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No Jobs No Business No Employment Alabama USA.

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This is the reality of American business No Jobs No Business No Employment Alabama USA
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Chrono Mike XRP (4 года назад)
Lol don't head back to Australia then, its headed the same way. Luckily the malls are still fairly busy. But the jobs are getting scarce well not scarce, just 100 people per job position. Can't start a business because there are 100 hoops to jump through before during and after your business. Governments want 99% poor and 1% rich. Middle class was anything from ancient times to 2008. Now there will be no middle class.
Katelyn Baity (6 лет назад)
need jobs, get read of 1200000 h and u will have jobs
Ray Aames (6 лет назад)
I'm dizzy now from all your non-stop side-to-side scanning!
lovingoregon (7 лет назад)
shutdown today??? i hope no

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