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How To Be Approved For Harvoni, Viekira, and Daklinza

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joe momma (11 месяцев назад)
Approved at f zero , your so full of b's
Harry A (1 год назад)
I like you! You're helping people and that's very commendable :-)
Assylzhan Mussilim (1 год назад)
Hi sir,Please advice me, my test results are, genotype 1 ( don't know a or b), F2, load 1,7 000000. Questions is Harvoni or viekira pak? Also what do you think about generics?q=sofosbuvir+and+ledipasvir
Kerrville TX (1 год назад)
thank you for caring..your a real man..amen
Jessica Kate Kate (1 год назад)
I was denied harvoni but approved for viekira. how does that work?
Sons of Apollo (1 год назад)
Viekira also has a very high cure rate. Doctors prefer not prescribe it because it has more side effects than Harvoni. Many insurance companies prefer Viekira over Harvoni, because it is less expensive. You can get Harvoni still, but you would have to appeal the decision.
James T (1 год назад)
These Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs) are oral meds taken one pill a day for as short as 12 weeks. Cure rates of 90% with minimal side effects for certain genotypes for ONLY 12 weeks of treatment are happening now. You can contact FixhepC, a website, composed of legitimate caring professionals. These pros can get you the medication for less than $2000 for the entire course of therapy. Good luck to all. Kindness is sexy.
auuunold (2 года назад)
mike duda (2 года назад)
you have no clue what your talkin about ,an expert my ass , if u knew what your talking about , u would know the f-2 minimum fibroscan requirement,
mike duda (2 года назад)
they dont treat anyone with any drugs period if your fibroscan isnt atleast f-2
mike duda (2 года назад)
they dont treat anyone with any drugs period if your fibroscan isnt atleast f-2
mike duda (2 года назад)
if your fibroscan is under f-2 , u wont b approved period
mike duda (2 года назад)
u need a fibroscan of f-2 or higher , plain & simple , if your fibroscan is under f-2 , u wont get fuckall period , they dont give harvoni , the cure to under f-2, your full of shit telling people theyll b approved for a fibroscan under f-2
ejohnson1234 (2 года назад)
What is your medical background? Are you a pharmacist or a doctor? What is your real name?
Demetrius Lolos (2 года назад)
Wait, when did they have a cure for Hepatitis?
Sons of Apollo (2 года назад)
+Demetrius Lolos They have had them for a while. Interferon/Ribavirin has been around for quite some time. The trouble with it is, it only has about a 50% cure rate for some of the more difficult genotypes, assuming its their first treatment. For the treatment experienced its more like 30-40%. Not only that, but the side effects are intense. About a third of people never finish the treatment. With the new drugs the side effects are much, much less, especially in Harvoni. The cure rates are also much higher, in the high 90s, even for the most difficult genotypes.

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