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Mgtows Stay away from Bars and Clubs!!

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advice for MGTOWS and all guys!
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Mish Swb (2 года назад)
work on your health bro
Bradley Juby (2 года назад)
I'm glad I never got into that bullshit. Just a bunch of desperate jerkdicks trying to take advantage of desperate ratchet women who really aren't worth shit.
METALBUG999 (3 года назад)
I disagree about you only wanting to do it once and quit.  do you do online dating?
Carrie Hockman (3 года назад)
Man...what are you doing in college town bars anyway? Of course you're not going to find anybody, mostly those ladies are looking for jocks anyway. More than likely, around their age. Plus most of the dudes in the bar are college guys as well. The average guy has little to no chance. You need to broaden your social spectrum.  Follow your own advice in this video, grant you a lot of guys out there want the young, pretty, smoking hot girl. But getting one doesn't always happen, especially if you don't have the qualities as mentioned above.  You are barking up the wrong tree with these college types, easy on eyes??? sure...but they definitely aren't the serious relationship type. It's their college years, they are partying it up not giving a shit. Marriage?? BAH! Agreed, marriage isn't gonna be in the cards, whether it be some macho dude or whoever...they are just out for a fun time in their youth.  Have you ever tried dating sites? Like Plenty of Fish? You can make a whole profile about yourself, likes and dislikes, and women will contact you if they are interested.  I think you're horribly wrong about women having it so good, growing up I was a very obese teenager/young adult.  Guys wanted zero to do with me because of my weight, guys my age wanted the cheerleader type, bimbos.  So yeah, I know rejection, I know hurt and feeling like a big ugly, disgusting creature because nobody wants you because of your appearance. Also, women can be horn dogs just as well, wanting nothing but cock then blowing off the guy when he wants to take things further. So women can be just as cruel. I think you really need to seek other ways to meet people, not just women but a good group of people to hang with. If you have friends now, plan to go somewhere...like out of your area.  That way you can mingle with human population that isn't a bar scene.
moviemakerwannabe (3 года назад)
female person here.

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