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Chronic Pain Sufferer Says She Can't Get Pain Medication Amid Opioid Production Cuts

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Getting opioid prescriptions has become increasingly difficult as production is being cut. Suzie Suh reports.
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Nicola Bowden (17 секунд назад)
This is absolutely rediculous. These people are not drug addicts they are patients which is a very different thing. Opiods are addictive as most people know but used correctly under the supervision of trained medical staff then they should be allowed to use this medication.. many many people find everyday tasks almost impossible to do without adequate pain relief. Which idiot came up with the idea of cutting patients pain medication needs shooting... i wonder if these stupid politicians found themselves in the same predicament as these unfortunate sufferers they would still insist that patients cant have their medication. I think not.. doctors are now nervous to do their job.. doctors know of the great relief that these meds bring.. Morphine etc has been around for thousands of years and if used properly with knowledge and care has been proven to be a very safe drug. Come on guys give these patients what they need. Don't make people suffer..
CJ Miller (47 минут назад)
Yep thanks to our wonderful heroin addicts people that needed it cant get it. But we can give our heroin addicts a free shot so they dont die, and methadone orsuboxone so they dont feel sick, but people that have legitimate pain are made to look like the addicts if they even ask about it. I am sick of hearing about the heroin addicts, who the 3 i know of blow there monthly SSI checks on??? yep heroin, its gone in a day. But its cool i will keep working in pain so they can get all there free money and food stamps that they sell for drugs. One even said to me..you better go to work, you are my paycheck, real slap in the face from a loser. and lmao she was right. our state reps and governors have no clue how many peopledo this. THIS IS ONLY OHIO
Cheryl Tindwani (4 часа назад)
I’m right in with the club.
Cats Laughs And Other Dumb Stuff (9 часов назад)
There's gonna be more addiction...cuz they're gonna go get it on the street...there's gonna be increasing.....increasing amounts of suicides! Killings. Burglery. Did I say SUICIDES????? There's GOTTA be something to be done differently!! This is STUPID! I have about 6 major spinal conditions including an advancing deformity that doesn't respond to most conventional treatments. I've had 6 spinal surgeries. Countless injections, blocks, novacaine shots, and mental health treatments to help me get a hold of the residual effects of escalatiing PAIN. I'm in TEARS.....all......the....time.....it's gonna get worse for me. I don't know what's gonna happen in a year as I'm in a s load of pain NOW. I need HELP too. I got labelsed "drig seeking" at the ER about 6 months ago because I went feeling like fire ants we're eating my spinal cord from the inside out! And I CRIED. I wanted SOMETHING done about the pain. I shouldn't HAVE to live this way. And I'm not making g this stuff up. I'll go to the ER smiling next time....happy and smiling, so they can send me home cito g "She wasn't sick ENOUGH'........Damned either way.....I thought about going to the media....I dont know how to do it. Do nt even know where to start. I thought maybe, just maybe they could figure d me a doctor who was willing to help me without getting me hooked on anything, or what I basically have been getting for the last ten years...and that's Drs who either don't t know HOW to help me or are unwilling to help me because they know it will be a long road, a uphill before it gets better battle. I'm down for the hard work...no problem...the last ten + years have been a life wasted. I'm still not even sure why I'm waiting my time typing all this.....I'm still convinced MAYBE someone will hear my story and want to help me. There's so much more....but I've lost half of you already I'm sure.....Did I mention that any future surgeries would have to be do t without benefit of blood products? So yeah I've got BIG TIME problems.....and I dont know how I'm gonna handle it. I'd love to send my story (which is about three inches thick in medical reports) to some nedia outlets...because honestly, I'm not sure where else to turn. Please someone.....give me a shot. I need to know my life is.....well....I could use a few words: In vain, over, in the dumper, hopeless and a few more come to mind.......I don't t know what else to say.......I'm sorry I wrote a book on here.......I'm just......I dunno...desperate? Desperate but with my senses.........thanks....Donna.
Donna Holdeman (13 часов назад)
With. The insurance companies playing GOD and not allowing people to get their pain meds legally you can bet that over doses of street pain kills and heroin are going to go up higher than ever before!!!!
Clarence Charping (21 час назад)
Donna Davis (1 день назад)
OPIOID RIGHT!! What about the ALCOHOL?!?!?! I don't even drink it and have never abused drugs, Y'all watch ppl go to ALCOHOL!! or any means they can for RELIEF!! There is more to it than the OPIOID ADDICTION!!!
R E D- Head (2 дня назад)
My Pain clinic has been HELPING Me for 14 years but NOT Anymore!! I take my meds for a botched back surgery & degenerative disc disease, auto immune dis. & 2 types of arthritis,.. i Suffer With VIOLENT Migraines too! I have a lot of pain meds left from cutting myself off before the Dr office cuts me completely off!! I have had a migraine for several weeks & i just couldn’t take it anymore & I went to the ER Urgent Care & they will NOT Give me aPain Shit That I used to get All the Time a few Years Ago! The Dr Said That He Could Lose His License So,.. NO PAIN SHOT (Nubian & THAT is the ONLY Shot that Works for Me!!! I was told that I Had to Basically SUFFER!!! I FEEL VERY BAD FOR EVERYONE BECAUSE I REALLY THINK THAT THEY WANT US TO DIE!!!
Betty Shreve (2 дня назад)
I am in the same way, they are taking our pain meds away, it,s not fair, i dont do drugs, i am in pain every minute of the day and long nights, i was able to work and live comfortable , now they have taken my meds, and i will probaby do the worst one day , so sad our doctors have come to this what about the oath they take?..
Barbara Quay (2 дня назад)
I am familiar with both sides of pain meds story and would say animals are treated better for pain than humans
Melonie Brown (2 дня назад)
I have chronic pain after being in three bad wrecks. I hurt 24/7. I broke every bone in my body. I now have RA and take pain meds every day for pain. If I was ever unable to get my pain meds I would probably honestly want to commit suicide because my pain is so bad I can’t walk and can’t live my life without them. The way things are going is ridiculous. I’m sorry but I don’t know why we all have to suffer because of the choices of others. I take my pain meds the right way and have been since 2006 and my liver and kidneys are checked every six months and I am fine. Some of us have to have our meds to live our lives and take care of our families. This bs needs to stop ! I feel so bad for this lady because I know exactly how she feels
war on muhammed news (2 дня назад)
people need to go on suboxone its way longer lasting and plenty strong i was on patches 12o advinza morphine and it works great for me
Marilyn Calvert (3 дня назад)
She’s taking a hydrocodone that my insurance won’t pay for. I’ve had chronic pain for over 15 years. I’m on fentanyl , hydrocodone, lyrica, metaxalone. I can relate to her pain it will draw you to suicide. It took many medications before they got my pain under control. It was about five years before a doctor realized how much pain I was in when your in pain your blood pressure goes up and the pain meds help bring it down. My pain was so uncontrolled that it damaged my heart and I now take high blood pressure pills daily. I worry about moving to New Hampshire to be with my daughter and closer to my families cemetery plot. The pain is so severe it makes you squirm. I dread not being able to get my pain meds because I know it’s a certain death for me. I have two different forms of chronic pain both are severe. Fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease. I cracked my tail bone on black ice when I was 20 and in 2008 had neck surgery to replace three disc in my neck with cadaver disc. I had a stimulator put in but after a month was rushed in with a staph and it had to be removed . There went my hopes of getting off some of my meds. Its recreational users that our government thinks pain patients are the problem and they aren’t. Many of us have diseases from MS,ALS,RSD,cancer and many other disease that cause our brains to malfunction. Pain patients that go to pain management doctors are not recreational users.
Derek Parker (4 дня назад)
MILLIONS are suffering.....not everyones a drug addict many people need these drugs. The statistics clearly show that only 1% of "addicts" actually got hooked at the doctors office! The news lies, everyone is looking for someone to blame and the government is arresting Dr's for doing thier Job...I don't need the Gov. in my medical treatment , they're already poking their nose into evry aspect of everyones lives. Nope I'm not on em and don't take em, but it's BS when you going to have a major surgical procedure done (yes I'm referring to myself here) until they tell you they don't prescribe opiates. UHHH I'm sorry but if your cutting me open I'm going to need something stronger than tylenol or motrin when your done!!...this shit has gone too far smh ridiculous...next they'll start taking morphine away from dying Hopspice patients smh RIDICULOUS!
Bonita Wauls (4 дня назад)
CBS, if you need yet another person's hardship regards to needing opioid meds, please call me ar 1'717-264-2707
Bonnie LeBlanc (4 дня назад)
I've had five surgeries on my spine and neck. Quality of life went from 8 to a 1 without proper medication. People who need these medications to survive are being punished yet we're not the people abusing them. It's so unfair. We're trying to merely survive.
Santa Bracero (4 дня назад)
This brakes my ❤ i feel her pain 😔😞😥
Barbara Mowrey (4 дня назад)
I can't believe this injustice for medical patients! Karma is prevalent here. Yes it is.
Noelle Pritchard Barkley (4 дня назад)
This exact thing happened to me a few years back - same diagnosis but resulting from chronic Lyme disease.destroyed my hands, knees, etc. I’ve never been able to find a doctor to prescribe ANY kind of pain medication, so totally frustrating, and being young and nearly crippled is depressing beyond explanation. I actually spent years self-medicating with heroin, in the most responsible way I possibly could, which helped for awhile. As I get older, however, and want to stay away from any kind of illegal/unhealthy options, I find myself at a loss for what to.
Steven Ashcraft (4 дня назад)
This cut isn,t fair to the people who need it for chronic pain. I have 4 disks in my back that are blown I have seen 4 surgeons and they all will not operate on my back because It could pairalize me from my neck down or my waist down. I have been on the level of medication I am for the last 4 or 5 years. Before I was on this medication I needed help just to get up and go to the bathroom. This medication gave me my life back as far as being able to get up and move around yes i,m still in pain but at a level i can deal with. They have already taken away my oxycodone 5 mg tablets this month. And the oxycontin i,m on is being cut from 90 mg every 12 hours to 50 mg every 12 hours first thing is the withdraw i,m going to go though is going to be hell not to mention the painis also going to be putting me though hell and my way of life is to be putting me back to not being able to do the things i can do today. It,s not fair to anyone that is going to be hurt by this cut in medication.
Jerrey Farago (5 дней назад)
LiveLikeYouFly (6 дней назад)
Ok. Pfizer! When you start paying to the Government as much as Budweiser does. All this opioid shit will go away.
LiveLikeYouFly (6 дней назад)
Why is it. A person can walk into any Walmart in the country and Buy a "COLD" case of beer. But not a cold case of soda?
LiveLikeYouFly (6 дней назад)
How is it leagal to drink one self to death. Yet a doctor cannot prescribe a man medication he needs to live a normal life?
LiveLikeYouFly (6 дней назад)
If my doctor can't give me a Hydrocodone! Then my neighbor dam sure should not be allowed to drink a case of beer every day.
LiveLikeYouFly (6 дней назад)
Hey Dumb Asses!! Hello??? What's it going to take. Opioid prohibition?? So y'all assholes can get your cut?
michelle green (6 дней назад)
OHHH HOW I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!! i have MCTD, LUPUS,RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS ,BURSITIS AND TYPE 1 DIABETES!!! I previously have been tried on NUMEROUS non opioid meds for pain but wasnt until i was finally tried on Percocet..one three times daily and drastically changed my life...THEN...WHEN ALL THESE PEOPLE ABUSING THEM...IWAS TAKEN OFF AND CANT FIND A DR....TO HEAR ME OF HOW MUCH THEY...HELPED!!!!!!!
Robin Renee Bednarczyk (6 дней назад)
All their doing is sending their patients straight into the hands of the street dealers. AND THOSE are the ones who are lacing and pressing fentanyl into their pills, hence, causing more deaths. I think the Government wants as many people dead as they can get by using this antic.
None of my Business (7 дней назад)
They cut off the doctors and pills now heroin and fentanyl has sky rocketed and deaths are almost doubled. Atleast when pills was on the streets they was safer than the shit coming from Mexico. A lot of people are on heroin now because of the cut down on pills
Austina Marshall (7 дней назад)
I AM an insomniac- have been for the majority of my life. Finally found a medication that worked! Was prescribed ONE 10mg. Ambien! Relief!! I had(past tense) a normal life. Was then prescribed 5 mg.- I took it along with Gabapentin and I was able to function( not as well-but doable). NOW- then have taken away the Ambien all together. I stay up all night-it is affecting every aspect of my life. :-( I am 60 - only took the one pill a day and Gabapentin when needed-as I have arthritis. Another person that does without and it IS unfair. I have never been arrested and suffer no mental issues....well, yet! Sometimes I am not sure I can do this anymore. The doctors(rather the insurance companies run this country. I would not be a doctor these days. They are just puppets with NO power. Unless a patient is mega rich or maybe a boyfriend or girlfriend to the Doctor. You know they prescribe to some. I guess the mega rich is PAYING for all the commercials about these medications 98% or 99% of us do NOT get...
Can't Beat The BAY! (7 дней назад)
Thomas Mathews (8 дней назад)
I completely understand her situation for I am a chronic pain patient. I wish there was help or us because I find myself buying the pain meds off the street which I know it's not good. but I'm a single father raising kids they don't deserve 2 see me suffer. anyone nose of a doctor or any information I appreciate it in advance
Rodney Holcombe (8 дней назад)
doctors get you hooked then treat you like a criminal. decriminalize all drugs. let people decide what they want to injest
Joe Robbins (10 дней назад)
A prime example of what's going on the people that desperately need these drugs having to suffer because of the government bullshit if they needed it bygod it wouldn't. be a problem and as far as the ones killing themselves they brought it on themselves I've took opioids for 25 yrs and never had a problem it's BULLSHIT period
Guy Baldridge (10 дней назад)
It took me over 12 years to finally get my morphine but I still need my medical marijuana
Pamela Christine (13 дней назад)
I have had pain for the last 6-8 months. Finally my doctor prescribed tramadol. I had surgery May 1st. I am currently in pain that tramadol isn't touching. I went to the ER and they gave me something stronger, however didn't send me home on anything. I have been taking Hot baths, heating pads, Tylenol, ibuprofen, and my tramadol. It only takes the edge off the pain. It's aweful.
anita dance (13 дней назад)
Oh no
Jennifer Rojas (14 дней назад)
Enough of this hate against opiates .
Kyle (14 дней назад)
My disease has made my life hard enough. Now I have to go twice a month and only get half of my prescription each time. I have never abused my pain meds and never will but it seems that I am being punished for the actions of others. The ones that are following the rules are the only ones getting penalized. The ones breaking the law will keep right on doing what they're doing.
Brenda Lea Stone (15 дней назад)
Many herbs and spices have pain relievers this is what many medications are made from. Many natural foods also have natural pain relievers. Start combineing them. Many of them grow wild and you can get them and prepare them for yourself. If you are in pain start doing research. Cellery is one of the foods with pain killers the greener the better, bite into it raw you can taste the pain killers.
Brenda Lea Stone (15 дней назад)
Look into curcumin, no Known side effects, helps with pain. Also wild lettuce is better than opoids and it grows wild. The pharma can't control how much of it you get, look into the old ways for prepration.
Consultations with Heaven Insights (16 дней назад)
we all need to get together and fight this we have a right to be heard. This is inhumane to make people suffer. Life is crappy enough as it is but to suffer in pain too? It is cruely and this is coming from someone who doesnt take medication for pain but I have dealt with certain things in the past and I know they helped me survive when the pain was going to kill me - Pain spikes up blood pressure and it is torture for them to do this to those in need of relief. - I did not notice any high when I took them in the past it just removes pain. If someone Overdoses it is because they choose to.. anyone suicidal will find a way its not the pills persay that create suicide it is life being so crappy and having a hard time to cope in a cruel world with tragedies.
NotoriousNoe (16 дней назад)
Medical marijuana to the rescue
MrJim217 (16 дней назад)
The government needs to stay the hell out of healthcare just look what Obama did with Obama care totally screwed up their healthcare anytime the government gets involved they just make matters worse people are dying from Opiuo aid with drawls I’ve known five people to die from withdrawals but they call it overdose if there still a little bit in their system and a lot of people are turning to heroin when they lose their prescription after being on it for many years there needs to be lawsuits started and even people charged for murder for cutting these poor people of their medication.
Jaci Rogers (16 дней назад)
This is so true. In Oklahoma we have to have prescriptions mailed. Well my Rheumatologist is 120 iles away, and it takes 2 days to get the prescription if they mail it quickly. If I'm running out I start halving my pills. This is because of those who are the meds and abused the system. But I did not, yet my state makes me pay.
juan rodriguez (16 дней назад)
now we are making the taliban happy people can not get their meds it's a night mare trying to fill a script
Pamela Holmes (17 дней назад)
on September,16 of this past year I was suffering in severe nuerothopy and the Norco wasn't killing my pain so I copped this pill that I was told was a roxicodone 30mg,and I really didn't notice that it was a bit different well it wasn't a real roxy30mg,when the paramedics got2me I was only 3%living they had2give me the shot of Marcin to bring me back to life I was then taken to the ER,where I understand that they had2work hard2keep me alive.I was in&out of comatose state for 4,days then the Dr.ask me how long had I been a heroin addict,i told him TRUTH that I'd never but yet that's what showed up in my system.and to top it all off that would of been my dad's birthday.but you Jesus he has still got a purpose for me...
john howard (18 дней назад)
My wife is suffering this exact same issue. The people that desperately need pain killers cannot get them...doctors treat them like drug seekers, and wiil not prescribe them. And pharmacies are the same...my wife has already attempted killing herself once to stop the suffering. We treat our animals with more compassion than people. Thank you to all the drug heads out there who caused this.
Pav Pavlou (18 дней назад)
Shocker. Like his Vietnam war Nixon's war on drugs has no fucking exit strategy.
Holly Cline (19 дней назад)
What about the economy that's going to crash when all the chronic pain and benzo prescribed patients are cut off. And can't contribute to society because of this. People will not be able to work let alone care for their loved ones.
707 SaV (19 дней назад)
Fucking bullshit, I broke my back and I barely get any pain meds but atleast I get some.. I miss what I use to get
Lisa O. Davis (22 дня назад)
This is SO ridiculous, this poor woman is just being F-----d over!!! This is what you get for judging people you don't know. We have what she needs to help her suffering, but she can't get it!? In the "richest " country in the world? Oh for crap sake!
dirk voltron (22 дня назад)
Life sucks deal with it
dirk voltron (22 дня назад)
Long term pill use is horrible. I was in a terrible motorcycle accident 4 years ago severed nerves in my shoulder/back will never have proper use of my right arm. Broke 5+ribs on left and right side, collapsed both lungs on impact, broke my pelvis like a spider web had to get reconstructed. Lacerated my kidney and liver..the list goes on. I only took morphine by iv in the hospital for the first 2 weeks. The proper treatment is not pills for the rest of your life.. its proper nutrition/real food physical therapy, staying active and not giving up. Pills are a downward spiral to hell
rochelle123ist (18 дней назад)
dirk voltron not for terminally ill cancer patients! Cancer sucks!
Daniel Jenn (22 дня назад)
I had a visit with my Doctor yesterday. He said he & other doctors are having a special meeting this year about the whole mess on cutting back pain pills. He told me to reach out to other people & tell them to start writing their congressmen about it & ask for their help on reversing the cut backs. I also told him that since they also cut my ultram that they're leaving no choice but to seek out heroin because it has the same properties of Morphine. Any one from Michigan who wants to help me start a writing campaign, leave it in these remarks & figure how to meet through online or phone to talk about setting up basic letters for people who are serious about turning to something else if they refuse to help us. It can be turned around.
Cheryl Tindwani (23 дня назад)
I been demonized by pharmacists I’ve been told the exact same thing. I went into a Walgreens and was denied medication and I called my friend who is on the exact same medication and she got her script filled at the same Walgreens a day later. I’ve been called a drug seeker because you can’t wuestion why you can’t have your medication yet they can ask you why you need it. I’ve had to take my X-rays and files to pharmacies and even still at times it’s a hassle. I’ve been with the same pain dr for years never asked for early refills never failed s urine test but I did a mistake by telling the dr the medicine stopped working as it once did and requested a change and also asked them to change it twice a year. What a terrible mistake. suddenly I was drug seeking. I started being treated badly by scripts used to be filled every 29 or 30 days now it’s every 31 or 32 days even though there’s no 32 days in a month I have to withdwawl for one day every single month. Because I can’t break the long acting medication OxyContin it’s not allowed and the short acting I need for breakthrough pain, so it’s realky hard to save those up. It’s crazy and I recommend nobody no matter the pain ever start these pills these drs and pharmacists get you on it then when they’re done with you they’ll dump u out the door. Now I still see my dr but I keep my head down now.the same with my pharmacist. My life has been ruined by the hoops I have to jump through. They’re suppose to help you with pain but once you on them you wonder what’s more the pain your dealing with or the pain that comes with taking these pills. I’d rather just end it all for good.
Pamela Brady (24 дня назад)
That is just terrible the people that r drug addicts ruin it for the people that need it that's just messed up God bless her you know what else kills me people that shoot dope now they have clinics for them to go into so they can get high there and be safe really now. And here's a woman that needs the meds and she can't even get a painkiller.
HP Lovecraft (26 дней назад)
The ban on opioid use is unconstitutional and unconscionable. Addicts are always going to find a steady drug supply while legitimate patients are hung out to dry. FDA seems to be deliberately conspiring in the heroin epidemic.
xebache777 (28 дней назад)
Right on. Again the honest are screwed by the others. Let the bodies hit the floor. In 25 yrs their won't be an opiate problem. The problems will not be here. Let's take food from starving children because some idiot is fat. People are insane.
Tina Tyler (29 дней назад)
Cut ✂✂✂ off booze CIGS AND POTT and I bet this country would go crazy are you going to try and tell me your reflex are just as sharp when your high on pot then when your not ????Bill shitt hay pity heads got there pott but the can't stand how that look down there nose at us who need pain meds duck that just a few years ago you would be locked up for pot how soon people for get smh
Tina Tyler (29 дней назад)
I suffer from the same thing and now I was forced to be put on this crappy methadone I hate it you can thank trumps and his wife this is her war on drugs I can't take it my bone s are going stiff
phoenixflier25 (29 дней назад)
She needs to use cannabis.
Mountainguy (21 день назад)
I have cancer and have endured 3 surgeries and need a fourth. I take oxycodone and have run into the same problem. Riteaide can only get so many per month so when their out it takes a week or more. I switched pharmacys and have had better luck. I have drug screen's every 3 months because of the abuse out there. Some of us need these medications. And I can relate to the hateful stares you get from pharmacy staff when you have to go from pharmacy to pharmacy just to fill your prescriptions. Safeway is by far the worst....I'll never shop there again...
Stacie Wagner (1 месяц назад)
Getting my medication is harder than finding the burial site of Jesus Christ. In AZ they passed SB1001 aka the opioid act. Chronic pain patients don't abuse their medications. Drug addicts abuse drugs, hence the name 'drug addict'. Pain patients are not drug addicts we are people that need medication for pain. We would happilygive away all of our pills forever if our pain would subside. I am so tired of doctors, nurse practitioners and ER staff looking down on me as if I'm some kind of junkie. I just hope that karma catches up with them.
Elizabeth Seavey (1 месяц назад)
Same here! I have RA & comtemplate ending it all, cant function w/o pain mgmt. The Govt wants to eliminate us. Its Survival of the fittest‼️
Elaine Hamarsheh (1 месяц назад)
im impacted too mine has been going on since i was 26, mine is from working in a paint factory since then my nerves are misfiring constantly. tramadol was what worked with 600mg of motrim,stronger opiods never touched my pain. but now they are killing me they stopped my meds cold turkey! im with you! i feel the same! my house is a mess! im stuck on misery!
santana jackson (1 месяц назад)
I got lymes disease and I dont care really to get opiates . I just want xanax to help me sleep at night because I get pretty bad nerve pains at times . if I got Ibuprophen and xanax then im good to go
Country Girl (1 месяц назад)
Watch the suicide levels go up. Is that better?
xAddeRx VersioNx (1 месяц назад)
This shit has to stop it's our bodies we can do whatever we want!!!!
twin (1 месяц назад)
Fuck the DEA, CDC and Trump/media 'moral panics'
K D (1 месяц назад)
Steve Leach (1 месяц назад)
Looks like pain relief will be found on the streets
amircle205 (1 месяц назад)
They took my meds now they took my life I’m Always hurting and I got shot 12 Times got a broke leg bed soars, Bone infection and got a bullet in my spine
Barbi Button (1 месяц назад)
Try these things for pain: colloidal minerals (liwuid at Bitamin Shoppe) then try wild lettuce, cbd oil or Kratom. I am convinced ALL diseases can be treated with supplements and definately minerals. People will take vitamins but overlook the necessary minerals. We need to heal thyself. Screw big pharma.
Mumina Mahdi (1 месяц назад)
And yet they won't legalize marijuana when we are losing millions of people from cancer sickle cell lupus. My Grandmom died from a bleed in her stomach the doctor denied her marijuana that could of help she died one week later and now its my turn I have sickle cell deceas a clot in my heart and lung. I been married for 5yr and 3yr daugther and another one the way. I had a doctors visit when he came in the room with his head down I new he told me he can keep me comfortable until it legelize but he don't he don't think I'm going to be around to see it my hemotogist ask me if he can only save life what would it be I said save the baby girl I'm carrying its not her fault she shouldn't not have to suffer I had 29yr beautiful years on this planet. My hemotogist cryed and said he fail I told him it wasn't his fault and so he sent me to a hospist doctor I called the the dr of death. If medical marijuana was legal in south Carolina I wouldn't be wrighting my wil and my clots would strink.
Lucy Rickard (1 месяц назад)
It's not right that people who need the meds and take them the right way have to suffer. Freaking greedy people out there who get the prescriptions to sell them have ruined it for the people who really need it.
Priscilla Ross-Fox (1 месяц назад)
Thank you so much for doing this. It means a lot to all of us who are losing access to pain medications.
PJ R (1 месяц назад)
Fifty years ago I was a passenger on a motorcycle that was broad-sided by a speeding station wagon. The driver of the car was a doctor, speeding because he was late for an appointment to teach a group of interns. The bumper of the car hit my leg, threw me off of the motorcycle into a chain link fence, then back onto the road again. The doctor picked me up and put me into the back of the station wagon and drove me to the hospital. My leg was badly broken, as was my ankle. I had 3 surgeries while in the hospital and remained there for 6 weeks. I was in a wheelchair for months, on crutches for months, and in a long leg cast for 6 months. I am now 65 years old with very bad osteoarthritis of my affected knee and ankle. Before the "opioid crisis" was thrust to the forefront of the news, I was prescribed 10 mg. of oxycodone 3 times a day for the pain. I kept my regular appointments with ONE doctor who managed my case and prescribed the meds. The medication allowed me the mobility and active life I needed in order to live my life. Now, in 2018, my doctor has ceased prescribing opioids to all patients. All patients are now referred to a pain clinic an hour and a half's drive away, for once a month visits and "evaluation" at a large medical center. I have been drug tested with each visit, handed a script, and sent to the pharmacy where I am gazed at with jaundiced eyes and a sneer like I am something you would scrape off of the street. It is demeaning, belittling, and embarrassing. I would consider myself middle class, am white, female, a retired professional, and widowed. I have also been managed for years by an orthopedic practice (who do not prescribe drugs to me) for steroid injections every 3 months in my knee and ankle. I have tried alternative meds, over the counter meds, chiropractors, acupuncture, cold packs/hot packs, braces, wraps of all kinds, massages, and meditation. Joint replacement is not an option due to both joints on the same limb being affected. After three months of trips to the pain clinic I just refused to do it anymore and stopped the opioids. That was 2 years ago. My world has shrunk, my mobility is very limited, and the pain remains. I tried once to plead my case to my PCP but it was on deaf ears. Now, it is even tougher to get opioids with more hoops to jump through. My world has now become my house and my wish to travel has been dashed. It is very depressing for me since I have many vital years ahead of me, but I can't "move" into them. The opiod crisis is not caused by legitimate prescription meds. It is in the illegal crap that is flowing over our boarders and is easy to purchase. Our government is throwing the baby out with the bath water when they tighten the noose around the necks of honest doctors, treating honest patients, and cut us off of what we need to LIVE comfortable, full lives. It is a human right to not to have to endure suffering the way so many of us are. You are focusing your energy in the wrong place and are hurting those who truly need these helpful meds. Rethink your methods, PLEASE!
Power of Knowledge (1 месяц назад)
I never did drugs or anything bad in my life but since others want to use drugs and die they feel its okay to just let me die. Why are they better than me?
Power of Knowledge (1 месяц назад)
Man last year my life changed for the better a new doctor actually cared about me and i thought hey I can finally work but then my depression anxiety insomnia got worst since I am black a white older lady thought she could say and do anything to me. Once again I was worthless I can't even leave my house. Then a new doctor cut me down to what I was on in 2014 when I had to stop working the first time it's been 8 years of thinking why should ii have to go to hell due to all this pain. They just want me dead.
Ichronic Pain (1 месяц назад)
With my chronic pain I get given no pain medication that works, they just say it's psychological, to get over it. I've even considered taking illegal opioids on my worst nights.
green bird (1 месяц назад)
This video is almost 2 yrs old, but it STILL needs to be played & shared as much as possible. I've been fighting this battle since 2014. I have to live every day wondering if I'm going to be ALLOWED to sleep, & to live without pain. I have NO control over whether I sleep or not - my brain doesn't make the right chemicals to produce sleep. Without the meds I'm on, I would stop sleeping, go crazy, then die. I dream of a day when I no longer have to fear I'll lose these meds.
tlc tlc (1 месяц назад)
a friend of mine who never did a drug or drank or smoke a day in his life ,served his country and was wounded in combat and was told your a man and be strong and take Tylenol,well guess what he committed suicide ,YES DRUG ADDICTS HAVE NO SHAME NO PAIN AND CAN WALK IN SOMEWHERE AND GET A PILL THIS MAKES ME MADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
South Beach Miami Art (1 месяц назад)
When my opiates are taken from me I've already lined up two dealers for heroin. Great job USA. I'm glad your Bible will soon be banned in California.
thunder god (1 месяц назад)
Soon you will be a sea of red flowers in people back yards a sea of scarlet. Every morning people will go put tiny slashes on the bulbs and in the afternoon scrap the sap collect it go inside dry it and smoke it. AHHHHHH relief my pain is gone no script no doctor just my garden.
David Kester (1 месяц назад)
I live with Arachnoiditis and the pain from it is 24/7. I have suffered for over 40 years but survived with the use of opioids. For the last 15 plus years, I used opioids starting with a very small dose, never taking more than I needed...never getting a buzz or high. Since the government decided to get involved in the treatment plan my doctor and I worked on over a long period of time my life has become a living hell. I lost my doctor and was forced into a pain clinic where at first I was given a different treatment plan for the pain I have. At first, it was okay and I lived with a little pain. As the government became more involved in the so-called fight against opioid abuse, opioid overdoses, opioid-related deaths, opioid addiction, doctors writing too many scripts, my opioids were reduced every month until I reached the level I'm at now. I went from having a very active life with minor pain to spending most of my days in bed with excruciating pain. I'm able to sit in my chair some then back to my bed. I do make most of my doctor appointments without rescheduling them and I try to get some grocery shopping done after my appointments. On those days when I get home, I take my breakthrough opioids and get into my bed and pray I fall asleep soon and stay asleep while my pain is at its worst. Somewhere along the line government forgot about us who really depend on these opioids to have some kind of life. We are the ones who don't abuse our pain meds we are not addicted nor do we abuse our pain medications like the addicts do. Why has our treatment been cut? Are we not as important as the drug addicts. Did you know the drug addicts who can no longer abuse pain medications have gone to buying heroin off the streets? The governments plan to stop drug abuse has failed. I do not know how much longer I can continue to live like this when I know there is a better life out there for me if only the government would stay out of my life and what the doctor and I choose for treating my pain.
Manic Hamartia (1 месяц назад)
A pharmacy technician now has more power than my physician. They judge you, but they can't do it on a medical basis, so they just kind of look you up and down.
Brenda Lea Stone (15 дней назад)
Check into wild lettuce it grows wild has the same properties as Morphine without the side effects. Check into the old ways as to how to prepare it.
Ghost of War (1 месяц назад)
And the situation has gotten progressively worse since this report came out. It's truly disgusting how we let people with severe, debilitating health conditions suffer and many times die because there are a small portion of people who decide to use that life-saving medication to catch a buzz. The sickest part is the lawmakers who are leading the fight against this "opioid epidemic" are not only knowingly skewing the facts by misrepresenting statistical analyses to support their deplorable actions, most are making a profit in the process. Chris Christie, the chair of Trumps new opioid task force had personal investments in multiple rehabilitation centers. He's not the only one, the majority of these task forces are filled with individuals who stand to have a significant financial gain by taking sick individuals who just want to live a pseudo normal life off the only thing that allows them to do so. What's going on is in no uncertain terms inhumane yet the majority of people are oblivious because the only narrative the here is the one that says opioid are the devil and everyone who takes them are an addict.
Len Welch (1 месяц назад)
Ever seen so many addicts line up to comment in my life - if you are taking more than 5-10 mg of ocycodone every 6 hours then your body is opioid dependent because that is a very high dose . One should never take more than that and not for years . The longer you take it the weaker the body becomes and needs more mg . This is called addiction folks . Wake up out of your opiate high
Len Welch (1 месяц назад)
You can’t live a productive life if your on oxycodone - you live an altered life . Her tears were emotional pain not from physical pain. One can tell from looking at her she is Not in physical pain . People in pain are tight , clenched , prone to anger and impatience . She is calm , patient , whatever attitude .
Anomaly88man (1 месяц назад)
Then I tried kratom, which does work for my pain, but now they are trying too hard to ban kratom. I have no choice but to buy pain meds off the streets when I can no longer take the pain.
Anomaly88man (1 месяц назад)
I have chronic lower back pain, and my doctor prescribed me Cymbalta which is an antidepressant, and that doesn't work for my pain. He wouldn't prescribe me any opiates, because they are addictive, when I never got addicted to opiates. He won't prescribe me anything addictive, but he prescribed me Cymbalta and amitriptyline, which are both addictive.
ME HE (1 месяц назад)
So she went to 2 pharmacies, CVS and Walgreens and they are in short supply. Why doesn't she go to another pharmacy or is she limited to certain ones because her meds are paid for by taxpayers?
MrSkypony (1 месяц назад)
I'm a Vietnam combat veteran with 7 operations on my low back from being shot up. I use to get 10mg of oxymoron 4 times a day and pain was not to bad but.the vs cut me to 3 times a day and I hurt all the time. If I take medical lot of even drink one beer i loose my pain pills for good. They say they no longer hate Vietnam veterans but it seems like 1969 all over again. The vs would love me to kill myself as they would save a lot of money each month of 10k of us killed ourselves they would save millions each month plus the health care... And they wonder why people to crazy and shoot up places
CBJ Jackets on the power play (1 месяц назад)
But they hand out suboxone like it's candy
Johnny Bartle (1 месяц назад)
I get fucking pissed seeing what the DEA is doing to people
Tony Herrera (1 месяц назад)
if you chronically ill like HIV and AIDS and any kind of condition you should be should be prescribed medication I feel so sad for half these people there need their medication already suffering enough
Mic Tactical (1 месяц назад)
My wife and I are going thru this BS. Scumbags ruin it for everyone. Like everything else on this planet.
Luz Figueroa (1 месяц назад)
I feel so sorry 4 her its because of the opiod abuse that the people whom is in legitimate extreme pain get all the crap.
Derman Derman (1 месяц назад)
When I see a woman with kids & tats that cry about pain u know ThAy make bad life decisions o & were is the baby daddy???

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