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Jealous Sidechick Prank

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Текстовые комментарии (285)
Simply Jay (3 года назад)
Did u really just rip out my weave tho
John Slade (3 года назад)
Im confused, so who's his girlfriend? I`ve seen like 3 different girls in the two hours I've been watching his channel.
Natanooga 123 (3 года назад)
Does he go out with phi or cristal someone please answer
Josh Reyes (3 года назад)
God dame 😂😂💯
Roselyn Rojas (3 года назад)
Mario May (3 года назад)
Kat tho (3 года назад)
Daaaaaamn, them red bottoms thooo
Lor Nuisance (3 года назад)
Too funny😂
genesogi (3 года назад)
date Phi mystic she da one
Tommy Ngo (3 года назад)
So why does everyone assume an asian is chinese??
MrTax (3 года назад)
PLLLZZZ do more PRANKS!!! sooo funny
Fiery Fox Driftz (3 года назад)
We. asians are born liek this lul
Tommy Pereira (3 года назад)
Wonder how many times he gets out of real shizz like this by just saying its a prank😂
ShinobiOfThe Leaf (3 года назад)
Dude new member
Curlyheadtrin (3 года назад)
What the fuck happened to your other girl really ugh come on man
Su (3 года назад)
michael hall (3 года назад)
Are they dating
Stepan Drda (3 года назад)
nice :DDDDDD
Steadfast Strider (3 года назад)
Morgan Malone (3 года назад)
Why phii so mad about another female she know she ain't the only one . My opinion he should stop messing with phii and make it official with crystal she's wifey material
Morgan Malone (3 года назад)
You can tell phii can't fight 😂💀💀
Warren Whyte (3 года назад)
I bust out laughing when you left her hanging at the end
Jan Pugboer (3 года назад)
i fucking love vee
Dudfhgd (3 года назад)
Alex Coulson (3 года назад)
Who wears an outfit like that in a workplace, honestly?
Meshy G.A.P (3 года назад)
Who's the bitch 🙎😹.
Rosy Vicario (3 года назад)
GGGunitFiddy (3 года назад)
Whats the remix of the j cole song at the end?
Jooshwa (3 года назад)
i like that she was a good sport about it. most girls would not be that cool about it haha
Alen Toma (3 года назад)
wtf i just watched today's vlog and he's with this chick named Crystal, so who the fuck is this?
Scripted Links (3 года назад)
She was not happy lol.
Scripted Links (3 года назад)
But she was so nice at the end :)
Mj Stafford (3 года назад)
Holy crap lol
Rat (3 года назад)
HAHAHA when the weave came out
OneEdgeLegion TM (3 года назад)
But...where his girl coming from dressed like that? Took that coat off and might as well have been wearing a bra only
Nia Pia (3 года назад)
Damnnnnnn she snatched the weave out
VGCinema (3 года назад)
2:48 your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are sweaty
Delia (3 года назад)
Please do a q&a
Delia (3 года назад)
Does this mean your dating?
CyberChick (3 года назад)
@2:22 is pure gold XD asian turn up is secs!!
Nathan Tomlin (3 года назад)
After was 3 sum and was posted to P-hub. Ask for link.
Jpark S (3 года назад)
Mystic got hoes
shejaculate (3 года назад)
Phi kicked her heels off on point DAMN
Bonny-G N (3 года назад)
what is the last song at the end of the video call=ed just forgot???? help me out I just like it>
planetinvasion (3 года назад)
swvy. jax (3 года назад)
she hit him with a coat
Geoffrey Albury (3 года назад)
Phi needa hit me up 😎😎
Apple's bunches (3 года назад)
It wouldn't be so nice with me I'll tell u that lol
W3SDOGG (3 года назад)
JustRememberMe Bruh (3 года назад)
Lol she got no squabbles
Larriona Parrott (3 года назад)
she need some fighting lesson no shade
playa4lifesd619 (3 года назад)
gamming24_7 booh yhhhyh (3 года назад)
dammm tem titits
Anna Ch. (3 года назад)
why did she get angry like this? they aren't even a couple with Mystic
Life to Lori (3 года назад)
The quickness that she exited them heels tho.... dead
Martha Dasilva (3 года назад)
How many hoes this nigga got damm 😂
MixZee (3 года назад)
Damn that hair tho
pacypacman (3 года назад)
You got so many fucking chicks dude
M DUB30 (3 года назад)
Fuck fuck fuck lol 😂😂😂😂😂
Winston W (3 года назад)
Ghost pepper prank
Winston W (3 года назад)
Winston W (3 года назад)
Ghostttttt pepper the hottest pepper in the world !!!!!!!
Winston W (3 года назад)
Do the ghost pepper prank
6Pqin (3 года назад)
Why all these comments have so much likes?
Alfonso Gonzalez (3 года назад)
Nooooo!!! She called him babe. Where's krystalllll!!!!
Arif p (3 года назад)
Phi was ready to killa bitch
Ahmed Najem (3 года назад)
why is this nigga with a new girl every vid? :/
Faiza (3 года назад)
Zai Kai (3 года назад)
hopefully u guys know but just in case the song at the end is work out by j cole
Pabbe Osu (3 года назад)
She's wearing a skirt. We are doing progress...
Pabbe Osu (3 года назад)
Ooh wait she took of the shirt.. Back to square 0
keisha B (3 года назад)
but I thought they weren't together.................
Alayia Picart (3 года назад)
I'm dying
Ayonna (3 года назад)
She came out the closet yelling like a baby mamma or sum lml
Trap x Godz (3 года назад)
Julia Roberson (3 года назад)
Worldstar 😂😂
Daddy K (3 года назад)
ahhhh her weeavvve fell out!!!!!!!
Harry Wilson (3 года назад)
I only have one question who do you think would won in a fight fee or the other girl
Dope Vague (3 года назад)
Those extensions tho
Janie Smith (3 года назад)
Anyway I love u happy valentine
Janie Smith (3 года назад)
Were the other girl at og did um..
mansowiap (3 года назад)
Good acting
Alaysia_Though (3 года назад)
The things you do for your fans LOL. She is really going to prank you back one day real bad XD It will be tragic.
Tyler Bell (3 года назад)
I kinda feel bad for his friend her weave man
vanessa allen (3 года назад)
Lmao I'm so weak ! That shit was funny furreal! Lol don't u got like 2 other side chick's mystic?
goldherseybar (3 года назад)
Mystic where is Crystal
Tyler 990 (3 года назад)
Welcome to the under 301 club
Travis Bruss (3 года назад)
Her palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
I’m Snow White (3 года назад)
Nice prank !!! Lamo i was like dying laughing !! 😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👌✋✋👊✊ thanks for always cheering me up !
Lemarkus King (3 года назад)
Slay Today (3 года назад)
Got her good LOL
Rachel and Kaitlyn (3 года назад)
One of the first!
King Roney (3 года назад)
Lmao that wouldve been kinda cute if it wasnt a prank. (The Valentines thing. Not the side chick.)
Melanie Montes (3 года назад)
pLe. ok (3 года назад)
Jessika Green (3 года назад)
First comment fuck all yall
Thug 4 Life (3 года назад)
prank crystal
tonii562 (3 года назад)
2:39 when she threw the shirt at him he acted like he got shot lol
Ricardo Gonzales (3 года назад)
wait she called him baby oooohhhh ssshhhiiieeettt
Joey Jennings (3 года назад)
She wiped out her weave
Wesley Igberase (3 года назад)
Whats THE song at THE end
true trini girl (3 года назад)
it'sso funny that the marrie one ende up with the asian's weave lol:-D

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