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Been Married And Forgot How Long...Re-Mix Comedian markarmstrong.com MensHelpTv

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This is about Mark Armstrong who is a funny man in comedy who can tell one liner jokes and keep the story intact... The video is about make and his wife and the storys they go through let me know if you like this... You can but this by visiting markarmstrong.com Comedy Police Promotion remix by MensHelpTv Permission from the owner Mark Armstrong was granted in person at comedy club Hoover, Alabama. Any disputes bring it up with Mark Armstrong not me, I asked if I can use on youtube he said yes.
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Reign Of Games (1 год назад)
it probably got tooken off youtube. its been a long time sense i hurd it.
MensHelpTv (1 год назад)
Their is higher powers who control the media. MensHelpTv
Reign Of Games (1 год назад)
i am looking for the joke where he is talking like satan. i cant find it.
Dongle Keyfob (1 год назад)
get the Bob and Tom dvd with him on it...it's on there
MensHelpTv (1 год назад)
This is a re-mix this means I have blanked out some of the other content. I could do Satan but all the copy right laws I had to go through to keep this, was C.R.A>P. Even that Mike Said I could post this on line years ago, the CD publishers wrote another clause, you cant use the content even if the Author says yes we own the CD we say NO... so I had to settle of what I have as pure entertainment and copy write. Sorry About Satan, I guess you can buy the CD like I did from Mike. MensHelpTv
Ame Ram (2 года назад)
i love his cop stories
MensHelpTv (2 года назад)
I enjoy them also.MensHelpTv
Luke Frohling (4 года назад)
Mike Armstrong is so funny!!
zod65 (4 года назад)
Man.................He is so funny.

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