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Men Who Fear A Woman's Vagina?

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I have met men over the years and some have developed a fear of a woman's Vagina that the only sexual experience they have had is as a homosexual, due to attraction or situations that happen with uncle peter behind the wood shed. Vagina fears can be common for some men who have developed a poor mental image of women in general or poor sexual education.
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ghostmode Splinter Cell (9 месяцев назад)
Vagina is scary
Mellyssa Bramble (3 года назад)
Hi there, Would you kindly give me some advice on a issue that I have with my former sex partner. He can caresses my upper half and he loves my breasts and bum. But he doesnt even look at my vagina, nor does he put his hand down there, what do I do? No vagina acknowledgment apart from feeling it on his penis.
MensHelpTv (3 года назад)
+Honei B I done a video once about partners and body grooming where even that you are sexual, you both take time out and look at each others genitals and look for bumps and feel for sores and lumps. Some men sexually just do not want to be tied up with the feeling or the beauty other than the sex act, some with married and single people.With out feeing you have the drive to mate, and once it is over no feeing, but some are breast and butt just by the shape this is his feelings.Not liking or looking at you Vagina is not always a big deal, watch porno that focused on genitals, but your prime goal is to make him feel wonderful about you, by doing the things he likes.

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