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Chevrolet S10 Vacuum Leak Repair

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For quite some time, my truckling has been suffering from a vacuum leak that would sometimes make the climate controls not work (especially under hard acceleration--needed to keep after the Keykeeper's supercharged Pontiac!). Also, when the engine was off, airflow would revert to the dash vents due to vacuum loss. (GM vehicles have a failsafe position that is a mix between the heater outlet and defroster vent. Why mine went to the dash vents I don't know.) If you are not able to switch between HOT and COLD airflow, your blend door actuator has probably failed. On a 2003 truck and probably anything 98-up, the blend door is operated by an electric motor. Failures are usually due to one of the gears stripping out or cracking. If you're faced with this repair, you may find this video from Youtuber Steve Crosier worthwhile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiwZeJlAQdo A number of people have indicated that the vacuum line going down into the fender well area connects to a vacuum reservoir. I never had to troubleshoot that and can't speak to where it goes. As of April 2013, I don't own this truck any longer. Anyone seeking detailed service advice about this or any other repair should get the GENUINE GM FACTORY service manual. Do NOT waste your time or money on the Haynes or Chilton's manuals -- they are just about worthless.
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Tony Rap! (5 дней назад)
Your Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks brother
TWSTF 8 (11 дней назад)
OMG Watching this and I go out and check and all three of the vacuum lines coming off of that T thing on my truck were rotting and crumbling away! Now, I just gotta go get new vacuum lines and fix it, (apparently, I'm not the only one saying THANKS lol)
Nicktendo 64 (2 месяца назад)
8:29 How to discipline a truck
Santiago Medrano (2 месяца назад)
hey I want to thank you for your video it solved my problem with my S10 Chevy thanks a lot !!!!!
2012isRonPaul (4 месяца назад)
mum, we got a vacuum leak! ffffffuuuuuuuuu................. !
Your Name (4 месяца назад)
That is one dirty truck. Is that 2 different seats?
C I (4 месяца назад)
Here's a video to show where the hose goes to the fender well or so called third hose that hang down connect to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2XmBvHDLAY
Josh Nutbrown (9 месяцев назад)
what the blue pen for ? or the red
Shea Barber (11 месяцев назад)
Thanks, exact same problem.
Justin Parker (1 год назад)
Love the beer bottle in the cup holder.
uxwbill (1 год назад)
IBC Root Beer
Chris Peterson (1 год назад)
Thank You!! I had the same symptoms and after watching your video i found the exact same little hose broken. You saved me so much time taking my dash apart. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Mike Jr (1 год назад)
Dude this is bad ass saved me $900 no longer blowing out of the defrost vent.
dale henderson (1 год назад)
do a video for charging a/c
uxwbill (1 год назад)
I'm not licensed to handle refrigerant at this time. Until I am, it's not something I'm going to do. (Yes, I know anyone can handle 134a.)
TheDizizope (1 год назад)
I've got a 01 blazer and I've got the same problem and now I think I know why, on that t joint where 3 hoses connect mine only has 2 houses on it 1 that goes over the top of the brake booster and another that comes out the side of the fender area my question is where is that other hose come from that comes from the front past the fuse box? 8ve searched everywhere and cannot find the 3rd hose that connects to that t joint, it would be a huge help if you could tell me.
KawasakiRider - (1 год назад)
I have the same problem I'm trying to find the third hose connection. please let me know if you get a answer. I'm a 1999 s10 4cyl manual
patr10t762 (1 год назад)
Thank you for the tutorial, it really saved the day. This saved hours of aggravation. I googled the symptoms and your video came up. I watched it and didn't bother looking at any other information went to the truck and touched the line only to have it disintegrate. Went to my parts store and asked for a couple inches of vacuum line and picked up a couple other things and got the line free. Put the new line on and mama (and state inspector) will be happy. A quarter million views! You can figure that's the amount of hours you saved with this video. Again Thank You!
TONY ACUÑA (1 год назад)
thank you for this video, i had the same problem with my 1999 chevy s-10 pick up truck, that vacuum line with the tee connection coming from the wheel well was so corroded.. the moment i touched it, it turnt to dust... :) i bought replacement vacuum hose and fixed it myself for under $9.00 .. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN..
Joe W (1 год назад)
I know that one of those vacuum hoses goes to the engine and is teed into two other hoses, one to the vacuum reservoir behind the fender but where does the third one end up?
Denise Watson (1 год назад)
I have a chevy s10...I keep having low battery problems..I have replaces the battery twice..I has the alternator check it was find...can anyone help me out to find the problem with this?
Christine tomko (1 год назад)
check your ground
john sissyboy (1 год назад)
Thanks for the heads up. This video helped solve the same problem on my s10. Seems the hose just mutates into a black mush. Removed and replaced the 2" hose and that did the trick!
Edward Dominguez (1 год назад)
thanks bill. been driving my 2000 s-10 like this for a couple of years lol. but i live in ca. where it dosent get to cold. thanks for the post. now it works like a champ.
Wayne Ragland (1 год назад)
You and Gomer!!
I had the same issue with the deteriorated vac hose off that T.
Don Guptill (1 год назад)
I've owned a 1995 GMC Sonoma and now a 1999 S10 and I always thought it was peculiar that the little 4 bangers had the same response to climbing a steep hill with the gas to the floor.  The air flow would always switch from defrost to dash heat. Recently the defrost stopped working altogether. I saw your video and checked the tubing you demonstrated and sure enough it was rotten with a hole in it. Has to be the easiest you tube fix I have ever had. Never dawned on me that vacuum was even used anymore. Thanks for posting.
Mars Flee (1 год назад)
What is the name of that "T Joint"? I have a leak on the other tip of the line going into what looks to be the fender, but the tube was so corroted that it fell apart. Now I don't know where it was connected to. It was sucking-up air, but I just plugged it with a screw. But I do want to find out where it belongs. There's no more hissing sound, but I'm afraid it might leave me stranded. If I only had schematic for that little part.
Joe W (1 год назад)
The plastic tee can be bought at any automotive store, just be sure it fits tight. You can buy the vacuum hoses there also..
uxwbill (1 год назад)
I don't know what its official name is. If you go to a GM dealership they ought to be able to provide a complete diagram with part numbers and names. It will not leave you stranded. The worst that will happen is failure of the climate control blend door to operate, a Check Engine light, somewhat lumpy idle or a vacuum leak if you don't plug it temporarily.
Michael Valachovic (1 год назад)
Thanks a million. Same exact problem that you had. I was giving serious thought to selling my S-10 truck (13 years old), versus paying a garage or trying to tear apart dash and fix myself. I actually replaced all vacuum hoses going to the T-fitting and HVAC works like a champ. Cost me under $10. Thanks again for posting the video.
Bill B (2 года назад)
Thanks Much!!  This was exactly my problem.
Joe W (1 год назад)
Never mind, I found the other end but it was kinda hidden behind the anti-lock stuff. It just fits on a little nipple going to the vacuum reservoir behind the fender but it sticks out enough to stick the hose on it..
Joe W (1 год назад)
Same here. I replaced the short hose but the one going toward the fender really looks bad, would like to replace it if I knew how to find the other end.
Aaron Blakely (2 года назад)
On my 97 and 98 Lesabre the module was behind the glovebox. (probably there on the Bonneville too) They contain solenoids which directs the pressure. It's well noted that the nipples on those style modules tend to get soft over time and lose vacuum pressure. Also the harness itself might begin to leak. Luckily, I was able to go find a decent module out of a junkyard for $8 (AC Delco wants $450 for a new one.)
lowrads (2 года назад)
Mine ruptured right at that little T as well. The whole tube needs to go at this point. Any idea what that line going into the body above the wheel well is for?
Michel Linschoten (2 года назад)
+uxwbill i got a 96 s10 4.3 it has that vacuum pod mounted under the hood. Guess what,the hosing is not rubber but good ol' hard plastic the sturdy shit. And not a problem with rust either 20 years old!
lowrads (2 года назад)
+uxwbill Thanks!
uxwbill (2 года назад)
+Low Rads I'm told that it may go into a vacuum reservoir. I never had to troubleshoot that particular line, so I don't know for sure.
Steven Hobbs (2 года назад)
uxwbill's video's are cool
Bill James (2 года назад)
Thank you for the info. My 1999 GMC Sonoma is doing the same thing. All of my hoses up there are shot. I'll have to replace them all. The long one is split wide open. Everything pretty much looks the same as on your S-10.
Bill James (2 года назад)
+Bill James That worked. Thanks again.
Bill James (2 года назад)
+Bill James That worked. Thanks again.
guycon51 (2 года назад)
I had a recurring and similar problem from poor vacuum. Even had the heater controls module replaced. That didn't last. My 2WD to 4WD switch was intermittent and I fixed the problem all at one. The main vacuum hose end was split at the intake manifold, about 1/2 an inch, and I merely snipped it off and put it back on. Everything works. I even went back to the mechanic and gave him a good talking to. Start at the source, right?
ZANL188 (2 года назад)
Didn't even know I had this problem on 2003 Sonoma until I saw this video.  Sure enough I checked the hose and it was dust!  Defrost burns me out now.  Thank you.
bassplaysbest47 (2 года назад)
big thank you for keeping me from pulling the dash
Dave Hill (2 года назад)
You can still drive until this problem is fixed?
Tony Tune (2 года назад)
Thank you so much. You gentlemen saved me a bunch of money. My problem was exactly the same as yours. Thanks to you, I was able to fix it myself. Keep up the good work.All of us non mechanic guys need guys like you.
Rodney Wheeler (3 года назад)
my Chevy truck s10 2003 will not plow heat up to defrost window l know l have to replace the actuator but l need to know if it is the top or bottom and how to take it out
Zack Franklin (3 года назад)
Thanks. My ac went out and I thought it was low on free on. Went all summer without air. Then the other morning it was cool so I cut heater on and got nothing but vent air. Mine also would not come out at feet. Was going to check fuses because I have not heard of ac and heater going out at same time. Decided to check online first. Just saw your video, went outside popped the hood and sure enough my hose fell apart in my hand as soon as I touched it. Crossing fingers and hoping this is the issue. The age of the internet is great for things like this. Thanks for uploading sir.
James Carr (10 месяцев назад)
Zack Franklin (2 года назад)
+uxwbill its worked fine since the last post. It was just stuck for some reason but after closing by hand one time, it now operates properly and the heat will smoke you out of there. Thanks for all the help sir.
Zack Franklin (2 года назад)
+uxwbill Hey thanks again for the videos. Things like this really help average people. Update on mine: Took it to a shop and they said actuators were good and seemed like the blend door was stuck for some reason. They said it would take 10 hours labor and cost at least $650. Dad told em put it back together and we would come get it. Low on money here. This morning me and dad removed the defrost under the hood and could see the door from the hole. When cutting heat on it only moved maybe half an inch. Took a long rod and pushed on it. It unstuck the door and it moved freely as it is supposed to. That was all it took. The heat works as good as ever. Took maybe thirty minutes and cost nothing. Glad I saw your video though, so my hoses have all been replaced. I had trouble finding blend door info on the web, so I plan on posting my fix on a few spots. Hopefully it can help others as you did. Your the man Bill. Much appreciated.
Zack Franklin (3 года назад)
+uxwbill where are other lines. There were two smaller ones coming off of a larger one. The ones in your video. One small end went on a plastic (valve/stem?) on side of the hood. Those were the only three that I saw. We replaced all of those. Sorry for inadequate vocabulary. I am def. not an automotive expert. 
Zack Franklin (3 года назад)
+uxwbill well me and my dad just got done replacing all three lines and it still wont blow out feet and not getting warm or cool. Guess well have to try something else. Any suggestions? Thanks, I just knew this was my answer here.
TheTerry2good (3 года назад)
thanks for posting this video it fixed my vacuum leak
EROCK SPEDINGO (3 года назад)
So on the way to work this morning I had no controls work other than max a/c.  We had a long rain overnight and windshield needed defrost.  I had nothing.  Was pondering all day at work about it and I knew that I was going to end up taking the dash out.  BOOOO on that!  Just wanted to tell you thanks for the video.  The vacuum line was dry and rotten all the way through.  My AC is blowing like a champ( force wise) and every other control is working too.  All for about three bucks!!  You DA MAN!  Thanks again.
Barbara Barfield (3 года назад)
How do I put a video on here from my facebook page, so you can see what I'm talking about ?
Barbara Barfield (3 года назад)
HELP !!!!  I have a 2001 GMC Sonoma 4 cyl. extended cab 2 wd, I don't know where the vacuum line goes thats in the video theres 2 lines coming off the hose coming from the intake I can't figure out where it goes somebody  PLEASE HELP me !
Barbara Barfield (3 года назад)
On the video at 3:37 where does the vacuum hose plug into?? YOU didn't show it when he was putting it back together,  you showed your rust !  I need to know where the hose hooks to, not the piece he replaced but the other and could you tell me what the white thing is, that connects the vacuum lines together !!  Thank you, Barbara Jean
Nesmaniac (3 года назад)
I have a brake booster problem and I need to replace the check valve and vacuum hose running to it. There's actually a large hose that goes into a metal line and a smaller hose running from the other side of the metal line into the engine. It's a 97 S-10 2.2 so any ideas where I can buy the vacuum hoses? No luck finding them online so far. Thanks in advance for anyone who may be able to help.
Nesmaniac (3 года назад)
No problem :)
Barbara Barfield (3 года назад)
+Nesmaniac ty
Barbara Barfield (3 года назад)
I'll take a picture of it tomorrow and put it up here.
Nesmaniac (3 года назад)
What do you need barbara? If I can be of service I will try.
Barbara Barfield (3 года назад)
+barbara barfield I wish someone would help me !!
Dave L (3 года назад)
Unfortunately I have to take out my climate controls. I have a vacuum leak and the controls quit working at the same time. I hear a leak from the controls, but not all the time. So I got a question, would I have to replace the entire control box or is there something inside I can replace? Thanks!!
Dave L (3 года назад)
+barbara barfield I put some caulk between where the vacuum lines connect to the diverter valve. So far so good. Only been a few days.
Barbara Barfield (3 года назад)
+Dave L check your vacuum hoses first !!
Tyler McGonigal (3 года назад)
where does the other hose go to?? i replaced the one for climate control and from/to block/tee but the other hose isn't attach to anything??
Barbara Barfield (3 года назад)
and I took the air filter out and didn't see anything is it under the canister itself ?
Barbara Barfield (3 года назад)
I have a video but don't know how to put on here,trying to figure out it's on my facebook page , barbara.barfield.94@facebook.com
Tyler McGonigal (3 года назад)
+barbara barfield i discovered on my 97 sonoma 2.2 ext cab the other hose goes to a canister mounted on the inside of the hood just above the t
Barbara Barfield (3 года назад)
+Tyler McGonigal the hose will go to the vacuum connector- it goes to the hose barb under the breather (you just pop the breather off using a spring loaded clip on the back side under the edge of the breather--and remove a couple connectors and then you can see where it goes under the breather/intake )where it gets its pressure from the engine and the white things are also hose barb connectors you can get at any autoparts store usually 8-ten different sizes and shapes straights-tees-l's ... for about 5 dollars.http://www.autozone.com/fittings-and-hose-line-connectors/vacuum-connector-and-tubing......this is all I know without seeing the video or having the manual in front of me...hope this helps.
John barfneck (3 года назад)
believe it or not the hose you had your hand on that goes under the brake control module actually goes to a vacuum canister mounted inside the fender and all it does is attach to the plastic hose barb  that sticks our of the fender... mine broke in the exact same places and who ever worked on it before me placed the vacuum line behind  the brake booster.....the only way I found it was I had to replace the brake booster and when I took off the booster I found out  just about all the vacuum lines on my truck were powder turning into dust...all the rubber lines were broken and leaking...  I know the video is old ,just thought if anyone else read this they could find a little useful info in this....
John barfneck (2 года назад)
+barbara barfield if your still trying to find better pictures or information of s-10 repairs  I would try the s-10 forum... I cant share images on here.......I have the factory manuals which show all the different models and how to repair them.........unless your (I am ) looking for detailed images and instructions that why come on you tube where they show how to repair  most problems with video...  I took a 91 s-10 and pulled the four cylinder+ manual transmission out  and swapped in a v6 automatic and had less trouble doing that  than doing the vacuum lines on my 99 s-10 : ) I still have one vacuum line that goes down behind the engine and looks like it heads down towards the transmission ...I replaced all the other lines I could see on top in the engine compartment ..........blahblahblah means I hope you find better info/pictures/video on the vacuum lines. : ) the only other place I know to get the info you need as far as a complete schematic/routing  of the vacuum lines is at the dealer parts department and have them print off a copy ...they will usually do it if you ask them nicely...sorry I could nt help more..later
Barbara Barfield (2 года назад)
I have a 2001 GMC Somona 4cyl.
John barfneck (2 года назад)
+barbara barfield mine goes into the fender on my 1999 zr2 s-10 i removed the ecm for the abs  from the fender to find out where it actually went.....either yours is a different year/set-up or someone has changed the routing/and where it connects.....because mine has a vacuum canister in the fender...if i could share photos on here i could show you exactly where the line goes ..http://i39.tinypic.com/2ijrtia.jpg..............http://www.s10forum.com/forum/f107/mystery-vacuum-line-near-abs-439574/
Barbara Barfield (2 года назад)
+John barfneck your wrong it goes under the box you have to feel for it you can't see it !! If your leaning against the truck where the hose is theres a box right by your belly under there.
Barbara Barfield (2 года назад)
No one I mean no one knew what I was talking about, lol so I found it myself !! Put new vaccum line on it and off I go !!!
allentig (3 года назад)
just bought the....hell i forgot what i bought....haha... think it was the 7/32 and the 5/32 vac hose, in a prepackaged form at Oriellys. didnt quite understand the whole deal from your video, but i figured it out, got all three lines replaced.... fan freakin tastic! i actually can switch air to anywhere i want again!..... ty ty ty ty ty.....  i cant believe how rotten that hose was.....  still not getting quite as much heat as i should..... the heat control does work, but doesnt get quite as hot as it should..... next step, flush out heater core... when i get a round tuit ...
UnkinglyLike (3 года назад)
I wish I could post a picture, mine broke in the exact same spot.
sblrealtor (3 года назад)
You guys nailed it!  I had the same problem.  I was fortunate enough to watch your video after the one where you tear out the truck interior to get to the actuators.  My lines were rotten and I still havent found the other line that six inch line goes to off one of the tees!  previous comment said its in the fender weld somewhere so I'll check that but thanks again
Brian Goetz (3 года назад)
I think the vac lines in that area rot due to brake fluid from refilling clutch master cyl or brake master cyl, thay are both under that area
flir67man (3 года назад)
thanks for the info, tried to fix mine its 95 s10 4 cylinder. on the four cylinder the vacuum 1line  goes across the back of the engine to a larger tube, another end goes to a plastic bubble on the hood and the tee you fixed on yours goes back into the firewall with the main wiring harness. I rechecked all connections across back of engine. also I disconnected the temperature sensors thats on the passenger firewall up top near the blower motor. and removed it. there are three screws , after that you can take it out and see if it needs replacing mine was clean. put everything back together and my starting working again..
Jonathan (2 года назад)
I have the same truck as you do, but my has no heat i have check everything. I have good air flow but no heat. I flush the heater core and change the thermostat. I need help (95 s10 chevy, 4x4, pickup truck) thanks
Omar Camueiras (3 года назад)
Thank you! save me a lot of money.I was checking for CO sensor replacement when I click with this Vacuum leak repair video, that was the problem I had.
Peter Vanek (3 года назад)
thanks!!! my problem was with my differential and heard about vacuum leak could have been the problem. i located disintegrated hoses in the same spot. but my hose was the one shown going down to nowhere and your video nailed where to look. saved myself alot of $. cost 1.98 for the hose and repaced a few others for that price. very cool !  thanks again !
Jacob Lenart (3 года назад)
+Jacob Lenart same truck as in the video*
Jacob Lenart (3 года назад)
+barbara barfield The one he wasn't sure about pulling out and knowing where it went was attached to a bolt on the firewall. I literally just solved this problem with an O'Rielly's associate. I have the same year and model as the truck hopefully you fixed it by now. I had done some research where it goes and everyone said there's was attached to the bolt but they were not sure it officially went there and it does
Barbara Barfield (3 года назад)
+Peter Vanek could you please tell me where the hose plugged into ! Thanks, Barbara Jean
Greg Dillon (3 года назад)
I have had 2 of these trucks a 98 and 03, and both had this same problem.  Cheap hose causing a failure.
allentig (3 года назад)
+Greg Dillon yea, seriously..... that factory hose was unbelievably crappy..... it wasn't even really close enough to any heat..... mine was almost like powder between intake and brake booster
cmannphoto (3 года назад)
Thanks for this video. I watched this video last night, went out this afternoon, popped the hood on my '98 S10 Blazer and in the exact same place by the brake booster my vacuum lines were collapsed from the engine block to that same TEE and to the left fender (were does that go anyway?). So I replaced 2 foot of 7/32" hose and about a foot of 5/32" hose. All for less than $5 in hose.   Thanks again 
Dean Kittrell (3 года назад)
Thanks for this video. I had exactly the same problem, ordered my actuator, was taking all the under dash parts apart prepping for when the part come in. I got aggravated as the area is to darn small for me. So I come in and was going to try youtube one more time for maybe another fix and I found this. Watched it, went back out, had the same rotten vacuum line that you showed. Went to Advanced Auto, got me a 2" piece for like .60 cents, put it on and it did fix my problem, so got my money back on the actuator, not to mention, they ordered the wrong one anyway.
Gsprof (3 года назад)
The hoses from that tee go to the vacuum reservoir inside the left front fender behind the anti-lock module, the other goes to the HVAC controller in the dash (black hard plastic line) and to the transfer case vacuum switch 5/32 rubber line.
Debbie Azbill (10 месяцев назад)
Sorry wrong post.
Debbie Azbill (10 месяцев назад)
02 chevy s10 door/ lock rods
john coctoasten (3 года назад)
Thanks for posting.  Your problem was my problem to a T.
nickie amos (4 года назад)
I need a blueprint of the vacuum hose control I love that does not exist and where it goes does anyone have that info
nickie amos (4 года назад)
Thank you I appreciate the help but I don't have a printer
Tater79bj (4 года назад)
Rust on an 8year old truck! You must live back east. I drive a 15 year-old Silverado that has never had one hint of rust. However, I do live in Idaho ;)
Pab Mar (4 года назад)
Can you change the blend door actuator with out taking out the dash?
Pab Mar (4 года назад)
I just did the same repair today for only $3, thanks guys really useful video. Any ideas on changing the blend door actuator? I have no heat.
Aaron Dorman (4 года назад)
the hose you replaced in this video where does the hose next to it lead to mine isnt connected to anything the only thing i could find as to what it might be connected to is a stud under the lip by the ABS controller
Pab Mar (4 года назад)
Their's a small vacuum line under the lip of the truck fender/under the ABS controller.
lul_ninja (4 года назад)
I have the same problem on my 03 s10 4.3 v6 where does that litte hose connect to? It was disconnected and dry rotted when I bought the truck.
lul_ninja (4 года назад)
appreciate it +uxwbill 
David Smee (4 года назад)
Thanks Bill, You just saved me an amazing amount of stress, blazer is fixed. Thanks again.
Harry Sibarium (4 года назад)
Does anyone know why my 1999 Chevy S-10 has a buzzing noise under hood after the car is shut off?
Harry Sibarium (4 года назад)
I suspect it to be the secondary air pump.
Raider_Greg94 Raider_Greg94 (4 года назад)
will this hose throw a check engine light?
Ed Harley (3 года назад)
Yes- I replaced the big hose and 2 little ones and the Service Engine Soon light went away. Also the engine sounds smoother now.
Raider_Greg94 Raider_Greg94 (4 года назад)
I pulled the check engine light code and it said bank one and bank two are running lean. I have a strong feeling its the same hose you replaced.
Raider_Greg94 Raider_Greg94 (4 года назад)
I think it might because when i first got the truck the hose was cracked but not to bad. When i looked at it today it was like if somebody took a razor blade and just a good 2 inches down it
rlrsk8r1 (4 года назад)
Thank you for this video. I watched for another reason, and found that my S10 has an identical failure.  To Advance Auto for some vacuum hose!
arizonatrainguy22 (4 года назад)
had the same problem but i see u fixed it
Joseph Stublar (4 года назад)
You're sure right about that Joe W. I couldn't find anything about it but i found out taking the dash apart and the fender and found the vacuum bubble in the driver side fender.The bubble was more visible on other years... I replaced all the vacuum lines in the dash and the bad pieces under the hood. I  also re routed the vacuum lines as some they had going over the motor, and/or hot areas found 2 lines on passenger side with holes burned through. I put in good tubing also. There was also a broken vent flapper in the dash and a  bad actuator.  Anyway  I probably should've replaced all the tubing  but this job was long as it was, and i was glad when i was finished...
Joe Wakefield (4 года назад)
The hose, where it disappears under the fender, plugs into the vacuum reservoir! Other years had a big black bubble attached to the hood, or the driver fender.
Eric A (4 года назад)
I literally have the exact same issue with my 1998 Chevrolet s10 2.2L. I am having a hell of a time though attaching to the tiny hose that disappears into the truck. I have no issue connecting the new hose to the T but it is the small connecter that is an issue. Did I loose a piece in removing the original dry cable? I looked but did not see any parts fall through the hood. Should I just use a clamp on it to seal it if I did lose a piece? Any input on this is appreciated.
Eric A (4 года назад)
Also I'm an idiot and figured that one out myself...
Living Free Adventures (4 года назад)
i had same issue was but in my case the vacuum leak was causing 4x4 not to engage on my 01 zr2 blazer. And FYI The line that goes into the fender goes to the evap canister.
michael w (4 года назад)
on my s-10 i blew compressed air through heater core to ensure its not plugged.  i get a little heat then now and then your hear a vent slam under the dash and i got cold air. like the other poster my temp dial feels like its not hooked up and is hot
Rita Ludeman (4 года назад)
I have a 1987 Chevrolet S10 blazer.My temperature control is a up and down lever as well as the controls for the direction of the air...defroster, A/C, heater,etc.... Mine was stuck on heat at the beginning of summer and I had someone "fix" it for me. It is now stuck on A/C. Any ideas how to get it back on heat? The lever for the temp control moves freely (no pressure) like it is not hooked up. I assume they changed something under the hood last summer because  I know they did not take the dash out.
jimjacks1 (4 года назад)
Thnx mucho. Vacuum leak was my problem !!
ScottyKUtah (4 года назад)
Last week I noticed that I had no air out of the defroster or floor. I originally thought it was something mechanical. Thanks to your video I discovered the hose from the right side all the way to the middle of the engine was dryrotted. Got a new hose in, but busted that tiny hose you commented on. Thanks to duct tape and that valve piece, I have full air in all positions again. If you are ever in Oklahoma I'd like to shake your hand and buy you a beer!
tm sek (4 года назад)
nice tape deck
Kevin Marshall (4 года назад)
I'm having the same issue! I have no idea where it goes. the other two tubes are in great shape but the one that's disconnected is dry rotted all the way through. Bought a new one and plugged it for now, but I need to know where it goes! Can't find anything
FitLeben (4 года назад)
If you could tell me were that hose from the straight t comes from I might be able to fix mine to, my problem is that the hose is gone and I do. Not know we're it is coming from.. Thank you
danemariage (4 года назад)
I think I owe you a beer uxwbill. I was just about to tear out my dash and replace the whole control panel. The vacuum hose was trashed. Thank you so much for posting this video.
NickLum (4 года назад)
Yeah, great freakin place! And how the heck do you replace it? Mine is about as rotten as the other hose which fixed my problem with the Max air and defroster not working! I'm scared to mess with the other one. Put some mink oil on it and will maybe put some silicon or epoxy. Scared to pull it off as I sure as hell don't want to have to pull my fender well off!
Elle (5 лет назад)
Thank you for the video… can't wait to try this. Have a feeling this is the cause of the weak air flow. Goes exactly where it's supposed to go, just very weak.
Daytona3223 (5 лет назад)
Curious...one of those hoses in the area that you replaced...where does it connect to on the back of the engine bay, the firewall, whatever you want to call it. I tried helping a friend out and the only place I could see where it came from was a bolt stick out. He said he pulled it off from the back and i cant see where to replace it except for that bolt. It doesnt make sense. Can you explain?
eric stefani (5 лет назад)
ok when your working on a 1998 chevy blazer 4.3 lt to remove the valve covers the only side that's a pain in the but is the driver side this is how you get the driver side off first step take off surp belt then there are 3 or fore long bolts that are in the air conditioning bracket do not again do not try and remove the star bolt that sits in the bracket remove the nut that sits on the star bolt pull the ac unit back and its going to be a tight fit but you will get it hope this helps you es
lov909 (5 лет назад)
My s10 the air will not come out from dash board vent but other vent are OK, would you know how to fix that?
dave druda (5 лет назад)
Hey, thanks for the video. I had no idea what was causing my weak airflow out of the vents. I stumbled across this video searching for advice on freon psi. After watching I replaced both the long piece (7/32 width hose) and the short piece (5/32 width hose). Then added about 1/3rd of a can of freon. For about $25 total - with a lot of leftover hose - my AC is stronger and colder than ever. 2002 2.2l 4cyl. Chevy S10 Pickup. 145k miles. I really appreciate it.
Ryan Losinger (5 лет назад)
Yah, no one ever eats the parsley garnish on plates, so it's always left over, unwanted parts of dinner!
Ryan Losinger (5 лет назад)
We call those spare car parts that are left over after repair "Car Parsley"
Paul Zoller (5 лет назад)
I ordered a flap door actuator for $40. Then I found your video. I pinched off the hose and reconnected and the vents worked better. I have a 94 Sonoma and I see a lot of vac lines dry rotted. Now I am on a mission to change all the lines.
Matt Mckenna (5 лет назад)
I have that same problem and I've replaced all my vacuum lines and it still does it..
Chris1969o (5 лет назад)
Thanks for the help. Have identical issue.
Milton Nxumalo (5 лет назад)
It goes into a sort of a nipple on the inside of the fender, under the wiring harness...strange. I am lucky mine was still in there and all i did was simply replace with a new one.
Milton Nxumalo (5 лет назад)
Great Video. I have just repaired my 1999 Blazer 4WD, working fine now. I can now control the air direction but one more problem, the A/C compressor is running but it is not getting cold.
iphonemodder1 (5 лет назад)
ok thanks. mine says rear along with the picture
iphonemodder1 (5 лет назад)
Hello uxwbill. i know you have a new truck now. But is that a heated mirror switch on the heater controls? I wondered if it was if it said rear? or mirrors? mine says rear. but its out of a blazer
shawn100011 (5 лет назад)
same exact thing with my truck...thanks for the info, did yours make a humming/clicking sound when coming to a stop or taking off at low speeds?
oscu14gsoccer (5 лет назад)
Yep, exact same problem & hose here. For those questioning where the 3rd (5/32") line goes, there is barb fixed in the inner fender well. It's tucked up under the wiring harness that runs through there. You can see it with a mirror and can get it reconnected with a little patience. Thanks for the video! It was a huge help.
xwytewidowx (5 лет назад)
it wont let me post links for some reason.. just type in ( vacuum switch blazer ) it the search bar and watch the first two vids, first vid shoud be by Mark Jenkins, and the other is by 1aauto
xwytewidowx (5 лет назад)
yes i have fixed it. for me it was the vacuun hose that runs from the T-Case Switch to the front axle acuator, it was completely dry roted all the way through the hose. first off i would check the actuator to see if it has any problems, if the seems to be ok then go and check your vac lines, they run from the switch over the transmission, goes up the passenger side of trans and then up into the motor area. watch these vids they help me

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