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10 CRAZIEST Off Road Vehicles Ever Made | LIST KING

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NewReef (6 месяцев назад)
i want one
nonyabusiness (1 год назад)
taking pictures of shit in junkyards...waste of a click
JagerMeister (1 год назад)
the tsar wasn't an off road vehicle the Russians actually never used it because it would get stuck in the mud so easy
Alpha Machina (2 года назад)
The guy that made the Big Foot monster trucks used the exact wheels from the Arctic train on one of his monster trucks.
TheGreatBritishFarm (2 года назад)
Felix Hardt (2 года назад)
TheGreatBritishFarm no it is german only the headquarter is in Swiss
Angel Arroyo (2 года назад)
Xavier Sequeira (2 года назад)
ABIOP Productions (2 года назад)
Ethan Kerr (2 года назад)
1st like 2nd comment 8th view
Matt S (2 года назад)

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