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Men Who Hate Russian Bride Scams

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1000s of men have fallen for the Russian bride scam, where they meet a woman on the internet dating site ( Photo ), And they start an internet relationship. But the woman is poor and has fallen in love with the victim, in a pretend relationship. She has requests for money but plays it off as he will make do with what little she has. She tends to fall in love with in a short amount of time, but the person behind the photo tends to be a man, using women's photos in the scam. She tends to be on the way to fly to your country, but along the way she come's into troubles that need small amounts of deposits... But she never turns up to the arrival of the Airport. And the victim is scammed a lot of money by a man pretending to be a woman. Their is many drama situations the scammer comes up with... but the IM Sex Texting has been created by a man who pretends to be a woman. Now That Is One Hell Of A Vile Person To Trick A Man.
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David Brunner (3 года назад)
It is not the women. It is the sites. Most of the site are bad. If you use honest services, you will be all right.
David Brunner (3 года назад)
+MensHelpTv I beg to differ. Anastasidate, UaDreams, Natashaclub, Charmingdate, Find-bride, Veronikalove, etc. have been around for over a decade. They are nothing but scam sites. There is an entire scam infrastructure within Ukraine, Russia, and former CIS countries. It is mostly Mafia owned and run. Men go to these sites looking at the advertisements and thinking they have actually found someone. They get tricked into writing letters and having chats for outrageous fees. They are encouraged to send expensive presents that are never purchased through the site. I have to say, I am not sure what to do about men who are still being scammed via email. I would hope by now, most men know if someone is sending you an email out of the blue saying they wish to date you, it is a scam. But if there are men who are truly looking to find happiness, I recommend honest dating sites and services. Many of them are free.
MensHelpTv (3 года назад)
I have scammers who contact me in the cold sell, just everyday emails, they are out for money and fake love... yes some websites are very deceiving crooks who let people get scammed, but in the end these dating agencies don't tend to last long, besides their is a lot of scam baiters who monitor scammers and their stolen photo's of other people they use.
David Brunner (3 года назад)
I understand that.  But the websites are the ones that are guilty of knowingly employing women who are married or in a relationship. They pay the women according to how much you spend at the site.  I have a listing of honest dating sites for men to use overseas.  But you still have to be careful.  Because you can definitely run into women who are trying to scam you. Still, it is much better than using the organized scam that most of the overseas dating industry participates in.  
MensHelpTv (3 года назад)
+David Brunner But dating is about meeting in person,, not secret meetings on the internet. Some women are already in a relationship but scam for an income. Thanks for your comment. MensHelpTv
Mokthat Ibn Ign Kakmod (3 года назад)
STAY AWAY FROM RUSSIAN OR UKRAINE WOMEN! sorry for the caps but I feel like I had to get my point across. I have been dating Russian and Ukraine women exclusively for 4 years now. I almost married a Ukraine girl from Lugansk…and it almost cost me my life. She used me for money, no matter what I would buy her it would never be good enough. I would take her to Thailand to spoil her rotten and it would still never be good enough. In the end my mother caught her out cheating on me with 5 OTHER MEN from foreign countries. These men would buy her gifts, have sex and leave. The other Ukraine women I have spoken to have all cheated on their husbands. Have acted dubious, vague and secretive. I remeber I was dating one Ukraine girl for 3 months and I sent her a message one night telling her I was in hospital because of chest pains, want to know her response? ” oh ok” yup…thats it. She ended up being a emotionally unstable, cold manipulative whore. I have spoken to over 60 Russian women, I have tried and tried to find a genuine Russian girl and its impossible. They are like talking to a Grey alien from out of space. Cold, calculating, emotionless and add on narcissistic, vindictive etc… People say you cant generalize…but bullcrap! you can with these Russian/ Ukraine women. They are the epitome of trash. STAY AWAY! p.s who ever defends these girls are either A Russian female, or some poor blind sucker that has been sucked in and will inevitably meet his poor fate soon when her true colors show. If you do not take my advice….date at your own peril. I warned you.
michelle shell (2 года назад)
+MensHelpTv I am happy for u hunny
MensHelpTv (2 года назад)
I married an American white woman, over all it has been a good union between us in the past 7 years. My country it was hard to meet and stay together due to what I saw was on offer. MensHelpTv
michelle shell (2 года назад)
+MensHelpTv why not just marry a woman from your country hunny? also super cool accent
MensHelpTv (3 года назад)
+Libressman Thanks for sharing, the message needs to get out about these scammers... I fell for this crap once. Now I scam the scammers.MensHelpTv

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