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Can Adults Have Wet Dreams? Like A Teenager Does?

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A wet dream is a time your body get to go on auto pilot and you orgasm with out the understanding of why it has happen. Men as much as women can have a wet dream in the childhood or in adulthood also, basically when you have not had sexual relations with a partner or masturbation methods at some point the body goes end empty's its over flow of body content. Adult wet dreams as much as teenager wet dreams can happen and does happen in many people if they say it or not, it is not dirty or a bad thing you have done in your sleep it is nature throwing away the old body fluid and making new. If a person has not had sexual relations for some time then maybe you will have a wet dream at some point of the dry spell. For men a wet dream is sperm that is shot from the penis as you sleep, and for women it might be an orgasm or the feeling of being wet, it is natural to dream sexual dreams for some people that is beyond self control, because your body and mind are doing the auto master as you sleep. If you have other sexual conditions then maybe you could discuss this with a doctor, a mature adult or your parents.
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Christopher Hauser (1 месяц назад)
is it possible to have wet dreams when you don't have sex
Nolife2692 (1 год назад)
Having a wet dream suck got a few times a month without noticing it I am worry too about it
MensHelpTv (1 год назад)
If you keep having issues see your doctor, I am not a doctor. Cheers. MensHelpTv
Nolife2692 (1 год назад)
+MensHelpTv I just cant wait to grow out of this phase
MensHelpTv (1 год назад)
If you are not sexually active, then it is normal, if you have a partner it is normal also... our body returns to nature and when you are sleeping I guess it heals its self. I have never met a person who says they can control their sleeping dreams. MensHelpTv
BRICKCITY9MM (4 года назад)
i still have wet dreams every time it rains and it starts leaking through my roof and wet me up while im asleep dreaming. Man i need to fix that roof from leaking.

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