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Iritated no car!!!

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Brian Deeb (2 года назад)
Wow, you're talking about giving up on society just because that kind of incident? I would've just walk those 5 miles...
John Milius (2 года назад)
I agree, people in general both anger and frustrate me on a daily basis, and even my family and current friends cause me more pain than comfort. Often it seems preferable to avoid people alltogether. But I'm also convinced that in my core I'm a social being and need good company and actual friends in this life, even though that's like finding needles in a haystack. I also have to ask; What about me, am I a good person? Would I honestly like to befriend my own clone for example? I'm not so sure.
Unknown Mgtow (2 года назад)
I think you really hit on something when you talk about the true nature of people. So much of life is pure illusion. Women have a way of blinding men with their beauty and sexual charms. But if you take away the sex part, you really have nothing left. Just a pathetic person who probably just wants money. As a man, this is difficult to wrap your mind around because, well because of...vagina. We become slobbering fools around women. Even when we intellectually understand they are bad for us. It's this weird scenario where we pedestalize that which destroys us.
David Fischer (2 года назад)
+familyman20 I just wonder... when you read Unknown Mgtow's comment, do you see yourself in what he's decribing? Do women blind you with their beauty and sexual charms? Do you become "a slobberning fool" around them? I don't see myself in it and honestly I don't see you being like that either. Although I admit that might be wishful thinking...

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