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Vlog #13 - Answering some question on Pristiq

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Hello, I answer some viewer question regarding Pristiq on this video. I do note that I am half falling asleep. :) My experience with Prestiq was pretty good, I would recommend it to people this medicine is made for. For me it had a low incidence of side effects. I do have to note, it made me a bit slow at times, and being that this was an issue, it made things a tad bit worse. I was however very relaxed, and chilled out in social situations, which was very nice. I have since then switched to Wellbutrin. Pristiq was prescribed by my Primary Care Doctor, which didn't spend a lot of time trying to figure out what was wrong, and just gave me something. He did recomment a psychiatrist which helped me figure things out better, and switched my dedicine. As always, I suggest keeping a medical history of your medicines are how they affected you. This helps the doctor try to figure out the best therapy. Everyone is different, so all medicines act differently. I suggest sticking with it, until you find something that works. Also, there are always alternate therapies to try, or just the typical talk therapy. Sometimes talking about what is causing the issues, and coming up with ways to solve it is great. Sometimes both together help.
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Tom Willowson (1 месяц назад)
you sound like the dictator voice on my computer
Stevo'sMIDIs (2 года назад)
Good ole pristiq, the fake "new" discovery virtually identical to effexor (venlafaxine) that just so happened to be discovered when venlafaxine's patent was about to run out. Isn't pharma wonderful?
DPunk (2 года назад)
This guy is so creepy lol
gregory brian (8 месяцев назад)
He seems nice to me. Maybe you're projecting.
Gregory May (3 года назад)
Made you sleepy.  Zoloft made me feel that way too... does it go away eventually that feeling?
Cisco Engineer (4 года назад)
That guy's fucking creepy
MrDeathorfreedom (5 лет назад)
thats so bad for you, just trust the specialists... if a drug doesn't work for you it might works for other elss
MrDeathorfreedom (5 лет назад)
guys , stop searching here and there ! That
5150gamer (5 лет назад)
Ive been on dozens of anti depressants for years, and just last week I started pristiq. From the first day I felt fuzzy and slowed down and out of it, and I started getting aggressive. As the week went on everything got worse until I eventually started a fight at the mall which I dont remember. The police took me to the hospital and the doctors said that pristiq caused a short term type of psychosis. So Im looking to start something new that doesn't cause me to get violent.
Kronicilln3ss (6 лет назад)
Any other president but Ron Paul he's clearly the peoples choice. And it's we the people who really hold the power since our tax $s put those rich fools were they are today riot until we get justice & that is Ron Paul not another war mongering fear monger
Kronicilln3ss (6 лет назад)
Omg why can't we just have Ron Paul be president and use MDMA as the perfect antidepressant with no real risk very low compared to the likes of alchohol so is LSD shrooms dmt and thc. It could all be fixed with ending 2wars on personal freedom the war on drugs&terror. Vote 4 Ron Paul there trying2 steel the election from him he's a no brainer easy pick so obvious Ron Paul ftw for too many reasons to list massive turne out on election day support Ron Paul & demand him president& we won't accept
tpvalley (6 лет назад)
exercise to point of exhaustion every day and avoid alcohol.
Tjfreak (7 лет назад)
It helped with my anger,frustration & overwhelmed feelings on 50 within a week & stopped helping inside 6, at 100 for 90 days same, I could sleep on this, no bizzaro dreams,the usual chemical castration, short term memory obstruction as well as concentration,unhealthy heart rate increase upon exertion, Missed 1day on 50, ALARMING with drawl ! missed 1 day at 100 & I'm scared ! absolutely horrifying with drawl in 24 hrs. I'm not new to SSRI's or SNRI's this is way different ! 10 mnths got get off
T Fisher (8 лет назад)
I've been on pristiq for over a month now. It was the target med for me. so much of my anxiety has gone away. i do still feel anxious a lot and have dreamt a lot. overall, pristiq is for me. thanks for the vid
marc2live (8 лет назад)
I've never been in prison.
Doug G. (8 лет назад)
you were in prison?
Jeffery Goines (9 лет назад)
Im on my 4th night and so far my sleep has been very broken. Im very tired through the day. I see y9u posted this 8 months ago. How did it go for you?
PSJ71 (9 лет назад)
Thank you so much for posting about Pristiq. My doctor prescribed that for me today, because I am hoping to have lap band surgery and am going through a supervised diet by my surgeon. HE seems to think it will help with some weight loss. Thank you again for posting these!
David Jimenez (9 лет назад)
I just started Prestiq three days ago... the very first night, I have not been able to go to sleep. My mind was just racing. Now its been three days and still can't sleep... the bthe strange thing is I am still alert. I can't wait till this side effect goes away. It sucks. Did you experience this?
marc2live (10 лет назад)
Hello there, I honestly don't know much about lamictal to say anything useful, and I haven't had any personal experience with it. As far as Pristiq, relating to agitation and anxiety, it's something that seems to often be there on the initial weeks, and then it should lessen. When I was taking it, it lessened for me after about 2 weeks or so, and things got better.

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