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Male Mammogram Dr Follow Up... After Care.

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This is the follow up seeing a doctor for an examination after my Male Mammogram and ultra sound. I will need to do a follow up in 3 months, then if still sore, a biopsy might need to be done to examine the tissue, that could be a tumor. But lets not jump the gun one thing at a time, and I hope the slum sore goes away.
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TheGreatJunkHeapFlower (3 года назад)
I remember when I would go with my Grandmom to see her oncologist, once I read a sheet of paper that had all different types of cancers listed on it with little check boxes next to each of them. I saw for breast cancer there were two choices male or female.  I hope your next follow up will be clean too good luck.
TheGreatJunkHeapFlower (3 года назад)
+MensHelpTv That's good hope all stays well. =) 
MensHelpTv (3 года назад)
It turned out I had low testosterone level, So been taking the injections and swelling went back down. Thanks for the kind words. MensHelpTv

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