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Buy Weed Canada - Review

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Buy Weed Canada - Review BUY WEED LINK http://canadiancannabis.com
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Jay Harris Live Music (2 месяца назад)
His phenibut video is so off the rails he disabled the comments! If he takes marsh mellows with heroin and all the stuff listed in his description u could also die! I suggest u take a half or third of the dose he said as his example think of any beer u have as 3 beers instead of 1 and leave all the heroin or whatever else he took with it and u won't have to make a dramatic video n disable the comments,,I hope he never does those combinations especially with such unusually high phenibut dose sizes again if he wants to live!!
Justin Jezewski (1 год назад)
Why in the world did you disable the comments on your Phenibut video? Seems a topic very much worth having an open dialogue on. This action immediately negates any information you have to share on other topics, at least in my eyes.
Jay Harris Live Music (2 месяца назад)
That's what I addressed up top before I saw ur comment down below!

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