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Stan Rodgers (5 месяцев назад)
Nice that he got his channel back.
Jimmy Jam (9 месяцев назад)
Colin calls it like it is and the Jew Marxists (aka, SPLC) can't stand it.
M14 SMK (9 месяцев назад)
Thank You FamilyMan. I’m a HUGE C.F. fan.YouTube is Pro-Black,& anti-American values.
Baby Hominid (10 месяцев назад)
Check out Richard Gladden channel. Very good reporting of the truth about crime.
Janet J (10 месяцев назад)
Ty, for telling the truth.
The Real Hawkeye II (10 месяцев назад)
My dad remembers when they first integrated his high school back in 1950s NYC. He said before that, everything was nicely maintained, clean, and peaceful. After that, it was constant graffiti, broken windows, littering, and violence. The change happened overnight, he said.
Wayne Randleman (10 месяцев назад)
Colin is not a racist. He is a great man for telling the truth, which blacks ,whites, democrats and just people who don't like truth don't like. Most people can't handle the truth. Suck it up if you are one of those people.
Ls Lx (11 месяцев назад)
Colin DID mk the black kiddos angry.. And that Naturally created some beef and them gud boyz isnt diggn that stuff..
Bubble Snots (11 месяцев назад)
Song for Colin. By Chumbawamba I get knocked down But I get up again You're never gonna keep me down I get knocked down But I get up again You're never gonna keep me down.. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC43kkGj-2vb28l6cRSjEYA
E F (11 месяцев назад)
Colin is the man......The TRUTH. HURTS...........sorry.....!!!!
s. stoll (1 год назад)
YouTube can't handle the truth!!!!!!
Bill j (1 год назад)
Well, here it is 2018 and they shut Colin down again. Recently there was a bakery (privately owned) in Oregon that was successfully sued and ordered to bake for homosexual wedding couples. The bakery claimed it was against their views to cater to gays, but they were fined and ordered to go against their own wishes. So, if that's the law of the land, then why can't YouTube be sued for refusing to allow Colin to be one of their 'customers?" It seems to me to be a rightful comparison between YouTube and the bake shop. Why doesn't the ACLU come forward and defend Colin's right to make his speech? I hope something is done soon to get Colin's channel back up, because I think that it's very important that whites, Asians, Latinos, Indians and other blacks learn that they are under attack from blacks in this country (and around the globe.) I'll support an effort to get Colin back on, any way I can.
50 rnd (1 год назад)
Colin exposed hidden news.Shut down for telling the truth.Can't wait to find him!
Bubble Snots (11 месяцев назад)
The Nativist (1 год назад)
Good stuff...I love Flaherty ...You got a link to his channel?...because the one I was subbed to is still down..
BCFreedomFighter (1 год назад)
Where's the channel???????
unrealone1 (1 год назад)
Well it's back down again?
caper Kevin (1 год назад)
YOUTUBE just shut COLIN'S channel today JAN 6 2018 ...THANK'S for the video,,,I'M in HALIFAX NOVA SCOTIA and I LOVE WATCHING COLIN'S video's...MEDIA hides the TRUTH it's the same everywhere.!!!
Bubble Snots (11 месяцев назад)
The mirror is still alive with daily updates from Colin https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC43kkGj-2vb28l6cRSjEYA Also, Colin is posting daily on minds.com
Sol (1 год назад)
Birghminhim Alabama , reminds of Martin Luther King Jr. I read his biography.
dianalee84 (1 год назад)
Colin Flaherty is my hero! I'd Never have known how widespread black on white crime was in our country if not for him. I grewup in NYC and thought it was only an urban/large city problem. Wake-up White America!
Corduroy66 (1 год назад)
You may thank Colin Flaherty today. Wait until the earthquakes, floods, mudslides, storms get worse and worse. They will destroy many homes and lives.  We reap what we sow.  I warned of the floods a year ago.  They will get worse and will be in the areas mostly abided by whites.  Their hatred is bringing the wrath of God.  If his videos continue there will be devastation worse than ever known in this country. Vengeance is mine says the Lord.
ricky ticky (2 года назад)
Daniel Dougherty (2 года назад)
how can you guys live your life looking on YouTube everyday to see what black people are doing??? Doesn't Make a whole lot if sense. I don't know why racist whites are obsessed with black people??!?!
Jimmy King (2 года назад)
Well done familyman20.
KERMIT THE FROG (2 года назад)
sir you're a douche bag ...what is your IQ????
Dream Warrior12 (2 года назад)
Colin reported the truth of black mob violence. Telling the truth is against YT policy. Support his patreon.
2eelShmeal (2 года назад)
I don't see his channnel. The Colin Flaherty YouTube Channel is his backup.
2eelShmeal (2 года назад)
Good video... from your northeastern brother...
Elijah arvinger (2 года назад)
Colin Flaherty does nothing but promote racial discord between blacks and whites .
Dream Warrior12 (2 года назад)
Black mob violence.
R420Forester (2 года назад)
check out stefan molyneux .he has alot of great content on his channel similar to colin!
Jack Smith (2 года назад)
His channel is just changed to COLIN Flaheritys you tube channel. He's going strong as ever.
Shrimp Zoo (2 года назад)
Colin flattery is a known racist, he has a strong following among neo nazis on storefront. he was banned for being a known racist. The southern poverty law center has deemed his published works racist. https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2014/12/04/american-thinker-sinks-bottom-racist-barrel
M14 SMK (9 месяцев назад)
SPLC is one of the most RACIST organizations on the planet!
M14 SMK (9 месяцев назад)
Shrimp Zoo Don’t even go there. He shows and tells the truth,& you Animals don’t like your actions being shared world-wide.Stop acting like animals and he won’t have any videos to show,& the POLICE won’t shoot your BLACK Animalistic Asses!!!Funny how that works. Don’t Fuck up and you won’t be chased by the POLICE!!!
Erictom David Fries (11 месяцев назад)
Nonsense, he is an anti-collectivists, non-tribalist TRUTH reporter. Do the cameras have bias, do they lie? Blacks have a problem with crime and the glorification of crime, it's their pop culture and music. Blacks are racist, full of hate, quick to violence, with low impulse control and IQ. There are outliers but generally that demographic is fucked.
The Nativist (1 год назад)
@ Shrimp Zoo - YOU are racist....against white males...go kill yourself.
David Williams (1 год назад)
Shrimp Zoo If Colin Flaherty is racist for showing actual news reports of black violence from all across America, then so is every liberal news outlet that reports on them. How can you be racist for showing black crime and anti social behaviour. If they didn't commit crime way out of proprtion to their numbers in society, then there would be nothing to report about them just like there is nothing to report about Japanese or Asians because they have adapted to America and are decent hard working citizens, unlike blacks. Finally I've been watching his channel for over a year and never heard him make one racist comment about blacks.
HorseFuzzy (2 года назад)
"We knew better." Yes, we knew better. We have always known better, but have been shamed into silence by white guilt. Colin gave us a voice. And the tools to share the truth. Youtube didn't just take down his videos, they disappeared all of the conversations in the comment sections as well. They didn't just try to silence Colin, they are trying to silence all of us. Think about that.
DoctorRobertNeville (2 года назад)
Screw tube doesn't like the truth to be told.
splibb (2 года назад)
Thanks for posting this family man, you are a good person.
Random Ness (2 года назад)
I was wondering why I wasn't getting any notifications from Colin so now I find out they shut him down, that pisses me off because I'm constantly seeing jmiller and the advise show are still up and their past few shows are about so called racist whites.. I'm sick of this we all know what it's about
Brandon Edge (2 года назад)
+Elijah arvinger You missed the point!
Brandon Edge (2 года назад)
+All in Martinez Yeah! that's all white's have contributed to the world! Never mind the middle east perfected slavery and still practices it today. Every rich Arab boy gets a black slave as a gift.
Random Ness (2 года назад)
Brandon edge what white history are you referring to the white history of slavery ?
Elijah arvinger (2 года назад)
+Brandon Edge whites don't need a white history month every month besides February is white history month every channel beside B.E.T is white . we can't have one month out of the year? one channel out of hundreds?
Brandon Edge (2 года назад)
Just like whites can't have anything like a month ,AANCP ,BET or many of the other black only entities. Colin did not lie. He stated the truth and that's what hurts. The fact's are a literal trigger. hypocrisy in it's purest example.
Brian Smaller (2 года назад)
Every news clip that Flaherty shows has aired on local and national TV stations in the States. He made no provocative videos of his own - he just does opinion pieces on them and asks reporters to actually do their job. Youtube is...Down with the Cause.
Kenneth Watson (2 года назад)
Plenty of it also comes from Worldstar Hip Hop and other public sources. That is the most violent and it does not make it to the news.
Zagg777 (2 года назад)
It'll never happen. Eventually, they'll ban him permanently. Corporate vermin such as Google won't tolerate truth telling. Sooner or later, truth tellers are going to have to find media of their own to tell the truth.
Cindy Antiquey (2 года назад)
Colin Flaherty is an American hero. He has taken on the lonely task of documenting black criminality. He shows videos of blacks brutally assaulting whites and Asians. He simply tells the truth, and this kind of truth goes against YouTube's politics.
Theresa Ganainm (1 год назад)
Elijah arvinger I would so appreciate it if you started a channel showing the tsunami of white on white crime that is out of proportion for their percentage of the population. For example, the latest fbi stats which show that black males 16-29 are .75 percent of the US Population yet are responsible for 20% of murders and how those same persecuted young men are more likely to get murdered than live if they are in a ghetto... the fbi must not understand that it’s because of white people making them do it. I know you can find videos and reports of white folks committing crimes of the same magnitude. They are probably hidden, but you can find them. Maybe you can locate the 911 calls and police reports that must have been ignored. You can do it!!
Pha Q (2 года назад)
+Elijah arvinger Did you see Colin's latest video? Where a black pastor and his wife allowed their grandson to push a white girl,18 feet to the concrete from a slide? Then proceeded to drive her around, dropping off other kids while her head injury was ignored? Then finally depositing this injured 13 year old white girl in the driveway of her home and driving away? Never attempting to contact her parents, or get medical aid? Yeah. It is all documented undeniable proof. Something you've failed to provide.....
Pha Q (2 года назад)
+Elijah arvinger There you go again, making claims and then obfuscating, instead of backing up those claims. An assertion made without evidence to support it, can be dismissed without evidence. Obviously some white people require more than just your biased tirade.
Elijah arvinger (2 года назад)
+Pha Q first I wouldn't have to look that hard I could do 40 hour long videos on THE CATHOLIC CHURCH alone. but why would I critique Colin for being divisive and turn around and do the same thing. I swear some white people get more retarded every day . WHITE PEOPLE COMMIT CRIME TOO. I know it sounds crazy but not every white person is an angel. you sound stupid as fuck. I choose not to point out the rotten apples in the white community because I'm not a fucking RACIST who thinks only one race commits crime . tell that shit to the 4000 abused boys in the white majority Catholic church. tell that shit to Dylan Routh. tell that shit to the kid who shot up that elementary school last week or that swimmer who raped that unconscious girl behind the dumpster and got three months in jail. want guess which color these fucking idiots were. you sound stupid as fuck.
Pha Q (2 года назад)
Elijah arvinger You claim to be able to provide daily content depicting white on white crime, consisting of domestic abuse and child abuse. *DO IT* !!!! We both know you'll have to dig deep into the past just to provide an hour's content. Making you a liar and a fool. Turn my words against me and prove me wrong.
Nish (2 года назад)
Flaherty has changed my life. Wake up white America! Stay away from black areas and arm yourselves!
Daniel Dougherty (2 года назад)
if you needed Colin to tell you that, you don't have a fucking brain.
Hale Hardy (2 года назад)
Try "wake up decent America", not the criminals and their enablers
Geoff Dearth (2 года назад)
It's disquieting that simply telling the truth via video evidence is considered unacceptable. When he and some others are the only sources of real news.
System Ctl (2 года назад)
Colin Flaherty basically got banned for reporting news...that's literally all he did.
Kenneth Watson (2 года назад)
Yep, just recycled news footage. That is why (and how) the copyright strikes are used against him. And he is not alone. The fact that they have climbed down so quickly is the more important one. Of course they want to silence this stuff for political reasons but they have found they cannot. For commercial reasons.
Sebastian johansson (2 года назад)
yes its realy sad this is the way the World is going to with all the cancer sjw and femenists
academyrulz (2 года назад)
When telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act..... Flaherty is a truth teller , and he is getting shut down for it.. BUT you tube allows those who call for the death of the police , the glorification of thug culture, and blatant racism a platform to spew their hate.. But if you dare talk about these very people calling for violence and promoting racism  you get banned because it doesn't fit the narrative that the liberal agenda is trying so desperately to push...
John Milius (2 года назад)
Youtube is not a democratic platform, they're a private company and can shut down any channel they please. They only serve advertisers. We're not even paying customers, we're only guests here, and have no right to demand anything. Our only right is to leave this place whenever we want.
John Milius (2 года назад)
+Dream Warrior12 Very smart. Kill the messenger. But that still wouldn't change the facts, or Youtube policy.
Dream Warrior12 (2 года назад)
Get in a fiery car wreck.
John Milius (2 года назад)
+alvin chipmunk That's by choice, not by subscribtion. I see you're all desperately trying to be the victim here, but you're not.
alvin chipmunk (2 года назад)
That's right John - we are the only ones who ever respond to the advertisements. The advertising is paid for by us. Profits from the sales involving same go to UTube.
John Milius (2 года назад)
+Jack Smith So...it's...the ads...that pay, while we...browse youtube...for free...
J (2 года назад)
This is actually the 2nd time they shut him down. The first time he had just hit 20,000 subs and this time he had just hit 60,000 but they let all these pro black channels commanding black folks to kill white people like Sa NeterTV, Blacknews102, IrritatedGenie, Dawah Yisrael, ect... some of these channels have 100s of thousands of subscribers
Hale Hardy (2 года назад)
"some of these channels have 100s of thousands of subscribers" There are lots of vile stupid scumbags out there

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