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Chronic Pain Sufferer Says She Can't Get Pain Medication Amid Opioid Production Cuts

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Getting opioid prescriptions has become increasingly difficult as production is being cut. Suzie Suh reports.
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J P (1 день назад)
Typical government who knows nothing about nothing. All they care about is saving money and the groups who pressure them. The government knows nothing except what they pay someone to tell them. There is no doubt a drug problem. But it is not from the pain killers. It is people who are already addicted from their own bad choices in life. They choose, just like everything else they do in life, to be irresponsible with the medication prescribed to them. I have had two back surgeries. My doctor manages my pain through medications. I have been on them for over three years. Not a single time have he ever prescribed me more than was necessary. I am responsible and manage them the way they should be. I am at the point where I cannot work or function without them because my back and joints hurt. And I am suppose to stop having relief from chronic pain because of some junkies, the government, and special interest groups? I work in health care. It comes down to personal responsibility, and doctors who manage care, not prescribe and push away. So sick of good people being blamed and have to suffer because of the dead beat entitled piece of trash who live in society looking for their next high. These people come in already addicted before they get pain killers. The government is too stupid to understand that.
James Murphy (1 день назад)
Blame the Pharmaceutical industry who pushed the opioids the whole time advertising opioids as non-addictive
Wolfwolveswolf (2 дня назад)
Anomolus TWOturoials 1488 (2 дня назад)
I have a solution! End the war on drugs, OH wait that's too profitable nevermind.
The Jason Knight Fiasco Band (3 дня назад)
I'm in the crossfire of this bullshit excuse for an epidemic myself. All was cool until the nurse practitioner split for a better position and her replacement thinks my fucking MRI results that CLEARLY indicates a 3.5mm disc extrusion @ the L4 & L5 is somehow now invalid. Like maybe the results were just joking around???
candy jones (3 дня назад)
This politicians are so fucked in this country. They shined a light that made this non problem a fucking problem.. SERIOUSLY.. the amount of ppl od ing was always the same until the news started killing ppl with their overblown reports.. same goes for heroin over doses.. always about the same until the news taught ppl that heroin was cheaper.. THAT'S THE TRUTH... LOOK IT UP!
S1KRR (5 дней назад)
I feel exactly what this lady feels (emotionally). I was a nyc firefighter and was severely injured when the south tower collapsed. Long story short. I served all 22 years and retired. Now that I’m of no more use to the government or and collecting a pension that I fuckin earned every dime I get. Every month when I try to get my pain medications filled I’m treated like I’m a fuckin criminal because of my age. I remember all that “we will never forget” bullshit that everyone used to say. Well guess what America !!! What about the retired and sick civilians as well as members of service who respond and did their jobs that day trying to help and protect the lives of everyone impacted by the actions that took place that horrible day. ???that without their daily opioid medications they are confined to a wheelchair at age 46 because it’s too painful to ambulate without them??? Fuck then right??? They’ll be dead soon anyway right??? It’s ok just admit it!!! We already know the answer anyway. Thanks a lot to everyone who believes in this bullshit “opioid epidemic” y’all took it so far that sick people get to spend the last years of their lives in agony and confined to their house.
Andrew Tao (5 дней назад)
Opioids dont solve any real problem the problem is all in the diet
Hali Winesdorfer (5 дней назад)
Absoulety same here
Yellow White (6 дней назад)
Just let people have their drugs for fucks sake. I don’t understand this prohibition bullshit
Heatcliff Watufaka (6 дней назад)
Pain meds makes you feel good but it really don’t do much for the pain.
Missy Cheesehead (7 дней назад)
Same thing with my family. My 72 year old mom cannot get her pain meds!
jossian aka (7 дней назад)
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J Doe (8 дней назад)
8.5 million people die worldwide as a direct result of ciggarettes,over 300 billion dollars is spent on illnesses due to ciggarettes alone each year in the U.S and alcohol is not far behind at 249 billion dollars per year with well over a million deaths per year in the U.S , world wide the cost is over a trillion usd and roughly 10 million deaths between these 2 drugs yet we must get rid of opiates, WTF??? the old men making these laws must not be getting big enough kick backs by big pharma , there can be no other reason, the number of deaths and overdoses per year due to legal opiates is miniscule compared to that of ciggarettes and alcohol. If the Government said they were going to limit or ban ciggarettes and alcohol all hell would break loose, we already know what happened during prohibition , add ciggarettes to that and Americans would overthrow the government. Take my pain meds away and I'm heading to my nearest heroin dealer because without them I would have no quality of life, I was a fire fighter medic for Detroit and suffered many injuries including a gun shot wound to the face and I'm a head and neck cancer survivor, I can't get out of bed without taking my pain meds and like most chronic pain patients I don't abuse my meds because if I did then I would run out early and have to suffer until I could get a refill, take away pain meds for those of us who have severe chronic pain and you take away our lives.
Ray Riccardi (9 дней назад)
Hey old man in the beginning do u know how to pronounce opioids
Neal Head (9 дней назад)
Its because the cia and the Clintons need to make people turn to their street dope !!!!!
Mr Papagiorgio (9 дней назад)
I love oxys I haven't had them in so long though now it's only heroin
Ryk Salmons (9 дней назад)
Yup white nationalist yes.... Do agree with ignorantly punishing pain patients ...NO I have AS Ankylosing spondylitis.... I got gel packs fentanyl .... It worked so well I could go back to work and take care of my family had no issues... They discontinued it and my life has fucking sucked ever since. Because heroin addicts some how got a hold of the meds and injected the gel... All I can say is fuck them....real hard go hop in the oven...people like us didn't get a choice they diseases picked us...drug addicts picked to take these drugs with no reason or rhyme. We no matter if we like or not don't get a choice. Its either suffer or live a productive life. I hate having to take this shit honestly but I get some of my life back at least.. There are things worse than death that I have come to know.
Jolene Myers (9 дней назад)
I recently had a hysterectomy and I was given enough painkillers to get though the weekend and told to take Tylenol afterwards
Bruce Gelerter (10 дней назад)
Forget about medications try PEMF. It can take a 9 - 10 pain down to 0-1 in just 2 minutes! Check out pemffactorycom for explanation.
Steven Kramer (10 дней назад)
The war is NOT on opioids. It's on opioid addiction! Please people.
Crazy Kuup (10 дней назад)
Try kratom lady!! Zero bad side effects and work better than some prescription pain medications!!!
Baylor58 Duncan (10 дней назад)
FDA is useless, bunch of pricks. DEA enemy of the people. Made up "crisis". What crisis? Bullocks. Oh well there's always scotch and a good cigar.
Shirley B (11 дней назад)
Sad, so sorry. I have son who goes through hell. Be strong, prayers
waako Barbie (11 дней назад)
This country deserves this problem for letting the "war on drug" continue to discriminate against innocent people!
shockawha9 (13 дней назад)
Lord keep heroin dealers safe from arrest!
Kenneth Nicklowicz (13 дней назад)
it hit me here in michigan so many cuts its not managing my pain. been on them 15 years no issues poster child doing the right thing yet still effected
Whitey Black (13 дней назад)
Like Ronald Reagan said. The most feared sentence is : Were from the government and were here to help... Try some Kratom or just buy some street heroin.
Traci Weston (14 дней назад)
I know how she feels. Because of the war on opium, I live with pain and can hardly walk. The pharmacist treats you like a criminal and an addict.
abe mathiau (15 дней назад)
The Dea wants to cut opioid production so people will turn to the streets and buy heroin brought to you straight from the countries that we invade!! Surprise surprise...
Rock On Freddie (15 дней назад)
Your gov in your state passed laws that your doc can lose his medical license if he prescribe s opiates. CALL YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE and invite him for a cup of coffee at the cafe of his choice and tell him what your life is like...they have no clue yet passing laws! Let’s start informing them! How much is a cup of coffee?
Rock On Freddie (15 дней назад)
Rick Scott is the worse- the gov of Florida . Only if you have cancer you are in pain.
John Makela (15 дней назад)
I'm in the same boat
Sarah lilly (16 дней назад)
My mother is going Thur the same thing. Ra.and ipf lung
Billy Bob (17 дней назад)
I know the feeling sometimes the pain is so bad you can’t get your pain medication and you really think that you’re better off dead i’m not a depressed person I have a great life other than the pain physical therapy steroids medical procedures surgeries I will do anything and everything to stop the pain but the only thing that really works his pain medication I don’t take a lot of it only when my pain gets really bad but I have a hard time getting from my doctor now and have actually considered the possibility of using illegal drugs when the government is telling your doctor how to give medication that’s the beginning of something very scary. I would suggest trying marijuana and CBD you may have some good results it has help me for sleeping and even a little bit with the pain
Hope Tawney (17 дней назад)
i have a simular issue..sometimes i wish i wass dead..
Eric Mcguire (17 дней назад)
She needs Kratom and CBD
Charles Gates (17 дней назад)
D E A. And a few who fucked it up for everyone else
CH1CK3NxSALAD (17 дней назад)
Wow back in the day drs were giving this stuff out like candy. I was able to get 100 10-325 norcos for 10 dollars. I didn't even have pain, I just got them to get high. Now they're so hard to get. Good thing I quit cold-turkey 2 years ago. Opiates are hard to get off of. 2 years clean and I still crave that high.
Trapasaurus Flex (17 дней назад)
This is just cruel... For anyone in this situation, look into kratom. It won't do much if you're opioid tolerance is high, however it's safe, cheap, and legal (until the crooked as DEA bans it that is...). I hope you find some relief.
David Carter (17 дней назад)
Fuck the addicts and recreational users, some of us need these drugs to function on a fairly normal basis! I'm disabled from a motorcycle accident where I was hit by a reckless driver & I've been in chronic pain for years, now that the government gotten involved, I've got to pay the price for recreational users and the addicts abusing these drugs! Fuck the government & as far as the recreational users and addicts go, let them die! They've made my life a living hell by abusing these drugs! They're either highly restricted or unavailable to obtain, now that they're somewhat unobtainable I'm housebound and spend most of my time lying in bed from chronic pain and immobility and barely existing....
BlessedandHighly Favored (17 дней назад)
Yes I know the feeling; I have Lupus RA and etc....
Art Thomas (18 дней назад)
I bet the sons of bitches who are making it almost if not impossible for people with a genuine need for pain meds have no problem at all getting their scripts filled. it's one of those, Do as I say and not as I do bullshit lines. and if you are fortunate enough to get your scripts filled you probably had to go through a crucible of sorts such as the judgemental look the people in the pharmacy give you like your an addict. Hey call me what you will as long as I'm able to still work and have somewhat a productive life doing thing's with my family I love to do and they love to see their daddy do as well. I understand that there is certain people who abuse medications but if I'm not doing anything wrong why judge me right along with those who are abusing.
James Moore (18 дней назад)
Doctors everywhere blame one man for this suffering, Donald Trump.....Trump is the name doctors and pharmacist's throw out there. Trump is the reason so many legit patients suffer without meds everyday. What a cold Bastard he is toward the sickest of the sick.
FranchiseLove (18 дней назад)
Trump 2020
Sermon Notes (19 дней назад)
MAKES ME MAD. Alcohol has killed waaaay more yet it and cats are still around. Now I am bedridden. All BECAUSE OF A BUNCH OF IDIOTS! SO TAKE ALCOHOL OFF THE MARKET. Stupid idiots. People hurt and now I’m bedridden once again all because if idiots. Thanks for taking my little bit of life I had left back away. CDC IS A FRAUD! They don’t care! Yes I am mad. Suicide will be at an all time high. I had rather die than go through this pain.
Chris Bevins (19 дней назад)
Sounds like she gets dope sick to me !
MarkisTG (19 дней назад)
U don't have a right to pain meds :(
Charles Daniel (19 дней назад)
im an addict that has pain managment problems and i wonder if alot of these people could get by on goin to the methadone clinic?? I feel sorry for people in pain like myself and it is a difficult problem to deal with.
Kevin Wilson (20 дней назад)
Those who decide you don't need effective painkillers have never experienced true chronic pain. And the judgemental big chain pharmacies who jerk you around with "we won't have any for two weeks ". Find an independent small pharmacy. They always have the medicine. Those same big chain pharmacies always seem to have their booze and cigarettes fully stocked though.
Michelle Miller (21 день назад)
I’m in the same boat as this woman. I live in the middle of nowhere Alaska due to being a military wife and the judgement is OUTRAGEOUS and degrading.
nazi frog (21 день назад)
It's nice that they give junkies 30 percocets a month for their meth mouth but people who need it get told to take tylenol. Fuck these doctors and make them give them to people who need them!!! Let the junkies die and give them who needs them!!!
red mercury (21 день назад)
do you know what they consider an ''epidemic?'' 2 people from every state dying everyday because of prescribed medication. THATS IT. just 2 people from your state!! and the entire country goes up in flames. i have an idea. if you wouldnt make the drugs illegal in the first place and have a network in place to make sure people arent out killing themselves on the drugs YOU PUSH ON US AND THEN TRY TO CALL THEM ILLEGAL AS IF THAT WOULD EVER WORK, WE WOULDNT HAVE THIS PROBLEM. STOP THE WORTHLESS DRUG WAR. THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO BENEFIT ARE THE BUREAUCRATS AND THE JAILS. if you dont see the full picture ill explain it to you..... you see, to accept capitalism you have to accept ALL forms of it even the kind that makes money off of other peoples misery. this is what happens when you dont limit capitalism and this is why we see our jobs being ripped away from us and sent over seas BY THE PEOPLE WE VOTE FOR.
FranchiseLove (18 дней назад)
red mercury doctor scrips, jails, rehabs, methadone and suboxone clinics is all big money. They can make a big drug bust everyday u will never stop drugs because where there is a demand for anything someone will always be more than willing to step up to supply it regardless of the penalties. They want ppl fucked up and pushed down..the war on drugs has always been a joke, the same government flooded the ghettos in the 80s with crack. It’s funny how weed, alcohol, gambling all illegal years back and now look..it’s a joke, what someone wants to put into their own body they should be able to imo as long as you aren’t behind the wheel of a car and an adult similar to alcohol which kills millions. Where was the epidemic years ago? It’s not like opioids is a new drug..heroins been around forever..it only gets dangerous when u out these restrictions on them that’s how fentanyl gets created and fake pills..dirty game
Rhonda Fitch (22 дня назад)
The DEA should spend its time on the true opiate drugs .. HEROIN and cocaine and things like this. Not dam 30 day supply of 10/325 norco. This is so out if control The DEA like every other federal state agencies do things wrong.
Rhonda Fitch (22 дня назад)
Lisa Lawrence (22 дня назад)
Those of us who need them and use them as prescribed shouldn't be punished. I'm sorry for those who became addicted, but why are those that abide by the law treated as junkies and criminals?
camron norman (23 дня назад)
I think the DEA and the people governing these laws, whoever they are, should be criminally charged for making pain patients suffer. This has gotten out of hand!!
Taylor Allen John Anstrom (23 дня назад)
I have been diagnosed with CRPS, and stenosis of the spine. I go to a legitimate pain clinic..Tampa Pain Relief. They had me on opioid therapy that was working quite well for my pain. Then all of a sudden one day Walgreens just decided they no longer wanted to fill my Dilaudid 8 mg. prescription. I had been getting my meds from them for years. So I was stuck in agonizing pain trying to find someplace that would fill. Because I was new and I look young no one would take me on. My doctors, who were as frustrated as I was, decided to put a Medtronic pain pump surgically into my body. It delivers liquid Dilaudid through a catheter straight to my spinal fluid. I get it refilled every 6 weeks at the pain clinic. I find it ridiculous that I had to have an unnecessary surgery just to get the pain relief that I need. Junkies have ruined it for people like me who truly need the medications.
Taylor Allen John Anstrom (23 дня назад)
one more thing. It took me trying to end my life and damn near succeeding before the doctors decided to put the pump in. It has literally saved my life. Since the medication goes directly to the spinal fluid, much less is needed and therefore you do not feel any sleepiness or high feeling. You just feel normal.
Lynn .D (24 дня назад)
It’s the same everywhere! Medical cannabis is legal beginning this month and I have a appointment
Ken Collins (25 дней назад)
Leanne Watts (25 дней назад)
I have chronic peripheral neuropathy in my feet - and it's starting to go into my legs. I take a combination of Oxycontin, Lyrica, and Tegretol.... and it still doesn't stop the pain. It does, however, make it bearable for the most part. So far I haven't had any trouble with my pharmacy getting the drugs. My insurance kinda throws fits though... w/o the insurance the Lyrica alone is $1,800/30 day supply!!! I haven't had any trouble at all with the meds - except for the cost.
Animated Tigress (25 дней назад)
Btw don't attack big pharma it's Trump administration and insurance companies that are cutting supplies short and raising the prices
Animated Tigress (25 дней назад)
This time it was lupus. House ftw. It's horrible they would cut her opiods back. She's got to be in horrible pain.
J Mac (26 дней назад)
This is happening to me right now, I havent left my body because of my kids but like her sometimes I feel like Id do them more justice to not be this limited mom burden who cannot go outside or swim or do anything I used to. What is happening, this hit me out of nowhere at 31 and Im now 38 and dont know if I can go on much longer. Literally at this moment Im waiting to get my medicine that no-one has in stock and the manufacturers are not the same. They are putting bullshit placebo pills in the bottles that do nothing because they think its just about taking the pill but the bastards dont understand those of us in real pain can tell the difference because WE ARE STILL HURTING!!!
Bleue Violette (27 дней назад)
Same situation - I'm thinking of just discontinuing everything - in less than 48 hrs. Mother Nature would take care of all my suffering permanently. I just can't take this anymore.
Developer 004 (27 дней назад)
Does not get much more corrupt than DEA; with agents being caught snorting coke from 12 & 14 year old hookers ribs, agents cooking coccaine, heroine, meth, etc in their own government funded labs and selling that as well as illegal weapons to communities that are as anyone can plainly see are now gang infested drugged out dying communities, as an agency they are without sovereign agency. FDA & EPA sold out all Merikans, sold out North America for the major industries & lobbyists profit, these agents do not give a shit if we all are in torturous levels of pain; they just want profit. How many food products are affected by Monsanto chemicals? How many people are sick because their food is disastrously toxic? How many pharmaceuticals are profiting from these sick people? All of them. Still love capitalism? Because capitalists love making you sick and profiting off life long treatments that do not cure. Can't afford over priced or over regulated drugs? Oh well, go buy DEA drugs from the street, it's cheaper and dirtier. Your doctor might believe whole heartedly that they are helping you and that's the way it is propped up, to reinforce the lie if the one speaking it believes it whole heartedly! This one knows first hand just how little doctor's gives a fuck when they fuck you up by prescription; they call it "compassionate care burnout", while the patient is writhing in agony from the new permanent damage caused by severe side effects. Want relief? You could sue and writhe in agony for five to six years while the corrupt courts drag you through the mud? Side effects kill more patients than overdoses, so while we pain patients are being tortured; pharmacists and pharmaceutical industries are laughing all the way to the bank. Side note: The banks should be the focus of all attention; but are the best at diverting attention. Doctors//pharmacists//pharmaceuticals the Triad of drug trafficking but with cleaner coats; 4/5 doctors do not believe in a Hippocratic oath or any oath, and are merely regulated puppets of the government and their drug trade. If your doctor cannot give you his/her oath on the spot, these hypocrites should be arrested, thrown in jail and the key thrown away for 99years. Lying Doctors will not ever tell you the truth about your health, about your diet, about the crap drugs they are selling you, none of it; these types of doctors just care about their next boat payment, their fifth house, their twentieth car, their third wives alimony, etc. Yes a lot of collateral human beings will suffer, it's your governments War on Drugs, that means WAR(casualties happen on all sides of a WAR). The Drugs your government regulated down upon us all through their corrupt agencies. The worst part of it all, pharmaceutical industries and pharmacists and doctors know which drugs are dangerous, which drugs are safe & in what dosages, however even after class action lawsuits, appeal court decisions, Supreme Courts having caught these pharmaceuticals and ordered those dangerous drugs to be pulled from the shelf, instead the pharmaceutical industry just sells those drugs to another country, so how exactly does anyone actually trust a pharmaceutical industry to tell the truth about any drugs? Or are we in too much pain to think clearly about what is being done to us? "Capitalism makes us all sick by way of mankind's exploitation over mankind; Communism is merely the reverse of this". -Dr. Gabor Matè.
Orlando1130 (28 дней назад)
Kaiser Permanente is the worst , now their doctors in urgent care aren’t allowed to give out pain or anxiety meds. If a patient needs pain meds they are sent to the ER . In an effort to save money , Kaiser has cut back on overtime and pain medication refills . Every Kaiser doctor in pain management right now is being shielded from complaints from members and they are being told to get patients off pain killers . People are complaining like crazy but there is no blow back to pain management doctors . I have even heard rumors of bonus being handed out on cancelled rx’s and money saved .
Franky Vielle (28 дней назад)
They are pushing people to fake 80s
Charles Ferdinand (30 дней назад)
Rehab rarely works; especially because most people are ignorant regarding hard drugs, for instance, many idiots think they can force someone to be sober, thinking that you can lock an addict up and he'd be fine after the drug wears off, and you just have to keep him locked thereafter for a few days till the cravings die off; in reality you'd have to go through a week or two of withdrawals and a year of cravings and refractory depression, which is also why this stupid vaccine won't work either as it's just an elegant version of a cage, if an addict can't get heroin of if he can but the heroin wouldn't work they'd just move to fentanyl or alcohol or something else; they also think that someone can get clean through 12-step programs when in reality these have the worst fucking long-term abstinence rates; the best solution is prevetion as it'd be more cost-effective to prevent addiction in the first place, whilst offering drug-replacement programs and support to existing addicts till they die out.
Young One#69 (30 дней назад)
Fuck these idiots that are making it hard to get pain meds.that's why you have people doing other street drugs couse they can't get pain meds.
Roy Missey (30 дней назад)
I've been getting kidney stones I pass them every week sometimes every other week and I'm going through hell trying to get pain meds I even had a doctor tell me they shouldn't hurt that bad
Mark Hudson (30 дней назад)
Pancreatitis and transplant: a wake up call to chronic pain patients to fight. Fight law makers with common sence And real justice. Pharmacist have no Power and will not fight for patients the way they should. You and your doctor have all legal rights. The real “epidemic “ is the lack in health care freedom and The hypocrites in government. The group marijuana as schedule 1 with Heroine BUT THERE legalizing marijuana. Don’t let them get away With in your face hypocrisy. Another REAL epidemic is abortions. Or descent fathers in home but don’t worry about those. Government losers. At least that news had the honest approve to the story. Hold everybody accountable for their hypocrisy. Doctor Can be some of the sinister people on earth, they give meds with debilitating Side effects and not give Pain meds For relief. For decades Coumadin which is literally rat poison is the leading drug. Um stupid! There’s a slogan America needs to keep in their Head. The road to HELL is paved with GOOD intentions.
Lynch Mob (30 дней назад)
They want you to kill yourselves. It their final solution. Sound familiar?
curtis lawson (1 месяц назад)
You know this black b**** is so like crap Her baby's daddy
It’s the Democrats and George Soros They want Drs to do euthanasia to decrease population. Oh yes don’t forget Bill Gates
Martha Simpson (1 месяц назад)
they ship all over the US text or call 4248884467 for your special delivery. i did and i received my meds in tact without any complications. they are God sent truely.
JIMMY.J REVIEWS (1 месяц назад)
I wonder if..... the pain medication just took your pain away and didn’t make you feel ‘good’ or euphoric etc. would people care so much? It’s like people are hating on other people because they feel good form their medication and the other people are mad because they don’t feel good 2?
American Patriot (1 месяц назад)
Access to opiods to ease human suffering for legitimate conditions that cause pain is a human right. Its really sad that good people whom are suffering are getting their access to medications cut because people abused the medication. I would rather their be abusers slip through safety nets than to have a chronic pain patient suffer due to such strict regulations.
Linda Israel (1 месяц назад)
AJ McRobert (1 месяц назад)
Is any group or people fighting this? Are there really that few advocacy groups for disabled people?
AJ McRobert (1 месяц назад)
I'm glad that I'm seeing this pick up a little bit. I can't play with my son much or work much. Before they cut my dose, I had a somewhat normal life.
Helena Gatti (1 месяц назад)
This is bs this isn’t fare to many addicts ruin it for the rest of us
George Ace (1 месяц назад)
I told my doctor the only thing I ever hear about the pills I take is of drug addicts abusing them. This is probably the only video I've seen that the pills have helped somebody.
Zoes Dada (1 месяц назад)
You can thank the DEA for this. This is all due to corruption in law enforcement. The import and distribution of herion is worse than ever thanks to the American government bringing it in from Afghanistan.
steve lynn (1 месяц назад)
Amy K Golden-Hawkins (1 месяц назад)
I know exactly how she feels and it not fair for those of us who have chronic lifetime pain. I was in an F4 tornado as I laid on top of my small boys. Broken my back and several other bones. Severe head trauma and have titanium hard ware in my back. Have had 2 back surgeries
mike johnson (1 месяц назад)
Maybe if she goes back to Mexico she can get her meds
J Blaney-Bolan Southworth (1 месяц назад)
Maybe now is the time to start checking out alternatives such as CBD. Could help her situation. 🤔🤔🤔
Hans Landa (1 месяц назад)
Yep. Let’s pursue the fool’s errand of stemming addiction related OD’s, by making chronic pain patients suicidal.
Hardstyle818 (1 месяц назад)
I have osteoarthritis (ZERO cartilage left in those joints so it's bone to bone friction) in my left knee, left wrist and right shoulder. It's the worst going into a pharmacy and you can feel them judging you because of the medication some people LITERALLY NEED to live on with their life. Anyone that says, "Just take an aspirin and tough it out" is RETARDED. If someone took a sledgehammer to their knee and shattered it I'd like to see them say... "Just give me an aspirin". Unreal how times have changed.
Ashley Michelle (1 месяц назад)
My mom suffers from chronic back pain. I watched her go from doing good to bedridden overnight once they lowered the dose of her pain meds. She had to quit her good paying job and go on disability. She went from cutting the grass and gardening to laying in bed 20 hours a day. I have taken her to the ER. I have talked to her Drs and nobody seems to give a fuck. They have now taken away her Medicaid because she supposedly makes to much on Disability which is a complete fucking joke. I will do whatever I can to get her help. Idk how but I can no longer watch my mother suffer in extreme pain and depression. Please has anyone found an alternative to pain medication?? money is tight and I don't want to waste a ton of money in junk supplements and hocus pocus that doesn't work.
David Simons (1 месяц назад)
Try CBD oil!!! Helps even with extreme pain. Helps with severe anxiety and depression, too. My Mom has psoriatic arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia. And, now that she’s on the CBD oil, she hardly even takes any medicine at all. No need to!!!
Puppies4ever TheFam (1 месяц назад)
I was/ am the same. I have RA, Lupus and degenerative disc disorder. The pain is unbearable. I have to go to a pain management doctor. The pain is unbearable and I have been told by my pain dr that they are cutting patients down and even cutting them off of the fentanyl patches. I have been taken off my patches and having to try and deal with the pain. Sometimes I can’t even walk and have to use my wheelchair. The pain does make us feel like we’re a burden to our families. The judge-mental stares are to the point where I have basically lost all my friends and I basically don’t leave my house anymore.
Mawmaw Sue (1 месяц назад)
I know the way to solve the pain problem along with moving their AGENDA 21/30 DEPOPULATION Along perfectly. Put a machine in the middle of every neighborhood, town and city put in lots of them. You need pain relief walk up to it and get your shot of pain meds for FREE, if you're only a pain sufferer you go home and go about your life. However if your looking to just get high or stoned you get back in line and do it again and again and again till you drop dead, no Narcan available sorry. The body collection truck comes by every two hours to collect the bodies. Problem will be solved within two weeks. Chronic pain suffers get their pain relief and addicts kill themselves off and Big Pharma makes no money from either people
Ronalda Arends (1 месяц назад)
14 years ago I tried everything and anything before the doctors put me on Vicodin. I could fill this whole page up with all the stuff the doctors put me thru before I was given Vicodin shots physical therapy you name it they did it to me. I don't over do it or do I take more then I'm supposed to. I can say I really thought of killing myself before the doctor put me on Vicodin. In the morning i couldn't even stand to get out of bed. When I first wake up in the morning I literally crawled to the bathroom crying the whole way. I would lay on the floor and cry I was in so much pain. Vicodin made things livable. We had a break in health care so I couldn't go back to my regular doctor. Ok now I know what works I couldn't find a doctor to help me with this prescription. I was bedridden for months until I could get back to my doctor. I never go over my dos I do exactly what the doctors have told me to do. I'm now up against the same problem we have move and I can't find a doctor that hasn't told me we must take you off of this medicine that's helped you for the last 14 years. I walk I play with my grandkids I live off grid it is hard life but I enjoy it. NOW if I'm forced to get off I don't see much hope for me. And please don't tell me that I should try pot that it will help it only took me one time for me to try i that crap it doesn't WORK unless I want to be high. I don't take Vicodin to get high I take it to walk, cook meals, clean my home, you know the stuff normal people do. I just want to be normal
Sally Raya (1 месяц назад)
I know the feeling, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia like 7 yrs ago, and chronic pain syndrome 10 yrs ago, then just last yr I was diagnosed with degenerative bone disease in my lower back I was referred to a pain specialist that won't prescribe any opiates, I worked in a factory for 11 yrs just this yr I had to retire early because if the pain at times I would double over at work mind you because of the severe pain, just because others abuse these opiates doesn't mean we all do, what the hell has the good old USA become!?!? SMDH!!! I'm so sorry you're also going through this it's not right something has to be done about this....
Pedarsag (1 месяц назад)
The government has no right to keep these medications from people, these medicines were given to us by god.
Larry Emert (1 месяц назад)
The DEA made it harder for people to get their legitimate pain meds and yet the opiod crisis is worse than ever. Trillions of dollars down the drain.
Tina Bean (1 месяц назад)
I had a small script for opioid pain killers following a difficult vaginal delivery. I was postpartum, pale, in horrible pain, waddling into several pharmacies before I found one that would fill the script. That was only after having to return to my OB to rewrite the script that I’m sure he has written the same way for decades. They look for any little way to deny you. It’s disgusting.
Tina Bean (1 месяц назад)
I know EXACTLY what she is going through 😞 Prednisone is helpful, and so are the strong NSAIDS, but they are dangerous long term.
Robin Jones (1 месяц назад)
I know what she goes through every day I suffer from chronic pain due to a really bad car accident I was in they lowered my medication down to 200 mg of ibuprofen do you have the code on it is ridiculous I was on 500 mg three times a day now I have to double up on my medication so I can get the same pain relief and my medication runs out and yes people are judgmental I think everybody is addicted to everybody to miss use in there which is not true there are some of us out here that handle our medication responsibly and we are not line to get meds we actually suffer from pain shame on the government for taking it away from people who actually need it

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