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circumcisize credit services .... I Can't Hear Or Spell .... sunrise credit services

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Credit card companys or debt collecton agencys ring people with no caller ID and unknown name trying to get information ... when you question them on their information they tend to get rude and very pushy. This is a credit debt collections who go by sunrise credit services, you will find they ask for information but when you ask for their information they say it is company policy that they don't need to give any. They tend to tell you but with no proof as to if this is the truth, neither does the caller give his or her name either. Ask question and don't let them try and guilt you or back you into a corner. When they call one of the tricks is to make out you are the bad person and they are the good people. Don't fall for this mind game. MensHelpTv
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Smack Tavish (4 года назад)
This video is good for people who buy something and then don't want to pay for it. Cheers mate, free stuff for everyone! You out criminaled the system, like a hacker. Everything in life should be free.
MensHelpTv (4 года назад)
I do not think you know exactly what you are talking about, being also this was not based on a conversation between you and a person who would not give his details out but kept asking mine... his claims at the time was not valid other than a sticky nose person seeking information. But you are right free for all.MensHelpTv

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