)
My problem was I just wanted a little more from him and even now if he showed up at my door with flowers that would be enough for me. Something like that to prove he cared.
Runa Jasmine (29 дней назад)
I love you man ! Every man must be like you.. .. Every word you spoke is so damn true :) Holding on hurts more then letting go.. so just let them go !
Nurul Istiqomah (3 дня назад)
I've been trying to make up my mind and leave but I'm just too attached to him. We've been together for 2.5 years and it's so hard for me to leave although he shows no intention to treat me nicely. We lack of communication (he doesn't really want to face a problem as a team and tend to leave it as it is, pretending the problem never even exists), he has a big ego that frustrates me every single time because he won't apologize for the things he did wrong, he breaks promises, and so on. I don't know, I just sometimes feel like maybe I did something wrong you know. I don't really know what to do, whether to stay or not. I really want us to work, but it's getting hard...
Jae L (3 часа назад)
I just went through almost the exact same situation as you. So I would suggest get out and leave this immature man. Yes, it might be hurtful and you will feel damm lost. But as time passes where you could start to look at the whole relationship as a 3rd person perspective, you will feel this is one of the greatest choice you have ever make for yourself. Fighting!
Dreamerra (8 дней назад)
Hes not man enough or grown enough.
MsMilano (9 дней назад)
Nurul Istiqomah It will probably never change. I went through the same things with the same guy over and over for three and half years, and everytime I made excuses for him ....that he was a great guy in general so it was my fault/he'd had a tough childhood/ I was I bitch when we met so I deserved it/I was being over dramatic by being upset about the things he did/ He's too sweet to stay mad at ....I tried to walk away so many times, but everytime, I gave in, and everytime we ended up back in the same place. Even I didn't recognise myself, the "old" me would have walked away from that at the start, even my friends said that, and I could see them Judging me for not being stronger with him, but I adored him. I'd never met a guy like him. I used to think he'd changed me for the better, I thought he'd made me fairer, or "softer" in a good way, but as time went on, I could feel my self confidence disappearing more and more. I was always doubting myself and always on eggshells with him ....so when he messed up this time, I was almost relived, because I could walk away knowing that I'd tried my hardest, and given him so many chances. The thing about guys ( or people in general) like that is, they will always come after you, and you want to believe it's because they miss you, or they that they want you in their life so much, they won't do it again, but that's not why they make the effort. When you leave, you take away the control they have over the situation, and they simply want it back , and once they have it back, everything goes back to how it always was. For as long as they can get away with hurting you, they will keep doing it. You have to walk away for your own sanity, and to sort your own head out . You lose so much of yourself in this situation, that you've got to find a way to get that back. You can't have a stable, equal relationship without that anyway. Don't go back to him the minute he comes running after you. He'll expect you to, because that's the way it's always been. If he values you, if he genuinely doesn't want to lose you, he will prove it over time. That doesn't mean that if, over time, you decide you're better off out of there, you owe it to him to try again - you don't. He's already exhausted his line of credit with you. If it's all worth it, he'll show you. If it's not, he'll blame you and move on to someone else ( p.s, not wanting him to move is not a reason to stay. He doesn't want you to move on either, but that doesn't necessarily mean he values you. It means you're convenient, and an ego boost for him) If you don't demand respect, he won't give you any, whatever happens from here on out. If he doesn't respect you, he doesn't deserve you. Some people don't respect anyone, but that's not your problem. ....at the same time, you can't expect anyone to respect you if you don't respect yourself.
Tid Dpx (11 дней назад)
Go girl. You are wonderful inside and you need people around who see that and respect that. Think about your family, how they love you, set yourself free to find someone who will one day be your family okay :)
Bayak Chacha (30 дней назад)
I think l need this thanks
Nicola Milan (30 дней назад)
Perfect video for me right now.
Nita Natura (30 дней назад)
Right now I am in a confusion that my crush and i decided to explore rather than being in a relationship,so can somebody help me to figure out whether there is any hope for future relationship or is it better not to be in🤔
Anu Samuel (30 дней назад)
I'm married to a person who started treating me bad after 8years . We have 4 kids and my youngest one is 1 month old. I dont have no job as i was full time mum. No money, no saving and my husband does not give any money. He says it's his hard earned money he can't give anyone. Please sujjest me what I should do.
Isecha White (30 дней назад)
Wow this very good sir Matthew hussey
Sweksha Satyarthi (30 дней назад)
He didn't came on our date today..im in tears guy plzz help me...
Komal Gill (24 дня назад)
he's not worth it girl, you deserve way better
IheartMariah (1 месяц назад)
Omg I love that couch ❤️
IheartMariah (1 месяц назад)
Thank god for u👏🏽❤️
Jiehan Diagao (1 месяц назад)
Thank you while watching this I was crying because I was realizing that I am losing my self worth for some guy that I really don't like how he treats me now.
Victoria Paul (1 месяц назад)
I am in a on and off relationship for 10years. Thanks for this video.
hotienshiah wanjiku (1 месяц назад)
For two years now my boyfriend came to my house he has been treating me badly beating me up this video came the right time and I asked him to leave after a very bad fight last month I can't wait Reason of disrespecting me it's Coz I don't work he want me to just sit and no friends no phone calls a silly mistake am slapped am looking for a job now and things will be ok. Ave wasted my 2 years.
S0nder Th0ughts (1 месяц назад)
I tell him how i feel. How i feel shitty when he just disappears for hours in the middle of us spending time together. I tell him how disrespectful it is to me when I tell him how I am feeling.. and he freaks out and then when Im so tired i just cant even speak. I dont wanna look at him and he does it equally as bad back to me because he loves giving me a taste of my own medicine. I know I deserve more. And I know he is capable of more. He is choosing to not treat me better. Today Ive been crying for hours because I cant handle it anymore. The only person that I care about hearing me out is in capable of listening. The second he hears me tell him that I fell bad because of something he says or did.. He instantly turns into my fault. And then because he cant handle listening to me cry he tells me Sorry. SOrry for the shit he just got finished telling me that I was at fault for. The most insincere disrespectful apology. And I told him that. And he said to me.. well thats what most of my aplogies are like. Apologising for shit that I didnt do. He makes me feel like im insane. When I am the one crying for feeling alone. Today when he saw me sobbing. he told me that I am acting Young. This is the problem. He is afraid of feelings. He cares more about putting on a show for his friends and our roomates then he does about dealing with our relationship problems. What is even worse is that I am stuck here. I cant afford to move out. And I dont have friends that can take me in. My work is 30 min from my house and I cant even move to that town because it is about 1200 for a studio apartment. 700 to move into a basement. Money that I dont have after bills every month. Im forced to suck all of this shit up and keep trucking on. He lies and lies and lies about stupid shit. And this guy is right. If this was happening to any other girl i knew.. I used to say i would tell her to get the fuck out and if she doesnt she is being stupid. but now i see why it is not so easy. Why it is a moral dilema within myself, to sit here and let him lie to me, treat me like i am stupid, never give a genuine sorry unless i catch him cold in a lie. And even then he isnt sorry that he hurt me. He is only sorry that he got caught and feels stupid. He used to be the one that cried all the time because our situation was tough. Money was tight. He was a mess when we started dating. lost his car. his job was shit. He got up every morning at six am and walked to the train station in the freezing cold 3 miles away. And then walked to work from the train stop another 2 miles. every day he did this. I didnt have a job at the time. No where would hire me because of my record.. and this guy took care of me. We lived off twenty dollars a week. One carton of eggs. a gallon of milk and tuna cans. for almost a year. Every single night he would come home and he would cry. And I held him and I let him cry on my shoulder. I stroked his fucking head and told him everything was going to be okay. We are going to make it, what doesnt kill us makes us stronger. And then that shit stopped. You cannot imagine how horrible it felt to me to feel like a burden. And how grateful i was that he shared his whole life with me during a time that he was barely living. We made it until we started fighting. And the first time he became violent started a whole fucking string of hell. He used to be sweet. And I cannot help but wonder if it was me who ruined it. The feeling that he HAS to take care of me because he thinks i cannot take care of myself. I think this is why he became cold and distant. Why at any given moment he takes all of my stuff and throws it out of our room. Locks the door. The room that I am paying for. The house that I am on the lease for. When he is angry he takes everything away from me. Just to show me that he can. All the sudden things he has given me become his. The room is called HIS. Insignificant objects are his. Now days when I tell him how I feel He shushs me. Because at any volume in which I am talking about my feelings.. is unacceptable unless it is whispered. His fear of people hearing us fight.. Is souly to keep up his image to everyone else that he is a nice guy. And he is. like 70% of the time. But i feel like something is broken inside of his head. There is some wall that comes up when he is notified of something being his fault. He becomes bitter, twisted, cold, he gaslights me, He has so many narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies I could probably settle on the fact that he is one.. if it had not been for all of those times that I saw him have REAL emotions. Feel really hurt by anything. Cry Even. He doesnt cry anymore. I feel like he is unconsciously distancing himself from me. He cant be doing it on purpose. He couldnt pay for the place we live if I wasnt paying. It is not in his favor to kick me out right now. Which is why i cannot figure out what the fuck he is doing. He is inconsiderate now. He used to by me flowers all the time. When he had barely any money. And now that he makes twice that salary, he just doesnt care about the little things. I told him when we started this.. and every single time we fight it is the same shit that comes out of my mouth. It is important to me that he listens to how I am feeling I need him to put himself in my shoes and see from my point of view. He says that is what he does. Yet, If he did.. after I give him a damn good explanation of exactly why and what i am feeling.. He still yells. Or walks out. or Says sorry and does the same fucking thing the next day. Does his memory not work? Or is he seriously trying to push me over the edge? Does he even know what he is doing? What the fuck. It is not so cut and dry as this guy talks about our self worth. I know that I am worth more. I purposefully give my self excuses to feel better about having to stay here. Not because I have low self worth. But because right now I have no other options. Yes I love him to death. And I would LOVE to see the old him come back. but i dont count on that anymore. I feel like I sleep next to a friend in my bed. A fuck buddy. The kind of guys that you just sleep with sometimes. The only difference is that He tells me everyday that he loves me. He loves me so much. But I want to know what the fuck that even means. Ive been with a REAL sociopath, and it wasnt even as destructive as this relationship has been. The Sociopath didnt even care to lie to me about anything. My guy now lies about everything. big and small. Its a habit. One that ive told myself i can break him out of by calling him out on his shit. Make him realize that I am not stupid. But I know he has a problem with it. And YES i am empathetic towards him. He has OCD disorder, he gets really frustrated and really angry at very small things. Like someone driving the speed limit in front of him. He is the master of road rage. Something that once put my LIFE in danger. And he told me it was my fault. There are things I am empathetic towards with him.. and there is stuff I will never be able to empathize with. No relationship is perfect. It is truely a battle to fight for what we want. And I dont want him to feel like everyone walks out on him. Because everyone has. I am the only person he has to blame for his issues. Because I listen and I dont leave when He gets angry. But I have to ask myself. Will it get easier or harder. I want to leave sometimes when he gets really bad and violent , to prove a point. and I have.. but only for an overnight. He doesnt give a fuck or shit. He doesnt ask me to come back. He doesnt tell me sorry. i come home and sleep on the couch.. He waits days and days. and then when I finally ask him if he is ready to talk and he says hes been ready..and that I am the one giving him the silent treatment. Where is the remorse he used to have? What the fuck happened? Is it truely something I did? IS there some other mental disorder that he is harboring? I am so morbidly confused about all of this. I want to fucking hate his guts. but i cant. I want to break all of his shit but i cant do that either. Nor can I move out. So Where is the help Your significant other become a better person course? Because that is what i need. At least to make shit easier until i have enough to get out of here.
Lizzypoo (1 месяц назад)
Thank you so much for this ❤️
Khaledカレド (1 месяц назад)
My friend needs to see this, her bf isn’t treating her the way she deserves to be treated, and there’s this confusion about her relationship, once she’s with him and other times she says its over, this video explains her situation so well, thing is, I can’t be the one sending her this video because I don’t want to make her mad at me or lose her trust or respect to me, I hope somehow, someway this video reaches to her......
Rana Ahmed (1 месяц назад)
6 years in. now pregnant. ..... and all I can say is that Sadness, anger and confusion are what dominate this relationship.
Mar B. (1 месяц назад)
Thank you! Matthew! This encourage me a lot. I just know that if the guy doesn't even care to lose you, then leave him and focus on how high value you really are.
Shivangi Sahu (1 месяц назад)
I really like this guy actually we both like each other, but yesterday he cut me off saying that "I deserve better than him" and he wouldn't be able to take care of me the way I deserve. I am not able to digest this because I was really nice to him and all I did was gave him space, supported him. How can someone let go off people who are nice to you? I am really upset and feel bad for myself, maybe if I was not nice to him, he wouldn't have done this.
christin randolph (1 месяц назад)
need more video like this matt
Khan Sidra (1 месяц назад)
U r so adorable If u can speak this I can assume how gentle as a man u must b
Las Palmas (1 месяц назад)
You're absolutely right!! I left my partner more than a year ago,we have a son and i really took my intuition seriously when i felt that he was being disrespectful to me and I didn't feel that he's still valuing me. The relationship doesn't serve us good anymore. And now, I didn't regret what I did, I become more loving to my son, I focused on making myself to become a much more better person, living a peaceful life with my beloved family and I'm just grateful for all these blessings and realizations in life. We just have to trust God and He answers by showing us the truth through our intuitions and by what we see exactly. We just have to make actions to avoid repetitive scenarios and be able to uplift our value as a human being.👍❤
Siddra Khan (1 месяц назад)
Gud but bro when bad person see they also try to this then what we do
Swetha Kirti (1 месяц назад)
Sir plz can u tell me we being Indians we give value fr relations nd im having two girls with me wat should I do now he is very abusive
sayantani sarkar (1 месяц назад)
This video has exact information what i wanted all this time
Amber Sierra (1 месяц назад)
this video really spoke to me 😩
alia kassim (1 месяц назад)
a couple of days ago I've met a guy that u thought was different from the other guys I've been with but tbh he's treated me so nice intill yesterday I went over we had fun together then all of the sudden he told me to leave his house and after that I just felt like I did something wrong and I asked him and he said no it's not my fault but I don't get why I was in tears all day long and I couldn't control my self from Crying and he stopped messaging me so I messaged him if today to ask him if we were still together and he said no we ain't together anymore but he doesn't didn't say why but I knew something bad was gonna happen coz I already had a scary feeling of him leaving me and today was the day and I just feel like I'm not good enough

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