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7 months post-op - I'VE LOST 100lbs! But owwww, my knee.

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correction: in my last video I was 13st 5lbs. Celebrating some scale-based landmarks, but really suffering with my injured leg! Stats: Current weight: 12st 12lb Weight on day of surgery: 16st 8lbs (20th October 2015) Highest weight: 20st (1st Jan 2015)
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Josie Hipkiss (1 год назад)
Love your dress , you look amazing x
Presley4eva VSG Journey (2 года назад)
Congrats on the 100#!!!! You're looking fabulous and so glad you're feeling better and hoping the knee is better soon! ❤️ your piggie too ;)
Living Like Jodi (2 года назад)
100 pounds!!! Wow wow wow!!! Woo hoo!! Amazing!!! You are killing it girl! I love you as always!! You make me smile so much!!! Sorry about the aches and pains at the knee. Crappy! Hope you feel better!!!
RNY Di (2 года назад)
You look smashing doll! Sorry about your knee and the accompanying depression. Glad you are turning it around again.
RNY Di (2 года назад)
PS...... you are approaching extraordinary!!!! :)
SJs Journey (2 года назад)
Best intro ever! Lol you look fantastic! Congratulations on reaching 100 lbs lost! What an amazing feeling. You are doing amazing. So happy you were able to get past the depression of the knee and it's feeling better. Hope it gets seen soon and you're hitting your classes once again xx
Kirstin O'Shea (2 года назад)
I love seeing how much happier you seem, despite the setback with your knee; it makes me tearful in a good way! Madame Wandsworth hahahaa. Loving the freedom your feeling with clothes too, you've always been the most stylish of my friends. When you said that you had a limited window for losing weight due to gastric bypass why is that? I've never read about that but it makes sense if that is the case as I notice that as time goes by people have to be way for careful or weight loss slows down. Love you!
Mod_Bod (2 года назад)
Considering how funkin' stylish our posse is, including your good self, that's a real compliment! I am happy although that's actually more to do with work and fitness than the weight loss. I feel a bit odd looking in the mirror at the moment. I saw my reflection today and I thought "Woah. Brian Molko". I've waited 15 years for that day!
Mod_Bod (2 года назад)
Good evening. Fancy seeing you here! There's a 'honeymoon' period where you lose weight a bit more easily (about 9 months post-op to a year) which then gradually tails off until about 2 years post op.
Becki88wls RnY (2 года назад)
Great update Hun! Lovely to see you 😊 You look AMAZING! So happy things are getting better for you, hope your knee appointment goes well! 💜
Joanne Hodgin (2 года назад)
yey x Thanks for the update Louise x You're doing fabulously 💝 can't wait to join you on that bench on the 31st. I'd love to meet your tufty guinea-pig 😘 ooo errr lol.
VSG BrittBratt (2 года назад)
Such great advice, and thank you for making an update really diving into these subjects. its so important to see all sides to this journey, not just the fun ones.
Cheryl Frank (2 года назад)
congratulations on losing so much weight 😀 amazing job 👏
Stephanie Saunders (2 года назад)
check you out miss thang! you look and sound amazing!! still on my journey one more appointment to go till I get my date but trying to keep positive xxx
Leelee VSG (2 года назад)
Looking great! So glad to see you on your feet after such an ordeal. I love watching your videos just to see what you're wearing!

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