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Weight Loss Surgery - Is It The Easy Way Out?!

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Wanted to make a video discussing a couple of MY reasons why weight loss surgery is NOT the easy way out. Feel free to follow me on IG : SleevedUpCece and DM me with any questions that you have! :) Thanks for watching!
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Tiffany Gerovich (1 год назад)
My god I love how bad-ass and unapologetic you are!! For years I've been the people pleaser, making sure everyones looked after/respected/appreciated etc all the whilst letting my own voice/ideas/opinions be belittled. I am a very intelligent lady! Do people think I just decided to cut myself open and change my body forever without thoroughly researching and speaking to specialists and seeing psychologists etc? You inspired me to be a bit more bad ass and question others instead of myself xxx
man that surgery looks good on you and im going to get it and i just love to see how you all transform
Doom metal tortoise (1 год назад)
my mom git gastric bypass and admitted it was easier than trying to cut bad habits cold turkey. You shouldn't be offended when people talk about it being the easy way out because who said you had to do everything the hard way.
Benjamin Stratton (1 год назад)
Just about everything you said applies to people who lose weight the "old fashioned way". Their weight isn't lost over night. They still want to pile away cheese burgers and pizzas. Their attitudes to food are forced to change if they want to succeed. They have no guarantee that they can keep the weight off. You don't want to belittle other people's experiences, but you're incredibly defensive of other people belittling yours. No matter how you try to justify it to yourself, weight loss surgery is an aid. It makes the job easier. That's why it's called "The Easy Way Out". I'm sure if there was an even easier way to lose weight, you'd buy that instead.
Selecia Cherry (1 год назад)
Benjamin Stratton I don't belittle anyone's weight loss journey at all which is why I don't understand why someone can belittle mine. Weight loss surgery is definitely an aid but there is no guarantee of keeping the weight off. I personally know people who've had the surgery and are BIGGER than what they were before surgery. So labeling it "the easy way out" is ridiculous. The only people who label it that are those who are uneducated with what comes with the surgery.
Rico Haugen (1 год назад)
You're a dope soul ifwu -rico
RealLifeWithKatie (1 год назад)
I love you! haha

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