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Pimples from CPAP Machine Mask

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I talk about pimples sores white spots from CPAP mask and show you why and how it happen to me.
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herc ules (2 года назад)
ive been getting the same stuff on my nose lately. the tip of it, tons of white heads or pimples. and it feels swollen.
MensHelpTv (2 года назад)
Good an thanks for sharing... I am sure this will help a person who is watching. MensHelpTv
herc ules (2 года назад)
for me I didn't get a cloth.the soap was the main problem. I was using harsher soap. like dish soap, anti bacterial, etc. I switched to "irish spring" bar soap. I started washing my mask with that every night. and I guess it's gentler or something, or pulls less oil from the skin, or leaves less residue... either way I don't get the pimples at all anymore. problem solved, thank god.
MensHelpTv (2 года назад)
I have used mouth wash to dry it out, a little on the finger and wipe on the skin, these white heads for me hurt like hell, I have pop them and added mouth wash, being it is a anti- bacteria solution. Well it works for me. If possible you might need to go with out the CPAP for the night to let it heal or place a thin rag at the top of the mask or maybe a Band-Aid, Turn on a fan and have it blowing on your face to lower the heat you are facing from having the mask on. I hope this might help as some solutions. MensHelpTv
ELAINE (2 года назад)
I have the same mask and wash my face all of the time as well as wiping the mask. I still get horrible breakouts
MensHelpTv (2 года назад)
+ELAINE MCKENZIE Some people get reactions, but the best way is to let the air get to the skin or you can buy a mask cover made of cotton, personally get an old pillow case and make your own mask cover that separates skin contact with the mask.MensHelpTv

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